Diesel Engines Could Be Saved By New Simple Exhaust Technology

ACCT ammonia creation technology

The Diesel engine is under threat due to strict emissions restrictions and the push for cleaner air, however all that could change if researchers at a British University get their way.

Not so long ago our Government were advocating the use of diesel powered engines over petrol, claiming that the diesel engine was better for the environment mainly due to the fact that a diesel engine has better miles per gallon and produces less CO2 than its counterpart.

We have now seen a massive U-turn in the government toward diesel engines and they are calling for them to be phased out and replaced with electric powertrains.

Researchers at Loughborough University have reportedly developed a new simple exhaust technology that could virtually eliminate the problem of harmful nitrogen oxides from combustion engines, the result is a combustion-powered car that emits little more harmful particulates than an EV.

The team behind the project claim that the new technology is nullifying 98 per cent of toxic diesel NOx emissions prior to any tuning or tweaking for optimal results. The team tested the new exhaust system on a Skoda Diesel and reported a 98-percent reduction in NOx with no tuning to suit the Skoda engine. If properly dialed in, they could create a “virtually zero-emission” diesel engine.

The new technology known as ACCT, or Ammonia Creation and Conversion Technology, separates nitrogen and oxygen using ammonia. Adblue is an urea-based liquid, which is injected into the exhaust system, at best this will clean around 60-percent of the harmful NOx emissions in Euro 6 compliant diesel engines.

ACCT is an AdBlue™ conversion technology that uses waste energy to modify AdBlue™ to work effectively at lower exhaust temperatures.

By greatly extending the temperature range at which SCR systems can operate, it significantly enhances existing NOx reduction systems.

ACCT uses decomposed Adblue to create and store a new solution, this is then used to introduce ammonia to the SCR system at low exhaust temperatures. Using this process the only waste product is nitrogen, which makes up around 78 per cent of Earth’s atmosphere, and common water.

At present, NOx particles, which are produced mainly by diesel engines, are linked to over 70,000 premature deaths across the continent every year.

The above video shows how the system works, all the University boffins need now is for car manufacturers to jump on board.



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