Never Grab The Rollcage During A Turnover! 1

Never Grab The Rollcage During A Turnover!

We have all done it, whilst off-roading the truck starts to tip and the first thing we do is grab hold of that rollcage for support. A video has emerged online showing a truck rolling whilst doing a rock climb. The white Jeep rolls backwards and onto its roof and you can clearly see the driver is holding onto the rollcage which is then crushed against the rocks.

The picture below shows the damage caused to the drivers hand after it was crushed between the cage and the rocks. Beware its not a pretty sight!

Never Grab The Rollcage During A Turnover! 2

Temporary TRO Placed On Ceredigion Byway U1056 3

Temporary TRO Placed On Ceredigion Byway U1056

GLASS Green Lane Association has advised that a temporary TRO has been placed on U1056 at Nant y Moch, Ceredigion. The complete loop, highlighted, is closed. Signage has been placed w/c 27 Nov 2017, with a view to a full survey and plan of works for the Spring. Apparently Highways have had numerous reports from users, owners and public and feel it’s in the best interests of all, and long term sustainability. Please re-route if you are planning to go up that way in the next few months.

Cornwall Land Rover Tour Charity Event 2018 Tickets Available Now! 4

Cornwall Land Rover Tour Charity Event 2018 Tickets Available Now!

Cornwall Land Rover Tour Charity Event 2018 Tickets Available Now Along With Dates And Details.

Neil Bradford and Claire Bryant are well known for their charity work within the Land Rover community and welcome members new and old to come join the Land Rover Cornwall Tour.
The event will take place in several locations throughout Cornwall over the course of Ten days with the aim of raising money for three Cornish charities – LARF, Cornwall search and rescue and Children’s Hospice SW Little Harbour.

Cornwall Land Rover Tour Dates:

The Cornwall tour runs from the 18th through to the 27th of August 2018 and starts in Launceston and finishes at Pentille Castle with other stops in between, the actual locations are as follows:

Cornwall Land Rover Tour Sites:

First stop: The Countryman Launceston for 2 nights.
Second Stop: Penzance near TR19 6EJ for 3 nights.
Third Stop: Pendoggett PL303HQ for 2 nights
Final Stop: Pentille Castle PL12 6QD for 2 nights.

Claire and Neil are currently organising optional days out in each of the four areas which you will be welcome to join in with; alternatively you are more than welcome to follow your own ideas and go on your own adventure – you are under no obligation to join in with the arranged outings but they are guaranteed to be fun. Details on the extra activities will follow soon and will be posted on the Charity events facebook page.

Ticket Information

Tickets £60 for the whole trip or £20 per day. Contact Claire Bryant for BACS payment details (Charity bank account) we will be posting a lot more about this on the group page.

Other Charity Events:

Things we will be doing from now until November 2018 on this group tag and plays treasure hunts mystery tours and invitation for shows and fetes and the big one Cornwall Land Rover tour 2018

Sunday February the 25th Land Rover 4×4 vehicles quest and green lane day invites have been sent out great day out for everyone

Pentillie Land Rover defender day on the 8th April we will be there showing our Land Rovers like we did last year

Land Rover Devon border reunion on the 4th to 7th of May at Haynes park parkham NR clovelly all will receive an invitation turn up on the Friday or Saturday after 12 on the Friday anytime on the Saturday will post more information soon

Tag and play on on Saturday 26 May and Sunday 27 May two day event pay and play Saturday tag and play Sunday it’s the bank holiday weekend we will have free camping it’s where we had our last stop on the Devon tour at northhill 4×4 everyone will receive an invitation to this one

Sunday June the 17th treasure hunt and green lane day

We have been asked by Sara Cartwright from the Ashcombe fete committee to come along again this year to show our Land Rovers on the 29th July all welcome

Shows and fetes in July and August dates to be confirmed

Cornwall Land Rover tour from 18th to 27th August tickets are on sale more information to follow on group page

Discovery birthday weekend 20th 21st October 2018 all LRs welcome to join in more information to follow

Tag and play Cornwall end of October

25th November 2018 Land Rover all 4×4 mastery tour and green lane day roast dinner fancy dress everyone will have a route plan for this one this time like we normally have invites will be sent out more information to come

Other things will be added as and when invited Cornwall tour tickets are now on sale please contact Claire Bryant we would like to update you all on the sites we will be using so you know what areas we will be staying in.

public byway sign

Campaigners demand Public rights of way be better signposted

Campaigners are demanding public rights of way be better signposted  so everyone can enjoy the countryside without fear of going off-piste!

The Countryside Act was passed in 1968, it requires local authorities signposts a public path, byway, or bridleway where it leaves a road. However as many of us know 50 years on and this is not the case for a large amount of routes.

Open Spaces Society’s state that signposts are important because they give people the confidence to use and enjoy public paths, which are public rights of way and highways in law. We are right there with you Opens Spaces society, we also feel that if public rights of way were clearly marked, not only could more people enjoy the countryside, but there would be less ‘Off-piste’ activity.

“Without a signpost, a path can be a well-kept secret.

“That is why we pressed for the inclusion of the signposting duty in the Countryside Act and why we are dismayed to find that there are still many missing signposts.”

The society and the Ramblers were responsible for winning the signposting provision which was enshrined in section 27 of the Countryside Act 1968.

This states that a highway authority must erect and maintain a signpost where a public path leaves a metalled road.

The signpost must show the status of the path, eg whether it is a footpath, a bridleway or a byway. If the authority considers it convenient and appropriate, the destination of the path and distance to that destination may also be given.

Mr Holmes added: “Most paths in Dorset are well signed where they leave public roads, but it is important that the county council ensures that every path is well signed. I know of paths that are rarely used because of the absence of signage.

“In this fiftieth anniversary year of the Countryside Act 1968 which gave highway authorities a duty to signpost paths, we want to see Dorset and other councils make a real effort to ensure all their paths are marked.”

How To Install A Dynamic Advanced Timing Spacer For More Boost On 200 TDi / 300 TDi 5

How To Install A Dynamic Advanced Timing Spacer For More Boost On 200 TDi / 300 TDi

I have just received my Dynamic Advanced Timing Spacer which is designed to give any engine using a Bosch VE injector pump extra boost. I am fitting my spacer kit to a 200 TDi Land Rover engine and figured I would do a walk through guide.

I got the kit from Steg’s Supplies, it consists of the following:

x2 Genuine Bosch O rings
x1 Timing spacer
x1 pre-load washer
x2 longer bolts

I also got a Boost pin in the kit which is a fully hardened Boost pin and not a cheap imitation from fleabay!

How To Install A Dynamic Advanced Timing Spacer For More Boost On Bosch Injector Pump

Bosch VE timing cover plate

Step 1: Remove the plate shown in the image above from the side of the Bosch injector pump by undoing the x2 torx bolts.
Step 2: Remove the spring
Step 3: Remove the old O ring
Step 4: Place a new O ring where the old one was.
Step 5: Place the other O ring into the spacer from the kit.
Step 6: Replace the spring
Step 7: Place the spacer with the o ring facing against the plate
Step 8: Insert shim washer into plate and bolt up with the new longer bolts.

Purchase Dynamic Timing Advance Spacer For More Boost

How to Install A Boost Pin:

Installing a boost pin is easier than a dynamic advance timing spacer, only because there is more space.

Step 1: Remove the four screws from the top of the diaphragm housing, leaving the boost pipe intact.
Step 2: Remove the diaphragm and pin
Step 3: Use x2 10mm spanners to undo the original pin from the diaphragm.
Step 4: Replace old pin with your new boost pin. Note the small dot on the diaphragm, the notched out part of the pin needs to line up with that dot.
Step 5: Remove the spring and take out the nylon washer
Step 6: Replace spring
Step 7: Grease the new pin in the notched out section
Step 8: Replace the pin with the small dot facing the front of the engine.
Step 9: replace housing top.
Step 9: Enjoy!

Purchase Boost PIN… NOT boost RING here

Off Road Bikes Crushed In Newark Clamp Down On Illegal Off Roading 6

Off Road Bikes Crushed In Newark Clamp Down On Illegal Off Roading

Two off-road bikes have been crushed by police in Newark and Sherwood as part of a clamp down on illegal off roading in the area.

The destruction of the bikes being ridden illegally is being used as a warning by Nottinghamshire Police to other irresponsible owners and riders. The message is simple, bikes will be seized and could ultimately be crushed if they persistently break the law.

The bikes were seized from their owners during a crackdown known as Operation Jericho – an ongoing multi-agency initiative in the Newark and Sherwood area targeting the illegal use of off-road vehicles such as motorbikes, quad bikes and other nuisance vehicles on private or public land and byways

‘Off-road bikes cause misery within communities’

Sergeant Mike Taylor, of Nottinghamshire Police, said: “Aside from being dangerous, off-road bikes cause misery within communities and is one of the issues that residents have told us causes them the greatest concern.

“For most of the time these vehicles will be used illegally and people may not realise this.

“Bikes can only be ridden on private land with the landowner’s permission. This would include waste land which is owned by someone.

“We hope the crushing of these bikes sends out a clear message that once we’ve identified offenders we will utilise all of our powers to take action which could ultimately end up with their bikes being crushed.

“We also need to educate and inform parents, who may be thinking about buying such machines for their children, of the potential dangers and lack of legal opportunities to actually use them.

“I hope the ongoing action we’re taking to tackle the illegal and anti-social use of these vehicles reassures our local residents that we are listening to their concerns and taking them seriously. We will be continuing our efforts, working with our partners, to crack down on this anti-social behaviour.

“We need more members of the public to help us reduce nuisance off-road biking by reporting incidents to us. If anyone has any information about people using off-road bikes then please call us on 101.”

‘Immediate and severe action’

Terry Bailey, an anti-social behaviour officer at Newark and Sherwood District Council, said: “This is not just a police matter, it’s a community issue.

“We’re all working together to tackle this issue and we will take immediate and severe action against offenders.

“Together with our housing partners, people need to realise that by committing anti-social behaviour they could also face other consequences. This could include action for a breach of their council tenancy agreements, which may result in them losing their home.”

Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner Paddy Tipping vowed to prioritise the issue of illegal off-roading in the county over the next 12 months, alongside other crime and disorder problems which cause misery to Nottinghamshire communities.

He’s invited community groups across Nottinghamshire to bid for a share of £250,000 to help cut crime and keep people at risk of offending on the right path.

His Community Safety Fund for 2018/19 will be invested into grassroots projects that help people stay safe and recover from their problems.

The deadline for applications has now passed. Funding will be allocated for the financial year 2018-2019.

Mr Tipping said: “We want to address some of the persistent issues which blight the lives of ordinary people. One of those is illegal off-road biking and we are working very closely with the Force to support the enforcement work put in place to tackle this problem.”

If you’re riding your off-road vehicle on a road you must have/do the following:

* Have a valid MOT certificate if the vehicle is more than three-years-old

* Register your quad bike with the DVLA, make sure your vehicle is taxed and has front and rear number plates

* Have a full car licence or a category B1 licence if it was issued before January 1997

* Have a minimum of third party insurance to drive a quad bike on the road
Not everyone using off-road motorbikes does so illegally and there are a number of specialist sites where they can be ridden legally.

Details of places and facilities where off-road bikes can be ridden safely and legally in the Nottinghamshire area can be found online.



Gwyn Lewis Hooked Challenge Rear Spring Re-locators Review 7

Gwyn Lewis Hooked Challenge Rear Spring Re-locators Review

Gwyn Lewis Hooked Challenge Rear Spring Re-locators Review, worth it or not?

We had a set of normal dislocation cones fitted to our Defender 90 with a 2″ lift kit and found that a lot of times the springs would not relocate properly whilst traversing the Cornish byways. We would have to jack the vehicle and physically knock the springs back into position again.
You could could get over the issue of the springs not relocating properly by reversing the relocation setup, by setting the cones on the axle instead, but we figured we would give Gwyn Lewis hooked challenge spring re-locators a try.

What Are Gwyn Lewis Hooked Challenge Rear Spring Re-locators?

The rear spring re-locators were designed by Gwyn Lewis for a challenge truck setup with long travel shocks fitted. With that in mind, you can imagine they are heavy duty made from 6mm mild steel and are also galvanized for protection against the mud and water.

The spring re-locators have been designed to catch the last coil of the spring to stop it from coming past the re-locator, this obviously stops the issue of the spring popping out and not relocating properly. The design itself means that relocation is not only guaranteed but it is smooth and with virtually no noise, you do not get that awful banging noise that you get with conventional cones when the springs re-locate.

Another feature of the Gwyn Lewis hooked spring re-locators is that you can place a round bar or a wheel brace through the spring and re-locator to minimise axle movement when using a hi lift jack, this makes jacking up so much easier and safer when using a Hi-lift.

Installation Difficulty Rating:

Fitting the hooks is relatively straight forward and shouldn’t take much longer than an hour with the correct tools.

Here is a guide taken from the Gwyn Lewis website:

Gwyn Lewis Hooked Challenge Rear Spring Re-locators Review 8  A pair of rear spring re-locators, top plates, 4 M10X45 and 4 nylock nuts.

Gwyn Lewis Hooked Challenge Rear Spring Re-locators Review 9 Slide the re-locator top plate into place with the bolts facing down.

Gwyn Lewis Hooked Challenge Rear Spring Re-locators Review 10If fitting to a Discovery or a RRC place the retaining plate from underneath.

Gwyn Lewis Hooked Challenge Rear Spring Re-locators Review 11 Lift the re-locator into place with the hook of there-locator facing inwards.Tighten the bolts until the retaining plate is in contact with the re-locator and ensure that there-locator is square in the spring seat.

Gwyn Lewis Hooked Challenge Rear Spring Re-locators Review 12 When mounting the spring ensure that the re-locator hook catches the last full coil of the spring.


Since we have fitted the hooked re-locators to our Defender 90 we have not had any issues with the springs re-seating. The re-location is smooth and quiet, the flex isn’t restricted at all. We advise that you buy the bottom retainer plates to prevent the springs being pulled off the axle, these are also made and supplied by Gwyn Lewis.
In our opinion these are well worth investing in 100% better than conventional cones.

Manufacturer: Gwyn Lewis 4×4

Fits: Defender 90, Discovery 1, RRc (will not fit 110/130 models)

Weight:- 4KG


Purchase Hooked re-locators here.

One woman campaign to clear public byway heralded success 13

One woman campaign to clear public byway heralded success

One woman’s campaign to clear a public byway heralded a success!

Anna Bruce embarked on a campaign to unearth a public byway from overgrown brambles after it had become almost impassable.

Deep, thick mud and overgrown headges on the public byway between Silver Street and Flexford Lane in Hordle, near Sway meant that the community found it almost impossible to use.

One 150m section of the byway was once so boggy that, Anna Bruce, recorded her horse sinking 17inches into the mud.

Anna said: “I just stopped using the byway as a rider and then it gradually became increasingly overgrown and impassable.

“I woke up and decided my New Year’s Resolution was to make the byway useable for all.”

First gathering the support of the landowners, Marcus de Kaldam and Alex McClure, and Hordle Parish Council, Anna then submitted two separate bids to Hampshire County Council to create 150m of surfaced track, improve ditching and cut back overgrown hedgerows.

Anna said: “I worked closely with Hampshire County Council and the New Forest National Park Authority staff to make a case for funding the works – not only to address the deep mud but also enable it to become a viable alternative route for cyclists, walkers and horse riders from Silver Street where ‘near-miss’ incidents are frighteningly commonplace.”

She secured more than £8,000, including £4,000 from the county council and £2,000 from NFPA.

A £300 donation came from the parish council and county councillor Fran Carpenter offered £300 as well.

Residents who live near the route, donated the remaining funds needed.

Anna said: “I was astonished by the wonderful support from nearby residents, many of whom I’d never met but who had tales of being bogged down or attacked by brambles when they had tried to use the byway.”

Caroline O’Callaghan supported the project. She said: “When I moved in to South Sway Lane six years ago, I had raised queries to having the route improved as it was rarely passable.

“I was told there was no funding available and believed that was that but thanks to Anna’s determined efforts and everyone who made the work possible, having this walk is such a treat and has really changed my life for the better.”

It goes to show, we do not always have to rely on groups such as GLASS, TRF or CALM to clear byways and keep them open, we can all do our bit as responsible byway users.

Flitch Way byway

Reckless Drivers Could Cause Flitch Way Byway Closure

Reckless drivers could cause the closure of Flitch Way Byway, residents of Great Dunmow report vehicles driving recklessly and disguising their number plates are causing issues.

Yet another byway faces the threat of closure due to misuse by inconsiderate drivers. Local residents of Great Dunmow have reported that a small minority of 4×4 drivers are tearing up and down the lane in vehicles with no visible number plates.

“The use of the byway by vehicles not showing number plates has increased, and therefore, they are not taxed or insured – what happens if they hit someone?” said Rod Jones, local resident.

“I am not against responsible use of the byway by ‘green laners’. However, as usual, it’s the minority that have caused the damage on and adjacent to the byway.

“The off-roaders are using it at night and have been seen with balaclavas to hide identity, what are they trying to hide? If you approach them it normally ends in abusive behaviour.”

Issues with anti social driving have been ongoing since 2013 when fears that 4×4 drivers could damage the A120 bridge at Dunmow by winching their vehicles up the grass verge from the byway using the bridges stanchions. Bollards were installed to prevent vehicles winching up the verge, however they were soon pulled out according to Councillor Susan Barker, deputy leader of Uttlesford District Council.

Mr Jones said: “The irresponsible behaviour has to be stopped. This can only be achieved by a concerted effort by Essex County Council (ECC) and the police.

“The byway is so narrow in places that bikes, motor bikes, pedestrians and 4×4 have to occupy the same space with limited visibility of what is approaching.

“How long before an incident occurs that could and should have been prevented.

“The number of offences occurring should have been enough for the police and ECC to take action.”

Cllr Barker, who is a member of Uttlesford District Council’s highways panel, has pledged to put the issue on the agenda at an upcoming meeting.

Cllr Barker said: “I think in this location that closures or resurfacing may not be the solution as I believe that it is the water as much as the byway that is the attraction and highways may need to work with the Environment Agency to look at protecting both the by way and the river.”

Essex Police has said officers will be reviewing footage of vehicles using the byway to see if any offences had occured.

Ashcombe Scuffle is back - 2018

Ashcombe Scuffle 2018 Off Road Event Information

After taking some time out due to poor ground conditions the famous Ashcombe Scuffle is back for one weekend this year!

Ashcombe Scuffle is an annual charity event for 4×4’s and quad bikes, set in over 100 acres of pay and play off-roading bliss with steep hill climbs, bogs, water splashes, winch challenges and lots more. “Enough to entertain and amuse a hardened 4×4 veteran or allow anyone with a driving license to have a go at seeing what their vehicle can do.” With a choice of routes which vary in difficulty, you could set your own pace.

Last year the event was cancelled due to the woodland conditions on the grounds, however the Scuffle is back for one weekend only so don’t miss out!

Entry Fees:

4×4 trucks will be £30 per vehicle (driver and co-driver),
Quad bikes £10
Spectators £5

Event location:

Grammarcombe Woods, Ashcombe, EX7 0QD Church Hill (A380 at Ashcombe Cross, follow sign to Ashcombe Village and left after 200 yrds)

Event times:

Gates open at 8am on the Saturday 21 April. The course opens at 9am and will be closed at 4pm.

General Info:

On-site catering van, toilets etc.

Camping with permission and strictly no litter or driving out of hours.

Recovery to parking area is free.