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BUZZWELD Automotive Paints
We specialise in the prevention or corrosion, preservation, and restoration of vehicles.

We provide the coatings and advice to enable you to do the job once.

Buzzweld off a range of automotive protection, from primers and abrasives to custom top coats and cavity treatments. Our range of paints can prolong the life of your vehicles chassis, bulkhead, doors and sills for up to 20 years.

Buzzweld automotive paints stabilise existing rust, modifying it and making it harder than steel.

We provide mostly bespoke solutions, and near 24/7 1:1 support.

We have over 50 years of heavy industrial experience, and some of the most experienced corrosion specialists in the country to help you.

We don’t push sales, and we are just as happy to advise you on to get the most from what you have, or fill in the blanks to help you out.

itrackdirect Live GPS Tracking Defender Security
Specialises in GPS trackers , both vehicle wires in, personnel, trailers , or covert magnetic trackers

Land Rover Defenders are being targeted by thieves all over the country due to the rise in value since Jaguar Land Rover ceased production of the iconic vehicle, plus the Defender is notoriously easy to steal in mere seconds.
We offer great prices on all GPS trackers , the control panel we use to control and view your vehicle location is state of the art , user friendly and reliable. We know our business when it comes to asset tracking call us for advise and support.

Did you know that most Land Rover Defenders when they are stolen are stashed away before being moved on and either stripped for parts, or shipped abroad in pieces. This time window is crucial for finding and recovering your precious Land Rover in one piece.
At iTrackDirect we understand how much your 4×4 means to you, our waterproof and robust trackers are perfect for off road vehicles.

Our trackers are so easy to use:

Our units literally work right out of the box, they feature an integral battery which has a 15 day lifespan dependent on the amount of times the device is set to ping its GPS position, settings range from every 10 seconds to every hour. You can view the tracker in real time and watch it move direct on your devices screen.
You can set alerts to your mobile phone, set secure zones, view location history reports and change the settings at a click of a button.

This lightweight GPS tracker is fitted with a SOS panic button. You press the button for 4 seconds and it will alert all the mobile phones you have set it to report to. It sends your location via SMS and also includes a smart link for Smart phones. It will also send a notification to a computer or laptop. There are many uses for this panic function such as lone workers, hill walkers, vulnerable people and many more……

There is also a range of accessories available for the GPS tracker including hard wire car kits, pouches and magnetic boxes.

The battery life on this small and powerful device is second to none. This is now available to the general public and businesses. This device is really that good.

Why have a GPS ITrackDirect tracker and what can it track?

We are on 2G and 3G networks for optimum coverage
Multi network Sim – Covers all networks in the UK and abroad
Simple and effective control panel
Robust GPS trackers and proven reliability
Eco mode will preserve battery life
Such a universal selection of GPS trackers that offer varies solutions for tracking :–
Cars / Motorbikes – fleet or single trackers ( set Geofences ) monitor journeys , speed , times …
Trailers – all types
HGV – Lorries , Coaches
Plant – Diggers , all machinery
Personnel – Dementia , kids school trips , etc… ( panic alarm )

The list is endless
LRD Security | Land Rover Anti Theft Devices
Security items from all manufacturers in one convenient webshop…

The Land Rover Defender is the 4th most stolen vehicle in the country, this is due to the end of production and a demand in the secondhand parts market. This makes all Defenders, regardless of age or condition a target. Thieves can strip down a defender within hours, they can bypass factory fitted immobilisers, so layering security is important.
Adding different layers of protection will deter thieves and stop them from taking your pride and joy!
On average it takes well under 2 minutes for thieves to take a defender from a street, outside a shop or even from your driveway. Thieves will always take the easiest option, if you have extra security devices such as pedal locks, or other visible deterrents it will make your vehicle much less desirable to thieves.
We sell security items of our own and from all the major Land Rover Defender security suppliers, to help make your defender more secure.

LRD Security
Tooltank Online Power Tool Supplier
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West Yorkshire

Tooltank is a West Yorkshire based Tools, Accessories and Fixings Company. We are an industrial dealer & stockist of high quality market leading power tools from Makita, Bosch Power Tools, DeWALT, Festool and more. Browse the wide range of battery & cordless power tools at Tooltank including pressure washers, drills & grinders… Don’t see what your looking for then please feel free to contact us for a price on anything even if you don’t see it listed.