Buzzweld 2K Armour Rust Protective Coating


Buzzweld 2K Armour Rust Protective Coating

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Product Description

2k Armour is an extreme two pack epoxy corrosion stabilising all in one coating.

2k Armour has many unique attributes from its hardness approaching that of steel at 77% that of mild steel, to stabilising corrosion, and its extreme abrasion resistance, and build. Superb for heavily keyed substrates such as pitted chassis, T-washed rough Galv, and blasted axles, 2K armour will stand up to most levels of abuse and is used in the challenge scene to great effect.

We supply you a 2.5 liftre and a half filled 5 litre tub. the mix is 1:1 by volume, so 100ml base: 100ML hardener. You will need to use a proper mixing tool at LOW rpm, and we recommend you mix up in small batches. Typically we say mix up 30% LESS than you think you need. This seems to work well with peoples perceptions of how much they need to cover an area.


Highly resistant to almost all chemicals, such as petrol, diesel, brake fluids etc, and perfect for fuel tank repair. Other uses include fibreglassing.


Available in :-

5000ML Tin

Good for

  • Direct to a rough surface such as T-washed Galv, corrosion, steel, wood.
  • Compatible with most coatings due to very low solvent content.
  • Extreme build and abrasion resistance make this suitable for extreme environments, and longevity of protection.

Suitable for

  • Harsh environments such as under vehicles, marine, or coastal environments
  • Use as a two coat solution with no need to top coat
  • patch repair work on vehicles such as spot corrosion repair

Poor for

  • Has extremely good opacity. It is therefore very easy to not put enough on as the substrate appears “protected”.
  • Mildly contamination intolerant. Requires good prep to be effective.
  • Anywhere exposed to UV such as a bumper as it will affect the colour. Will not cause product failure in normal use, but will dull.
  • Extremely heavy duty and high viscosity. Needs mixing, and applying correctly to fully exploit it


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