Police Target Nuisance Off-road Bikers With DNA Spray

Police to use DNA spray to catch more anti-social off-road biker in latest crackdown against quad and scrambler bikes The West Yorkshire Police force now has a new weapon in their arsenal to catch anti-social off-road bikers in Kirklees. A new DNA spray allows officers to fire at the anti social bikers

Traffic Police Land Rover Discovery Catches Fire… and Ice On M62

A police traffic Land Rover Discovery caught Fire and ice....and snow during a road block on the M62 eastbound carriageway between junctions 21 and 22. The Police traffic 4x4 vehicle was forming part of a road block to allow gritting trucks access to the area when the vehicle caught fire. No

Off-Road Motorbike Seized and Crushed in Amble Crackdown

Police have seized and destroyed an off-road motorbike as part of an operation with Northumberland County Council to crackdown on illegal off-road motorbike riding in Amble. A motorbike has been seized and destroyed by police during an initiative to prevent illegal and anti social off-road bike riding in Northumberland. According to the

Cornwall Charity Land Rover Tour 18th-27th August 2018

Cornwall Charity Land Rover Tour hosted by Land Rover Charity events and charity Mania 4×4 will take place from the 18th to the 27th of August 2018. Meet at 10am leave at 11am Everyone will be given a clue sheet for the route you choose Routes are A all road and B