Deep Water Greenlane | St Mawgan | Cornwall | 4X4

Defender deep water

There are a few greenlanes around Cornwall that have really deep water, chances are if you have been looking for byways in Kernow that have deep water then you will have come across this lane in St Mawgan.
Be sure to check the depth of water is suitable to your vehicle when attempting this lane and the depth varies dependent on weather. I have been through this lane in a 2″ lifted Defender (one in the video) and the water has come up past the wipers on entry, other times it only just covers the grill.

Check the legality of this lane against the local definitive map before driving!
Track UID: SW8566-02

Take a look at the video below of the deeper one of two fords on this lane being driven by a Defender 90 and a standard Series 3 petrol!

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