Automotive Parts

Automotive Parts

BUZZWELD Automotive Paints
Address: Yate
Short Business Description: We specialise in the prevention or corrosion, preservation, and restoration of vehicles.

We provide the coatings and advice to enable you to do the job once.
Long Business Description:

Buzzweld off a range of automotive protection, from primers and abrasives to custom top coats and cavity treatments. Our range of paints can prolong the life of your vehicles chassis, bulkhead, doors and sills for up to 20 years.

Buzzweld automotive paints stabilise existing rust, modifying it and making it harder than steel.

We provide mostly bespoke solutions, and near 24/7 1:1 support.

We have over 50 years of heavy industrial experience, and some of the most experienced corrosion specialists in the country to help you.

We don’t push sales, and we are just as happy to advise you on to get the most from what you have, or fill in the blanks to help you out.

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Grove Auto engineering
Address: 5 Rylstone Grove
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: Discovery 2 suspension reconditioning
Long Business Description:

Hi, my name is Andy founder of Grove Auto Engineering. We recondition and sell Land Rover Discovery 2 watts linkages and radius arms at very competitive prices.
It is a very common problem with the Discovery 2 models with the rubber bushes on the rear suspension Watts linkage to perish and fail. They are very awkward to change, so this replacement linkage complete with fitted bushes makes the job much easier.
The recon units are fitted with genuine Land Rover bushes or we can fit Poly bushes on request.

Lola 4×4
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: Lola 4×4 specialise in new and used parts for Defender and Discovery
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Lola 4×4 spacialise in Land Rover Defender and Discovery parts

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Business Phone Number: 07519 272139
LRD Security | Land Rover Anti Theft Devices
Business Genre: ,
Short Business Description: Security items from all manufacturers in one convenient webshop…
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The Land Rover Defender is the 4th most stolen vehicle in the country, this is due to the end of production and a demand in the secondhand parts market. This makes all Defenders, regardless of age or condition a target. Thieves can strip down a defender within hours, they can bypass factory fitted immobilisers, so layering security is important.
Adding different layers of protection will deter thieves and stop them from taking your pride and joy!
On average it takes well under 2 minutes for thieves to take a defender from a street, outside a shop or even from your driveway. Thieves will always take the easiest option, if you have extra security devices such as pedal locks, or other visible deterrents it will make your vehicle much less desirable to thieves.
We sell security items of our own and from all the major Land Rover Defender security suppliers, to help make your defender more secure.

Business Website Address: LRD Security
Business Phone Number: 01489325676
Steg’s Supplies
Business Genre:
Short Business Description: Providing high quality tuning parts to the Land Rover community.
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A Cheshire based engineering company dedicated to delivering high quality solutions to the enthusiast community using modern engineering techniques.

Business Website Address: Steg's Supplies