What is a Boost Ring & do they work on Land Rovers?

‘What is a boost ring & do they work on Land Rover engines?
This is a frequently asked question, so lets look into ‘Boost Rings’, what they are, what they do and if they work!

A ‘boost ring’ is a spacer which is also known as a ‘Dynamic Timing Advance Spacer’ which fits to Bosch VE fuel injection pumps resulting in advanced timing and subsequently more power on engines with a Bosch VE injector pump such as Land Rover TDi.

How Does a Boost Ring / Dynamic Timing Advance Spacer work?

The fuel-injection system is responsible for supplying the diesel engine with fuel, the injection pump generates the pressure required for fuel injection.
The fuel under pressure is then forced through the high-pressure fuel-injection tubing to the injection nozzle which then injects it into the combustion chamber which gives us power….

The fuel-injection system includes the following components and assemblies:
Fuel tank
Fuel filter
Fuel supply pump
Injection nozzles
High-pressure injection tubing
Timing device (where required)

The combustion processes in the diesel engine depend to a largely on the quantity of fuel which is injected and the method of introducing this fuel
to the combustion chamber. This is where the fuel injection timing comes into play!
The fuel-injection timing and the duration of injection, the fuel’s distribution in the combustion chamber, the moment in time when combustion starts, the amount of fuel metered to the engine per degree crankshaft, and the total injected fuel quantity in accordance with the engine loading. The optimum interplay of all these parameters is decisive for the faultless functioning of the diesel engine and of the fuel-injection system.

We can manipulate the timing by installing a Dynamic Timing Advance Spacer which will advance the timing. When we advance the timing it results in reduced time to burn off the injected fuel, the injector pump will compensate this and injects the fuel earlier. If we now turn up the pump we increase the length of the injection event to increase the amount of fuel delivered. This longer injection event requires the timing to be advanced further to ensure the fuel burns completely without smoke and optimise the power output and fuel economy.

Installing a Dynamic timing advance ring will result in the engine being more responsive and burning cleaner which in turn will reduce exhaust gas temperatures and emissions, something which the new MOT laws in 2018 will be clamping down on.

We recommend using Stegs Supplies for buying Dynamic Advanced Spacers they use official Bosch seals which are top quality.

The Dynamic timing device can drastically improve a Land Rover TDI engines performance and is really easy to install.

The hydraulically controlled timing device is located in the bottom of the distributor pump’s housing, at right angles to the pump’s longitudinal axis whereby its piston is free to move in the pump housing. The housing is closed with a cover on each side.

There is a passage in one end of the timing device plunger through which the fuel can enter, while at the other end the plunger is held by a compression spring. The piston is connected to the roller ring through a sliding block and a pin so that piston movement can be converted to rotational movement of the roller ring.

Bosch VE timing cover plate

We are interested in removing the plate outlined in the image above and installing the Dynamic timing advance spacer, its a really simple job which is only hindered by the lack of space, however if you do not feel confident in performing the task yourself, check out Steg’s supplies as they have a list of approved fitting centers across the UK.

Purchase a genuine Bosch parts Dynamic Timing Advance Spacer here.

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