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Jaguar Land Rover Invest in Mycroft Artificial Intelligence

A year ago Jaguar Land Rover launched its tech incubator program in Portland, Oregon, and began investing in automotive technology.  The latest firm to land a position in the highly-esteemed startup accelerator is Mycroft, a company from Kansas City specialising in artificial intelligence technology.

Mycroft CEO Joshua Montgomery is thrilled that the company got into the program, which he said will accelerate its growth.

The CEO aims to see Mycroft’s tech used in Jaguar Land Rover vehicles by 2020, with a focus on voice control which is currently one of the most complained about features of a new car, something the company feel confident they can remedy for JLR.

This is a huge opportunity, Mycroft solves this problem, which means we have the potential to be the voice technology for more than 80 million vehicles globally.” Says Montgomery.

Last year Mycroft developed an open-source, artificial intelligence device which rivals Amazon Echo and Apple’s Siri.  Mycroft utilises natural language processing technology which incorporates computer science, artificial intelligence and computational linguistics to understand human language as it is spoken.

The tech works via the Internet, once connected users can give a voice command to perform various tasks. A driver of a Jaguar Land Rover vehicle will be able to verbally ask for directions or check appointments, even perform tasks such as locking the doors or turning on lights, there are many possibilities how this tech will be used in the near future.

Jaguar Land Rover incubator program will be honing firms focused on emergency response technology, artificial intelligence and the electric vehicle ecosystem.

We’re thrilled to see what our new startups bring in 2017 as we continue pushing the boundaries of mobility and the connected car,” said Rupert Poole, senior collaborations manager for future technology. “With the addition of HAAS Alert, Mycroft and OpConnect, we further diversify and strengthen the portfolio of ventures the Incubator has supported.”

Jaguar Land Rover had this to say about each of the new students that are taking part in the Incubator scheme, what technology is being worked on and how it will be implemented in future JLR vehicles:

“HAAS Alert is a mobile platform for connected cars, autonomous vehicles and smart cities that allows first responders and other city services to send notifications to nearby drivers about road and roadside safety issues such as accidents, emergency vehicles in transit or first responder personnel on scene. The technology can also reroute traffic accordingly via navigation apps. Working with HAAS Alert, Jaguar Land Rover has the opportunity to explore potential links between connected cars and safety, and investigate new ways of keeping drivers better informed when on the road.

“Mycroft is Artificial Intelligence hardware that uses software to recognize natural language and respond to voice commands. Mycroft was built with open source software, which means that programmers have the ability to constantly contribute new features and modules and make it more capable, more useful and more fun to use. From reducing driver distractions, to increasing convenience and usability, Jaguar Land Rover is eager to team up with Mycroft and explore the many ways voice activation for the car can enhance the customers’ experience.

OpConnect sells and operates electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, a vital component of the electric vehicle ecosystem. Customers can use the OpConnect website to manage their accounts, locate the closest EV charging station and remotely check the status of their battery recharging. OpConnect charging stations can also be used to share data and manage fleet operations. Both Jaguar Land Rover and OpConnect are committed to reducing gas emissions by encouraging mass adoption of electric vehicle technology.  With the recent announcement of the Jaguar I-PACE, Jaguar Land Rover has shown that it remains on the edge of innovation in this space, and will partner with OpConnect to explore future opportunities.”

Range Rover Famiy Velar Teaser

Meet The Range Rover Velar The New RR Model

Meet The Range Rover Velar the first new RR model in 10 years:

Jaguar Land Rover just announced a fourth edition to the Range Rover family. The latest edition called the ‘Range Rover Velar’ will be at the 87th International Motor Show, Palexpo, 9rd to 19th March 2017.

Range Rover Velar Reveal Image

Range Rover Velar Reveal Image

So, why a 4th Range Rover and where does it fit in the Range Rover family? JLR claim that the Velar fills a gap in the market, it’s the Evoque’s big brother, the Range Rover Sport’s little brother.

Not much has been revealed about the Range Rover Velar so far, however we do have a couple of images that give away some small details. The first striking feature would be the panoramic glass roof which gives us a sneaky peak inside the vehicle.

Looking closely through the full glass roof we can see the largest touchscreen in any Land Rover model, which will no doubt be linked to the Shell cashless motoring app.

Range Rover Velar Touchscreen

Range Rover Velar Touchscreen

Gerry McGovern, Land Rover’s chief design officer said: “We call the Velar the avant garde Range Rover. It brings a new dimension of glamour, modernity and elegance to the brand.

“The Range Rover Velar changes everything,” he added.

No information has been revealed about engines, however its suspected to be based on the Jaguar F-Pace’s ‘IQ’ platform, meaning it will feature a longitudinal engine configuration rather than the transverse of the Evoque range. This could mean we will see bigger engines like V6s and maybe even V8s if demand is there for an SVR version.


The latest RR got its name from the early range rover prototypes in 1960 which were dubbed Velar, to denote the camouflage they wore. The name which is derived from the Latin velaris, means to veil or cover. An apt name since little is known about the vehicle right now, all that will change on March the 1st when the full world debut is planned for an event in London on 1 March 2017.



X Eng Pedal Lock Security Flaw

X-Eng Pedal Lock Free Upgrade Important Information

X-Eng Pedal Lock Free Upgrade Important Information:

Since production of the Land Rover Defender was discontinued last year there has been a sharp rise in thefts of the iconic vehicle. The Defender is now one of the top four most stolen vehicles in the UK, with LandRovers of all ages being targeted.

Defenders are notoriously easy to break into, factory fitted alarms and immobilisers are easily bypassed in as little as seconds by hi-tech thieves, this is why Land Rover owners are turning to aftermarket security devices to protect their treasured vehicles, but what happens when the aftermarket security devices fail?

Myke Ready posted on Landywatch yesterday stating that he had been able to circumvent the X-Eng Pedal lock. “I opened mine in around 20 secs with a screwdriver without damaging anything. ” He explained.
Myke then went on to design a modification which would prevent the device being bypassed, the details of which he also shared online:

X-eng pedal lock mods.

We welded ours but you could easily make a bolt on guard. We done one on the bench and one on the car. We used 1.6mm stainless steel but 1mm would work well as you need to chamfer the edge as it would fail the lock body other wise.

The plate is slot cut and slides in from the side. The middle bolt needs removal so the plate can slide in.
We then welded this in situ and drilled the hole back out for the middle bolt.


X Eng Pedal Lock Modification

X Eng Pedal Lock Modification


If you can’t weld but have a drill and grinder then make the plate longer so the two lower bolts hold it in when done back up.

I’m sure many people may have a different take on how to do this but this was the easiest way for us.

X Eng Pedal Lock Modification 5

X Eng Pedal Lock Modification 5

Myke had also contacted Stephen Edwards, founder of Foundry 4×4 and owner of the X-Eng Pedal lock about the oversight in the design, Foundry 4×4 responded on social media and released a statement acknowledging the flaw and offering to rectify it for free.

I’m the owner of Foundry 4×4 Ltd and X-Eng. As you are all probably aware Myke Ready has highlighted a flaw in the design of our pedal lock.

Hands up it is not something we were aware of previously ( I don’t want to get drawn into arguments that we have been told before – this is the first time we have ever been shown that it could be circumvented). Having spoke to Myke and Tom,on the admin, and after having several conversations with Simon Rafferty (the original designer and former owner of X-Eng) we believe we have come up with a solution to overcome the issue.

The fix will be one very similar to Myke’s design but will be manufactured as a retrofit item so that all the existing X pedal locks can be upgraded. Simon will be drawing up the design on Monday and we will be getting our laser cutters to commence work ASAP (we are going to test it first obviously to ensure it works).

We will then, once we are satisfied that it works, offer these as a FREE upgrade to all owners of vehicles fitted with X-Eng pedal locks that contact us for one.

The next batch of pedal locks will be modified to ensure this design flaw is overcome.

I can only apologize that this has occurred and, hopefully, this will help rectify the situation.

Foundry 4×4 have handled this situation with good grace and moral standards, they have listened to the Land Rover community and worked closely with Myke since he found the issue, also with the Landywatch admin team who liaised with Stephen in great depth to come up with the best possible solution.

During a telephone conversation with Stephen Edwards earlier today he confirmed they have a modification design in the works which is currently undergoing vigorous testing. The modification is being designed so that it can not be bypassed, it is easy to fit with an expected time frame of around 5 minutes and will not require any welding or specialist tools.

If you have purchased an X-Eng Pedal Lock you will receive a free modification that will prevent the device being circumvented. To get your upgrade you will need to contact Foundry 4×4 via email with a photo of your pedal lock along with the first three digits of your registration number included in the picture, written on a piece of paper.  You will also need to include your full name, address and phone number in the email.

You will not be contacted automatically, it is important that you contact the company in order to receive an upgrade.

No matter where you purchased your X-Eng pedal Lock, whether it was from Paddocks or any other outlet, you will need to follow the same protocol to claim an upgrade.

Foundry 4×4
Phone: 01495 725544
Email: [email protected]
















Land Rover Cashless Fuel Pay App

UK Jaguar Land Rover Drivers Get Cashless App To Pay For Fuel

Jaguar Land Rover has released a cashless app that enables drivers to pay for fuel from the comfort of their own car.

The app will work with several Jaguar Land Rover models and allows users to pay for fuel at any UK Shell garage without the use of cash.

Drivers can use their vehicle’s touch screen to select the amount of fuel they need, then pay for it via PayPal or Apple Pay.

Once the transaction is complete, the app user will receive an electronic receipt via their mobile phone along with an email confirmation.

Right now only Paypal and Apple pay are accepted however Android pay compatibility will be available later in the year.

Using GPS technology drivers of specific cars will be able to locate the nearest Shell station.

The latest Land Rovers will have the app along with the 2018 Jaguar F-PACE performance SUV, F-TYPE, and XF and XE sports saloon models.

In the video below you can see the app in action.

Shell intend to roll the app out around the globe next year.

Jaguar Land Rover plans on bringing other cashless motoring apps to their vehicles along with other innovations such as facial recognition and gait analysis to detect when owners of its vehicles approach, to open the doors for them.


Stolen Land Rover engines worth £3m recovered in dawn raids

Four men have been arrested following a heist of ‘£3 million worth of engines’ from Jaguar Land Rover.

The car manufacturer worked with West Midlands Police to investigate the theft at its Solihull plant which took place between 31 January and 1 February.

The stolen engines were found during raids in Sutton Coldfield and Warwickshire, following their theft on 31st January, which saw a tractor unit enter the Land Rover site in Solihull and hitch up to trailers full of the engines. The lorry entered the site a second time, again hooking up to trailers where the engines were stored.

Following investigations, officers raided locations in Kingsbury Road, Minworth, and Bermuda Industrial Park, in Nuneaton resulting in four men aged 29, 40, 47 and 56 being arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to steal.

“This has been a fast-paced inquiry and after searching two locations today we have seized what we believe are the stolen engines,” said Solihull Investigation Team Detective Inspector, Darren Lee.

“This is a significant find and we continue to investigate the theft.”

All the engines have been recovered, with the four men bailed until the 22nd of March pending further enquiries.

Officers are now appealing to anyone who witnessed the theft or saw anything suspicious at the Minworth or Nuneaton sites in the last few weeks to come forward.

The new fifth-generation Land Rover Discovery Off-Road

The new fifth-generation Land Rover Discovery is said to be the best Off-road Land Rover ever to roll off the production line. Despite its sleek inner city looks designed by Gerry McGovern, the engineers make the bold claim that this SUV will literally go anywhere.

The reason this Land Rover will out perform others off-road is down to it’s Range Rover aluminium chassis, improved steel subframes, the very latest Terrain Response system, and an extra 200mm of wading depth compared to the previous discovery, making a wade depth of 900mm.
Couple those features with the stylish entry and departure angles and the same amount of ground clearance as its predecessor and you can see where these bold claims are coming from.

Check out this video of the 5th generation Land Rover Discovery in an Off-Road environment:[/embedyt]


Hi Tech Thieves Steal High End Range Rovers

Hi-tech car thieves target £60,000 Land Rovers In £2.5m Crime Spree

A gang of hi-tech car thieves targeted £60,000 Land Rovers in a £2.5m crime spree, a court heard during the trial of Manjit Sandhu, Heena Bux, Khuram Zaman, Mohammed Islam, and Geoffrey Cairns.

The gang had purchased specialised equipment to bypass security systems in high end Range Rovers with keyless technology, the same equipment used by professional locksmiths.

The gang also burgled homes in east and west London, stealing car keys and taking the owners luxury vehicles from their driveways in minutes, a jury heard during the trial.

Manjit Sandhu, 32, the alleged ring leader ran the crime ring which targeted over 100 vehicles between March 1, 2015 and August 17, 2016.

Heena Bux, 21, acted as a spotter for the gang, identifying cars to steal whilst Khuram Zaman, 19, Mohammed Islam, 20, and Geoffrey Cairns, 55, would drive the cars away where they were fitted with false number plates and sold in both the UK and overseas.

Sandhu, Bux, Zaman, and Islam deny conspiracy to commit burglary, to steal, and convert criminal property.

Cairns admits one count of conspiracy to steal but denies the other charges of burglary and converting criminal property.

Jurors were told that Sufiyan Mahmood, 19, Faisal Khan, 23, and Humza Bhariwala, 23, all pleaded guilty to related offences including conspiracy to burgle and conspiracy to steal.

The first way in which they were being stolen was simply by breaking into the owner’s address, normally through a front door that wasn’t double-locked and simply taking the car keys from wherever that person may have left them overnight.

The thieves would burgle houses for vehicle keys, getting in and out of the houses in a window of less than three minutes.

The gang purchased specialist equipment to gain entry to the keyless vehicles allowing them to steal a car in just seconds, this hi-tech equipment facilitated the men in the theft of 122 vehicles to sell in the UK and abroad.

One of the stolen Land Rovers was found hidden in a shipping crate in Felxistowe containing furniture, bound for Uganda, Africa. The vehicle had false plates and wasn’t listed in the shipping manifest.

The court heard how the gang targeted Range Rovers and Land Rovers worth up to £60,000. The car thieves were arrested in August 2016 after an investigation by the police’s Organised Vehicle Crime Unit.

The gang await sentencing as the trial continues.

Bloodwise Charity Event Land Rover Winner

Land Rover 90 raised over £8,000 for Bloodwise

A Land Rover 90 raised over £8,000 for Bloodwise when it was raffled off, among other prizes.

In fact the raffle raised £8,395 for Bloodwise, a children’s cancer research charity.

The charity raffle was organised by Ocean Leisure Storage, South Brent with support from Aune Valley Meats, BLS, Devil’s Choice, Ribquest, Salcombe Sailing and Turnbulls.

Bloodwise, Formerly Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research is the UK’s specialist blood cancer charity. The ogranisation was founded by the Eastwood family in 1960 when they lost their six-year-old daughter Susan to leukaemia.

“We’re the UK’s specialist blood cancer charity. We’ve been working to beat blood cancer since 1960. We fund world-class research; provide practical and emotional support to patients and their loved ones; and raise awareness of blood cancer.”

When the first voluntary branch was setup in 1960, fundraising for blood cancer research was a real step into the unknown.

With the dedication of supporters the charity grew to become a national organisation with over 150 local fundraising groups and six offices across the UK.

To date, over half a billion pounds has been raised and invested in cancer research, proving the Eastwoods right. More people are surviving for longer thanks to the support the organisation receives.

With no Government backing, the Bloodwise charity relies solely on the kind generosity of supporters.

Anne Valley Meats donated a meat voucher, won by Jeremy Wright.

Devil’s Choice donated a case of six bottles of Prosecco and 12 hand-dived scallops, won by Steve and Yvonne Scrivener.

Salcombe Sailing donated an outboard engine service, won by Dave Cotterill.

BLS donated a car service, won by Tracey Carter

Turnbulls donated a tracking device, won by Marc Lowery.

Ribquest donated a night at South Sands Hotel with rib ride, won by Alan Welch.

Ocean Leisure Storage donated a Land Rover 90, which was won by Stephen Jones.

Kudos to all involved in the charity event.

Find out more about Bloodwise on the official website:

Safe T Pedal Land Rover Defender Security 1

Safe T Pedal Land Rover Defender Security Device Review

We received a Safe T Pedal security device made by Shire Fabrication for our Land Rover Defender 200 TDI, here is what we think about the product:

Since the end of Land Rover Defender production last year there has been a sharp increase in the thefts of the iconic vehicles. The Defender design means that it can be stripped down in a matter of hours and most stolen vehicles end up being sold on the secondhand parts market which is now big business.

Organised gangs are targeting Defenders all around the country stealing vehicles to order, the thieves have ways of bypassing factory fitted alarms and immobilisers, the days of simply relying on factory security measures are long gone, the only way to really deter thieves is to layer security.

There are several after market security options available to secure your vehicle, today we are looking at the Safe T Pedal Lock kindly supplied by Shire Fabrication.

Our Thoughts On The Safe T Pedal Lock:

The Pedal lock arrived today and the first thing you notice is just how robust this things is. Made of pressed 4mm steel and featuring an anti-burst design this really does look like a seriously strong piece of kit.

The pedal lock came with a sticker that goes in the window to alert thieves that you have extra security before they even attempt to break into your vehicle, which lets be honest doesn’t take long on any Defender.

Should a thief ignore the sticker and gain access to my Land Rover they will now be greeted with a bright yellow wall of steel that fits snugly in the footwell and around the pedals.

Safe T Pedal Fitted In Seconds

Safe T Pedal Fitted In Seconds

This device features a welded, Fort Knox locking mechanism which locks around the brake pedal and secures the device in place, it’s also worth noting at this point that the Safe T Pedal also comes with four keys.

We fitted the pedal lock in literally a couple of seconds, its a no nonsense device that looks very serious when locked in place and instantly gives you a sense of security knowing no thieves will want to tackle the extra layer of security.

When we took the device off I looked for ways to store it and it slides perfectly in behind the seats in our truck cab Defender.

The Safe T Pedal is an inexpensive way of preventing your vehicle from being stolen, we certainly recommend them as an extra layer of security. The Safe T Pedal is model specific, you can buy one made to fit your model or vehicle direct from the Shire Fabrication website.

Company: Shire Fabrication
Contact: 01623 740877
Product: Safe T Pedal
Price: From £79.99
Verdict: Excellent inexpensive extra layer of security and visual deterrent.





Emergency Crews Attending The Collision

60 Year Old Man dead As Train Collides With Land Rover Defender

60 Year Old Man dead As Train Collides With Land Rover Defender

A fatality occurred today after a train crashed into a Land Rover killing the 60 year old male driver and one of two dogs in the vehicle at a level crossing in Gloucestershire, British Transport Police have confirmed.

60 Year Old Man Died At The Scene

60 Year Old Man Died At The Scene

The Great Western Railway train was traveling from Kemble to Stroud when it collided with the Land Rover which the man is believed to have been the sole occupant other than his two dogs.

The Land Rover Defender was struck on a crossing in the village of Frampton Mansell which is located just off of a side road. The vehicle was dragged over 800 meters by the train, the incident happened at about 3.10pm.

Frampton Crossing

Frampton Mansell crossing where a man died on a motorcycle 3 years ago in a similar incident.

A spokesman for South Western Ambulance Service said: “The call was received at 3.03pm to Frampton Mansell to reports of a two-vehicle collision. There is one male casualty, who is 60-years-old

“We are in attendance with two ambulances and a rapid response car.”

A statement from British Transport Police said: “At 3.10pm today we were called to a level crossing close to Frampton Mansell, Gloucestershire, following reports that a car had been struck by a train.

“Officers from BTP attended alongside paramedics from the South Western Ambulance Service however a man, believed to be the driver of the car, was sadly pronounced dead at the scene. Officers are now working to identify the man and inform his family.

“The car was struck by the Great Western Railway’s London Paddington to Cheltenham Spa service. There are no other reported injuries.

“At present, officers are currently examining the scene to establish the circumstances which led to the man’s car being struck.

“Anyone with any information is asked to contact BTP by calling 0800 40 50 40 quoting reference 311 of 07/02. Or you can send a text to BTP on 61016.

“The Rail Accident Investigation Branch have been notified of this incident.”