Chris Mason Land Rover 200/300 TDi Boost Pin Review

We were kindly sent a Chris Mason Boost Pin for Land Rover 200/300 TDi to do a review for Steg’s Supplies. The Boost pin will fit vehicles with a Bosch VE injector pump, takes just minutes to install and with shocking results!

The idea of the Chris Mason Boost Pin is that it allows more travel from the internal workings of the Bosch VE injection pump and thus allowing more boost.

The standard Bosch guide pin is an eccentric Control Cone attached to a diaphragm which senses boost pressure. It is used to restrict fuel delivery until boost pressure is added to the engine to ensure there is sufficient air to burn the fuel. You can adjust the standard pin position which will certainly give power gains ( check our guide here) however the performance increase is nothing compared to installing a Boost pin.

Replacing the standard pin with a modified boost pin in a Bosch VE fuel injection pump allows a larger fuel delivery given sufficient boost pressure which will improve your vehicles performance.

Steg’s Supplies are currently selling these Boost pins for £45 each, yes there are cheaper pins out there but they are not hardened pins and will eventually get scored by the stroke limit pin inside the pump and you risk damaging your injector pump which will cost more to replace in the long run.


So we fitted a Chris Mason Boost pin to our Defender 90 with a standard setup injector pump and it has made a massive difference, it now feels a lot more lively! If I could recommend one mod to do to your 200/300 TDi then it would definitely be to fit one of these Boost pins, its incredible what a difference it makes, not only to the performance but to the fuel economy, it now seems to be better on fuel than it was before fitting the Boost Pin.

Boost Power without having to ring it!

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  1. I have seen a few pins fitted and on the test bench the readings can be messed up. The original boost pin is for giving different amount of fuel when there is no boost and boost if you put performance boost pin in it tells the pump you are at boost all the time . If you require more fuel at no boost take the cap out of top of the diaphragm cover there is a 13 mm nut with a torx adjustment screw just screw it down will do exactly same


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