Dixon Tub Sliders Land Rover Defender 90

Dixon Fabrication Land Rover Defender Tub Sliders Review | Off-road Accessories

We received a pair of Dixon Fabrication Tub sliders through the post today to fit our Land Rover Defender 90. First noticeable thing was how well packaged they were, neatly wrapped up in foam, then wrapped in a cardboard sleeve and finally wrapped in a plastic packaging to protect the jet black powder coat finish.

Ian Dixon Tub Sliders Defender 90

Ian Dixon Tub Sliders Defender 90

These tub sliders look to be very heavy duty, made using what appears to be a 42mm tubing very neatly welded to a 6mm backing plate.

The sliders have two support tubes welded at equal intervals along the slider to prevent them being damaged during greenlaning. Each slider has six pre-drilled holes that you use to bolt the sliders to the tub of your Land Rover, the slider set comes with the required nuts, bolts and washers needed to mount them.

Sliders And Fixings Supplied.

Sliders And Fixings Supplied.

The finish on these tub sliders is absolutely spot on, the welding can not be faulted and the powder coating is also perfectly done. Dixon Fabrication actually powder coat all their own work on the premises.

We opted for the shorter slider that protects the tub from front to back, however Ian Dixon does a wrap around version that also protects the rear of the tub.

At the time of writing you can get a set of these sliders for £75.00 and a set of the longer wrap around sliders for £110.00, great value considering the quality.

We will be fitting these sliders tomorrow and hopefully putting them to the test down a few tight Cornish lanes at the weekend!

For finish, quality and value for money we give these sliders a respectable 10/10

To purchase a set of tub sliders, rock sliders, winch bumpers or many other off road accessories, visit Dixon Fabrication.

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