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Woman 'disgusted' as 4X4 drivers leave others stuck in snow 1

Woman ‘disgusted’ as 4X4 drivers leave others stuck in snow

A woman that appealed for 4×4 owners to take drivers stuck in the snow a cup of warm tea, blankets and food, stated she was disappointed that some people in 4X4s ignored others stranded in the snow.

Karen Cuppleditch appealed on Boston Emergency Community Facebook page for locals in the Bennington area to assist those stranded in the snow on the A52 following the severe weather conditions brought on by the ‘Beast From The East’ and storm Emma.

Despite Karen’s best efforts she felt disappointed to find some people driving 4X4s left others stranded without giving a second thought.

She said:

“The 4X4 drivers who ignored people stranded in dykes and just thought of themselves to get home want to be disgusted with themselves. As although understandable, they were the ideal people to rescue others on their way and get people home safe. I don’t think they would have liked the idea if it was their family or friends stuck. But no, they thought of themselves which was their choice and understandable I suppose.

“But thank god for the locals who had vehicles that could go and help the police and the stranded. They’re the ones that are heroes and put their lives in danger but still brought community spirit back. Some of them were young men, so massive credit to them all and I bet there’s some proud parents, partners, family and friends out there right now and so they should be.

“I can’t praise all the people enough that went out in 4X4, Range Rovers and tractors trying to help people.”


Major Incident Declared 'Stay Off The Roads' Is The Message To Drivers 2

Major Incident Declared ‘Stay Off The Roads’ Is The Message To Drivers

Drivers are being urged to stay off the roads today due to hazardous conditions caused by storm Emma.

There has been widespread severe disruption caused by snow across the country and the emergency services have declared the situation a ‘major incident’.

What Is A Major Incident?

“An event or situation, with a range of serious consequences, which requires special arrangements to be implemented by one or more emergency responder agencies”.

The declaration of a Major Incident was announced late on Thursday, March 1, as police urged drivers to stay off the roads for “all but essential travel” on Friday, March 2.

Chief Superintendent Ian Wylie said:

“A multi-agency response is now under way. We have well-rehearsed plans to deal with severe weather events and will do everything we can to keep people safe.

“We’ve experienced extreme weather conditions over the past few hours and there are continuing red and amber Met Office weather warnings which will pose further challenges ahead.

“We expect the disruptive snowfall and icy conditions to continue overnight and we’re urging people to cancel their travel plans tomorrow morning and stay off the roads for all but essential travel.

“At the moment, we’re co-ordinating a rescue operation to help people stranded in their vehicles in multiple locations across Somerset, including around 100 vehicles stuck in snow on the A303 at Ilminster.

“This operation is being supported by a number of volunteers and voluntary agencies, including Avon and Somerset Search and Rescue, Exmoor Search and Rescue, Burnham Area Rescue Boat (which has 4×4 vehicles) and Wessex 4×4 Response, along with other emergency services and Her Majesty’s Coastguard.

“If you are stranded, please stay in your vehicle, call for assistance and wait for help to arrive. Don’t abandon your vehicle as it can hamper the efforts of emergency services.”

The message is clear, stay home and make the most of the snow day. Only drive if it is absolutely necessary.

Jake Humphrey Offers To Use 4X4 To Help The Vunerable 3

Jake Humphrey Offers To Use 4X4 To Help The Vunerable

TV presenter Jake Humphrey found himself inundated with messages after posting an very kind offer on social media to help “vulnerable” people using his 4×4.

The broadcaster said he is available to help people in need near Norwich, which received a mixed bag of admiration and ridicule.

One Twitter user replied to Jakes Tweet “This is the Internet. It isn’t real. Jake Humphrey is in Camden, wearing moccasins and drinking Chai Latte, while charging his electric car” This was funny, but Jake’s comeback was even better…

While the majority of responses were praising Jakes kind gesture, others were comparing Jake to fictional character DJ Alan Partridge.

Jake Humphrey Offers To Use 4X4 To Help The Vunerable 4

Jake is a man of his word and a true gentleman, he helped to dig out a stranded motorist on Norfolk’s snowy roads this morning! Fair play Jake that’s the true 4×4 community spirit… We at 4MuD salute you.



Skier Towed Around Fields By 4X4 Range Rover In Kent

Most people are making the most of the snow storm dubbed the ‘Beast From The East’ by building snowmen or having snowball fights…
That’s to tame for 21 year old Michael Thompson, he is enjoying the freezing conditions on his skis, being towed by a Luxury 4×4 in fields around Kent.
Footage has emerged showing Thompson riding on his skis being pulled by a Land Rover. Holding onto a rope attached to the rear of the vehicle, the daredevil stuns onlookers that had gathered to watch this rare spectacle.

It’s certainly not everyday you witness a man skiing across a field, on a farm near West Malling in Kent.

Michael who runs a company called Drone Co had someone sat in the boot of the 4×4 filming him as he skillfully skis behind the Range Rover.

Watch the video, leave a comment.

Hospital appeals for 4x4 drivers to help NHS staff get to work 5

Hospital appeals for 4×4 drivers to help NHS staff get to work

Urgent appeal to 4×4 drivers, to help get NHS staff to sick patients in the community.

A red weather warning has been issued for the Southwest and hospital appointments are being cancelled all over the region, however nurses still need to get to work. The hospital trust in Devon have made an urgent appeal looking for 4×4 drivers to help get their staff to work.

Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust have cancelled all outpatient appointments and day surgeries because of the heavy snow.

Despite the cancellations, hospital staff still need to be able to reach patients who urgently need treatment in their homes and communities.

An appeal to anyone owning a 4×4 that would be happy to volunteer their time to support urgent and emergency services staff.

We are using a fleet of 4x4s to help transport staff to and from work – including visiting people who urgently need treatment in their homes and communities.

We are also appealing to any 4X4 drivers who could volunteer to support this activity over today and tomorrow to contact us on 01803 656269.

This level of winter weather warning is unprecedented for Devon and it is important that we all take responsibility for staying safe, so please do heed advice and warnings.”


Land Rover Defender Flips On Its Roof In Snow And Ice 6

Land Rover Defender Flips On Its Roof In Snow And Ice

A Land Rover Defender driver escaped without major injuries today when the vehicle overturned onto its roof, the driver struggled to cope with the treacherous conditions caused by the ice and snow that has gripped the nation this morning.

Suffolk Police attended the crash which occurred near Hundon earlier this morning. No other vehicles were involved in the incident.

In a tweet, officers said: “Out to another single vehicle RTC near Hundon. Driver is okay but not even Land Rover can handle some of these conditions.”

The accident took place on the eastbound carriageway near the junction with the A1017, close to Spring Grove Farm. Traffic was affected between Withersfield and Haverhill.

A spokesman for Suffolk Police said: “First job of the day is to relieve nights from a crash on the A1307 near Withersfield.

Driving a 4×4 does not make you invincible in snow or icy conditions and proper care needs to be taken, you can read more about driving a 4×4 in snow and ice safely in our guide.

The UK is set for more snow overnight and into Friday, so take extra care when traveling and remember to only go out if it is absolutely necessary in extreme snow and ice.

Driving A 4×4 In Snow:

Keep in mind that 4WD/AWD will still spin off a road on Ice the same as a regular 2WD vehicle. Once moving (on any slippery stuff) newbie 4WD owners have a tendency to drive faster than they should and possibly not as carefully and slowly due to a false sense of security. All of the above driving tips should be observed at all times, just because you have a 4×4 does not mean you can drive faster than you would in a 2WD car.

All motor vehicles need traction for safe steering – 4WD/AWD does not provide extra traction for steering.
All cars need traction for safe braking – 4WD/AWD does not provide extra traction for braking.

When To Use 4WD: Read more tips on driving in snow and ice in your 4×4

Range Rover Driver Stranded On South Walney Nature Reserve 7

Range Rover Driver Stranded On South Walney Nature Reserve

Cumbria Wildlife Trust are highlighting what damage off piste drivers can actually do, this comes after a Range Rover driver got stuck in the sands off the Trust’s South Walney Nature Reserve on Sunday 25th February after venturing onto the protected beach illegally.

The Range Rover was driven across the nature reserve, ignoring ‘No Entry’ signs, on to the protected beach and into the sand which is populated with seals. The vehicles occupants even went as far as to remove a log barrier to gain access to the area which is protected under several conservation designations:

  • A Site of Special Scientific Interest
  • Special Area of Conservation
  • Special Protection Area

Sarah Dalrymple the South Walney Warden had this to say:

“It is illegal, dangerous and damaging to take cars onto the sands. There is damage to the vegetated shingle from the vehicle itself, then there will be further damage from the vehicles that are going down to remove it, and if it cannot be removed there is serious risk of pollution from the petrol tank and oil as it rusts away. If the vehicle cannot be recovered it will potentially remain as eyesore for years”. She added, “I am appalled that some people think this is acceptable behaviour. The police are now dealing with the matter.”

The driver has caused damage to the vegetated shingle beaches in Lighthouse Bay which are an unusual wildlife habitat and where an individual community of striking plants has developed over hundreds of years. Plants, yellow horned-poppy, sea campion and biting stonecrop all grow here. In spring birds such as oystercatchers and ringed plover will nest on the shingle beaches and could be affected by the oil and petrol leaking from the vehicle if it cannot be recovered.

There is no access to the beaches at South Walney Nature Reserve for vehicles or visitors all year around, in order to prevent disturbance to the seals and the breeding and wintering birds. Beautiful public beaches can be visited at the north of Walney Island at Biggar Bank and West Shore.

All images are property of Sarah Dalrymple

Never Grab The Rollcage During A Turnover! 8

Never Grab The Rollcage During A Turnover!

We have all done it, whilst off-roading the truck starts to tip and the first thing we do is grab hold of that rollcage for support. A video has emerged online showing a truck rolling whilst doing a rock climb. The white Jeep rolls backwards and onto its roof and you can clearly see the driver is holding onto the rollcage which is then crushed against the rocks.

The picture below shows the damage caused to the drivers hand after it was crushed between the cage and the rocks. Beware its not a pretty sight!

Never Grab The Rollcage During A Turnover! 9

Cornwall Land Rover Tour Charity Event 2018 Tickets Available Now! 10

Cornwall Land Rover Tour Charity Event 2018 Tickets Available Now!

Cornwall Land Rover Tour Charity Event 2018 Tickets Available Now Along With Dates And Details.

Neil Bradford and Claire Bryant are well known for their charity work within the Land Rover community and welcome members new and old to come join the Land Rover Cornwall Tour.
The event will take place in several locations throughout Cornwall over the course of Ten days with the aim of raising money for three Cornish charities – LARF, Cornwall search and rescue and Children’s Hospice SW Little Harbour.

Cornwall Land Rover Tour Dates:

The Cornwall tour runs from the 18th through to the 27th of August 2018 and starts in Launceston and finishes at Pentille Castle with other stops in between, the actual locations are as follows:

Cornwall Land Rover Tour Sites:

First stop: The Countryman Launceston for 2 nights.
Second Stop: Penzance near TR19 6EJ for 3 nights.
Third Stop: Pendoggett PL303HQ for 2 nights
Final Stop: Pentille Castle PL12 6QD for 2 nights.

Claire and Neil are currently organising optional days out in each of the four areas which you will be welcome to join in with; alternatively you are more than welcome to follow your own ideas and go on your own adventure – you are under no obligation to join in with the arranged outings but they are guaranteed to be fun. Details on the extra activities will follow soon and will be posted on the Charity events facebook page.

Ticket Information

Tickets £60 for the whole trip or £20 per day. Contact Claire Bryant for BACS payment details (Charity bank account) we will be posting a lot more about this on the group page.

Other Charity Events:

Things we will be doing from now until November 2018 on this group tag and plays treasure hunts mystery tours and invitation for shows and fetes and the big one Cornwall Land Rover tour 2018

Sunday February the 25th Land Rover 4×4 vehicles quest and green lane day invites have been sent out great day out for everyone

Pentillie Land Rover defender day on the 8th April we will be there showing our Land Rovers like we did last year

Land Rover Devon border reunion on the 4th to 7th of May at Haynes park parkham NR clovelly all will receive an invitation turn up on the Friday or Saturday after 12 on the Friday anytime on the Saturday will post more information soon

Tag and play on on Saturday 26 May and Sunday 27 May two day event pay and play Saturday tag and play Sunday it’s the bank holiday weekend we will have free camping it’s where we had our last stop on the Devon tour at northhill 4×4 everyone will receive an invitation to this one

Sunday June the 17th treasure hunt and green lane day

We have been asked by Sara Cartwright from the Ashcombe fete committee to come along again this year to show our Land Rovers on the 29th July all welcome

Shows and fetes in July and August dates to be confirmed

Cornwall Land Rover tour from 18th to 27th August tickets are on sale more information to follow on group page

Discovery birthday weekend 20th 21st October 2018 all LRs welcome to join in more information to follow

Tag and play Cornwall end of October

25th November 2018 Land Rover all 4×4 mastery tour and green lane day roast dinner fancy dress everyone will have a route plan for this one this time like we normally have invites will be sent out more information to come

Other things will be added as and when invited Cornwall tour tickets are now on sale please contact Claire Bryant we would like to update you all on the sites we will be using so you know what areas we will be staying in.

How To Install A Dynamic Advanced Timing Spacer For More Boost On 200 TDi / 300 TDi 11

How To Install A Dynamic Advanced Timing Spacer For More Boost On 200 TDi / 300 TDi

I have just received my Dynamic Advanced Timing Spacer which is designed to give any engine using a Bosch VE injector pump extra boost. I am fitting my spacer kit to a 200 TDi Land Rover engine and figured I would do a walk through guide.

I got the kit from Steg’s Supplies, it consists of the following:

x2 Genuine Bosch O rings
x1 Timing spacer
x1 pre-load washer
x2 longer bolts

I also got a Boost pin in the kit which is a fully hardened Boost pin and not a cheap imitation from fleabay!

How To Install A Dynamic Advanced Timing Spacer For More Boost On Bosch Injector Pump

Bosch VE timing cover plate

Step 1: Remove the plate shown in the image above from the side of the Bosch injector pump by undoing the x2 torx bolts.
Step 2: Remove the spring
Step 3: Remove the old O ring
Step 4: Place a new O ring where the old one was.
Step 5: Place the other O ring into the spacer from the kit.
Step 6: Replace the spring
Step 7: Place the spacer with the o ring facing against the plate
Step 8: Insert shim washer into plate and bolt up with the new longer bolts.

Purchase Dynamic Timing Advance Spacer For More Boost

How to Install A Boost Pin:

Installing a boost pin is easier than a dynamic advance timing spacer, only because there is more space.

Step 1: Remove the four screws from the top of the diaphragm housing, leaving the boost pipe intact.
Step 2: Remove the diaphragm and pin
Step 3: Use x2 10mm spanners to undo the original pin from the diaphragm.
Step 4: Replace old pin with your new boost pin. Note the small dot on the diaphragm, the notched out part of the pin needs to line up with that dot.
Step 5: Remove the spring and take out the nylon washer
Step 6: Replace spring
Step 7: Grease the new pin in the notched out section
Step 8: Replace the pin with the small dot facing the front of the engine.
Step 9: replace housing top.
Step 9: Enjoy!

Purchase Boost PIN… NOT boost RING here