Bonkas 4X4 Threatened With Macabre Scarecrow On Welsh Greenlane

Bonkas 4X4 Threatened With Macabre Scarecrow On Welsh Greenlane 1

Bonkas 4×4  have witnessed crude blockades and booby-traps but nothing like this sick macabre warning sign before … 

Bonkas 4×4 are a Welsh based four wheel drive club that not only partake in greenlaning and pay and play days, they also do a lot of voluntary work, clearing and maintaining greenlanes in Wales.
The Senghenydd Byway ( 51.601759 3.29004 ) Eglwys To Penyrheol is constantly being blocked by a farmer in that area and Bonkas 4×4 have cleared obstructions on several occasions.

Over the years the farmer in question has been blocking gateways which are on the byway preventing any access to the lanes. The man causing the damage to the greenlanes will not listen to reason, according to Bonkas4x4 the farmer attacked one of the club members vehicles with a baseball bat whilst they were attempting to remove his obstructions.

Over a period of several years the farmer has dumped burnt out cars, piles of hardcore, heaps of manure and even dug pits in the lanes which not only endangered 4×4 drivers, but also horse riders, mountain bikers and walkers. The latest act of defiance by the crazy land owner is horrific and shocking and shows the man is deranged.

Last Saturday club member Mike Toseland discovered a macabre scarecrow type figure on a Greenlane frequently used by the club, between Pontypridd and Llanbradach in South Wales.

The human-sized effigy was made up of man’s work shirt bearing the words ‘BONKAS 4X4 WHO NEXT’ painted across it, hung on a wooden cross. On top of the cross was a severed ram’s head which was dripping in blood and impaled on the cross, below the shirt the ram’s severed testicles were nailed.

Mr Toseland stated: “It was positioned right in the middle of where we were driving and had an orange shirt on with a ram’s head stuck on the top of the spike and the testicles were at the bottom.

“It was very Godfather-esque and a clear statement. It’s a malicious act and very scary.

“The lads who came across it were shocked. It cannot properly be believed until you have actually seen it.”

South Wales Police say that they are aware of the incident and are liaising with their partners to investigate the situation.

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