£44,000 Range Rover Evoque Worst Car Purchase I Ever Made Be warned

£44,000 Worth Of Trouble Say Pensioners

‘£44,000 Range Rover Evoque Worst Car Purchase I Ever Made Be warned’ Say a retired couple that have been plagued with so many issues that they
have put posters all over their vehicle warning other motorists that may be considering purchasing one.

Trevor and Ann Heley, from Fixby, West Yorkshire, purchased the luxury 4×4 vehicle from a dealership almost two years ago and claim that they have had nothing but issues with it from the start.

The couple bought their Evoque brand new from Huddersfield-based Rocar Moores Land Rover, which was taken over by Rybrook Land Rover just a few months after the couple made their purchase.

The problems started when the ECO system failed, the tailgate then developed a rattle, followed by the brake disks and pads needing replacements due to failure. Allegedly the rear camera is no use in the rain and the surround camera system is useless in the dark. Mr Heley a retired engineer also reported that the electric handbrake is impractical.

The pair complained and received little satisfaction from the companies and felt that their only alternative was to put warning signs on their faulty motor.

Mr Heley said that putting warning signs over his car wasn’t an easy thing to do. He said “it’s embarrassing admitting we own a vehicle that we are so dissatisfied with.”

Range Rover Evoque Worst Car I Ever Purchased
Range Rover Evoque Worst Car I Ever Purchased
The stickers on the car read: ‘Range Rover Evoque – this is the worst car purchase I have ever made. Be warned!’

He said: “There have been numerous previous problems with the vehicle and with the dealership not complying with Jaguar Land Rover protocols or following their own working instructions.”

“Unfortunately, we cannot come to an amicable agreement with Jaguar Land Rover or their dealer. We have lost all faith with the Evoque and Jaguar Land Rover.

‘Jaguar Land Rovers’ attitude is that they want us to just grin and bear owning a vehicle that, we feel, is not of satisfactory quality, is not fit for purpose nor is as described.”

The couple now plan to sell the car via eBay for a price representative of its condition.

A Jaguar Land Rover spokeswoman said: “At this stage the case with Mr and Mrs Heley is currently active. Our executive team have been working for some time to draw this to a satisfactory close. Until the case is closed we cannot comment any further, however we are working hard to resolve this.”

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