Billing Off Road Show Hosting Land Rover 70th Anniversary World Record Attempt

Billing Off Road Show Hosting Land Rover 70th Anniversary World Record Attempt 1

This year is Land Rover’s 70th Birthday and to celebrate than Billing Off Road Show and Land Rover Monthly are attempting a new world record!

The Billing Off Road Show, along with Land Rover Monthly, will attempt to set a new World record for the Largest parade of Land Rovers/ Range Rovers. The event is set to take place on Saturday 30th June 2018, from 4pm (exact timings to be confirmed).

The record to beat is 516 vehicles, set by LandMania Clube de Portugal in Gouveia, Portugal on 7th September 2014.

– each vehicle must drive at least 2 miles in the parade
– each vehicle must be no more than 2 vehicle lengths away from the next one

to enter:
– you must have a Show ground or Campsite wristband
– you must have a ticket for the world record attempt (available at:
– you must have a full driving licence
– your vehicle must be road legal

Each vehicle will receive a World Record attempt plaque after the event. We would love for all you Off Road enthusiasts to get involved, so please invite any friends with a Landy and lets smash that record!!

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