Jake Humphrey Offers To Use 4X4 To Help The Vunerable

TV presenter Jake Humphrey found himself inundated with messages after posting an very kind offer on social media to help "vulnerable" people using his 4x4. https://twitter.com/mrjakehumphrey/status/969118102628773888 The broadcaster said he is available to help people in need near Norwich, which received a mixed bag of admiration and ridicule. One Twitter user replied to

Skier Towed Around Fields By 4X4 Range Rover In Kent

Most people are making the most of the snow storm dubbed the 'Beast From The East' by building snowmen or having snowball fights... That's to tame for 21 year old Michael Thompson, he is enjoying the freezing conditions on his skis, being towed by a Luxury 4x4 in fields around Kent. Footage

Hospital appeals for 4×4 drivers to help NHS staff get to work

Urgent appeal to 4x4 drivers, to help get NHS staff to sick patients in the community. A red weather warning has been issued for the Southwest and hospital appointments are being cancelled all over the region, however nurses still need to get to work. The hospital trust in Devon have made

Never Grab The Rollcage During A Turnover!

We have all done it, whilst off-roading the truck starts to tip and the first thing we do is grab hold of that rollcage for support. A video has emerged online showing a truck rolling whilst doing a rock climb. The white Jeep rolls backwards and onto its roof and