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Police Target Nuisance Off-road Bikers With DNA Spray 1

Police Target Nuisance Off-road Bikers With DNA Spray

Police to use DNA spray to catch more anti-social off-road biker in latest crackdown against quad and scrambler bikes

The West Yorkshire Police force now has a new weapon in their arsenal to catch anti-social off-road bikers in Kirklees.

A new DNA spray allows officers to fire at the anti social bikers as they speed past.

The unique chemical make-up of each spray means that the the vehicle, and its rider can be identified at a later date, should they fail to stop.

The new DNA spray has already been tested in Wakefield and proved to be a great success, leading to the conviction of a dangerous quad-bike rider last year.

Officers on off-road bikes are now warning uninsured and underage riders they now have the tools to indisputably link them to the vehicles they offend on.

Kirklees Police force now has Officers on off-road bikes armed with DNA spray for the next six months, during this time they are sending out a message all nuisance riders. Insp Chris Hughes of the Dewsbury Neighbourhood Policing Team said:

“We are very conscious of the impact of anti-social off road riding on our communities in Dewsbury and neighbouring areas of Kirklees.

“We often have seen offences being committed almost daily in communities, risking the safety of members of the public and the riders themselves on our roads; some of whom have been injured through their own behavior.

“As a result we have acquired and been trialing a new DNA spray to ‘tag’ offenders in the act.


“It is a harmless, odourless and invisible solution, naked to the eye and is proving invaluable in helping us solve the problem of identifying offenders.

“I would like to encourage anyone who has information regarding the use of off-road bikes or anti-social behaviour to contact the police.

“In particular, any details or descriptions of the riders themselves, the bikes and the locations where they are seen or kept, to assist with our enquiries to tackle this issue.

“There are safe and lawful ways for people to enjoy their hobby; we hope that this operation will reassure our communities that we are taking a proactive approach to this issue and we will not tolerate their use on the roads in Kirklees.”

If you have been affected by nuisance off road bikers, than please contact your local Police on 101



ACCT ammonia creation technology

Diesel Engines Could Be Saved By New Simple Exhaust Technology

The Diesel engine is under threat due to strict emissions restrictions and the push for cleaner air, however all that could change if researchers at a British University get their way.

Not so long ago our Government were advocating the use of diesel powered engines over petrol, claiming that the diesel engine was better for the environment mainly due to the fact that a diesel engine has better miles per gallon and produces less CO2 than its counterpart.

We have now seen a massive U-turn in the government toward diesel engines and they are calling for them to be phased out and replaced with electric powertrains.

Researchers at Loughborough University have reportedly developed a new simple exhaust technology that could virtually eliminate the problem of harmful nitrogen oxides from combustion engines, the result is a combustion-powered car that emits little more harmful particulates than an EV.

The team behind the project claim that the new technology is nullifying 98 per cent of toxic diesel NOx emissions prior to any tuning or tweaking for optimal results. The team tested the new exhaust system on a Skoda Diesel and reported a 98-percent reduction in NOx with no tuning to suit the Skoda engine. If properly dialed in, they could create a “virtually zero-emission” diesel engine.

The new technology known as ACCT, or Ammonia Creation and Conversion Technology, separates nitrogen and oxygen using ammonia. Adblue is an urea-based liquid, which is injected into the exhaust system, at best this will clean around 60-percent of the harmful NOx emissions in Euro 6 compliant diesel engines.

ACCT is an AdBlue™ conversion technology that uses waste energy to modify AdBlue™ to work effectively at lower exhaust temperatures.

By greatly extending the temperature range at which SCR systems can operate, it significantly enhances existing NOx reduction systems.

ACCT uses decomposed Adblue to create and store a new solution, this is then used to introduce ammonia to the SCR system at low exhaust temperatures. Using this process the only waste product is nitrogen, which makes up around 78 per cent of Earth’s atmosphere, and common water.

At present, NOx particles, which are produced mainly by diesel engines, are linked to over 70,000 premature deaths across the continent every year.

The above video shows how the system works, all the University boffins need now is for car manufacturers to jump on board.



4x4 Community Pull Together During Worst Weather In 50 years 2

4×4 Community Pull Together During Worst Weather In 50 years

Unsung hero’s from Devon and Cornwall have spent almost 48 hours straight driving NHS staff and patients all over Cornwall and Devon free of charge during the red weather warning.

Neil Bradford and Claire Bryant are well known for their charity work among the Land Rover community, they run Facebook groups ‘Charity Mania 4×4‘ and Land Rover Charity Events along with Polly Bryant using Land Rover based events to raise money for charity, so it was only natural that they would respond to the NHS appeal for 4×4 owners to help staff get to and from work.

As ever we are extremely grateful to all our staff for their ongoing incredible work during the severe weather and we sincerely thank anyone who is able to donate some extra time and skill to keep our patients safe and well this weekend.

Finally I’d like to add that we are hugely grateful to all those 4×4 drivers who have helped us so far. If any other 4×4 drivers can help this weekend please contact the Exeter Transport Hub on 01392 403913 as soon as possible.

Claire BryantGroupIf anyone is able to help please do. I know it’s started thawing but still need 4×4 to access most areas”

Thursday 1st March:

As soon as the bad weather started pushing in, the Land Rover Charity team got to work helping out where needed. Thursday as the snow began to settle Neil Bradford started helping those in need.

Using his Land Rover 110 to aid South West Water Workers in Kingsteignton, Neil collected their manager before going to the Totnes to collect safety equipment and supplies for workers who were stranded at work on Dartmoor nr Holne.
After dropping off safety equipment in Holne he then drove the manager back to Kingsteignton and workers home to Dawlish.

The day was by no means over, after leaving Dawlish Neil rescued two elderly women along who had become stranded whilst looking after their granddaughter. The elderly women had got stuck in a dangerous position, after the stranded vehicle was pushed to the side of road he then dropped the ladies home in Langston Cliff.

Not only was there chaos on the roads, but trains had also stopped running leaving people stranded and in need of a lift home in the snow. Some people had began to walk the 3.5 miles from Dawlish to Teignmouth in the treacherous conditions. Neil began ferrying stranded rail passengers up until 10.30pm.

4x4 Community Pull Together During Worst Weather In 50 years 3

Friday 2nd March:

4x4 Community Pull Together During Worst Weather In 50 years 4

Land Rover owner, Malcolm Pelmear was busy ferrying nurses during storm Emma and asked Neil to help out the next day. The pair were up at 6 am Friday morning and spent the day taking nurses to and from Newton Abbot hospital and picking up other walkers along the way.

One of the walkers that was picked up was a young dad who had to get essential food to his kids.

Saturday 3rd March:

Today the volunteers were up at 5.30 am to do it all again. The 4×4 community has really pulled together during some of the worst weather conditions in almost 50 years. Neil Bradford, Claire Bryant, Malcolm Pelmear, Ben Walker, Dave Horswell, Mathew Taylor, Rowan Lawson Sutton…. These are just a few of the local heroes that risked going out in the blizzards and treacherous driving conditions to help out others in need.

Blizzards driven by strong winds, causing drifting snow and bitter cold have caused death and disruption as the weather system nicknamed the “Beast from the East” clashes with Storm Emma to create some of the worst weather in almost 50 years.

The Met Office issued a red warning on Thursday across Devon and Cornwall and declared a ‘Major Incident’ as temperatures plummeted and snow fell up to 50cm in some areas.

Schools closed, hospital appointments were cancelled people were left stranded. Drivers, that ignored warnings not to go out, or had no choice but to travel in the snow and ice, were left stranded on roads right across the UK in freezing temperatures.

Emergency services struggled to clear heavy snow and abandoned vehicles that had broken down or crashed. Many rail and air travelers also endured found themselves stranded.

There were 4×4’s out in force, not only in Devon and Cornwall, but all over the country helping people out, recovering vehicles, delivering supplies, offering lifts, helping the emergency services. It is fantastic to see how the 4×4 community pull together in a time of crisis and put themselves and their vehicles at risk for the good of others. Of course we would love to name you all, but obviously that’s impossible. Everyone that has helped has been truly amazing and need a huge thank you.

If you have a video or a story to share then please share it in the comments.


Traffic Police Land Rover Discovery Catches Fire... and Ice On M62 5

Traffic Police Land Rover Discovery Catches Fire… and Ice On M62

A police traffic Land Rover Discovery caught Fire and ice….and snow during a road block on the M62 eastbound carriageway between junctions 21 and 22.

The Police traffic 4×4 vehicle was forming part of a road block to allow gritting trucks access to the area when the vehicle caught fire. No officers were hurt or caught in the fire and it still remains unclear how the blaze started, unlike the jokes about grilled bacon!

A spokesperson said: “A traffic officer vehicle caught fire on the eastbound carriageway between junctions 21 and 22, nearer to 22.

It was part of a road block to allow a crew to grit the area.

Traffic Police Land Rover Discovery Catches Fire... and Ice On M62 6

North West Motorway Police stated that the highest point of the motorway between Manchester and Huddersfield is currently being tackled by ploughs.

In an official statement, they said: “Our patrols in 4x4s are working with Highways England patrols and contractors with snow ploughs on the M62 J21 to J22 eastbound, which is currently stopped due to the weather conditions.

There is currently eight miles of tailbacks so we would advise drivers to avoid this area and not travel unless absolutely essential.

£40k Land Rover Discovery Flips In Snow In Slaithwaite 7

£40k Land Rover Discovery Flips In Snow In Slaithwaite

A Land Rover Discovery rolled onto its roof after the driver lost control on a snow covered back road in Huddersfield.

Not the first one of the week and probably wont be the last, drivers of 4×4’s be warned, you are not immune to the perils of driving in snow and ice.

A new shaped Discovery worth around £40,000 was left abandoned on a narrow road after the female driver hit a wall and rolled the vehicle onto its roof and slid down the road.

£40k Land Rover Discovery Flips In Snow In Slaithwaite 8

The incident happened on Holme Lane above Slaithwaite at around 9.30am this morning, the female driver was badly shaken up but not seriously injured. She was helped to another vehicle and taken to the doctor’s for examination.

The vehicle was seen sliding down the road on its roof before eventually coming to a stop.

Earlier this week another 4×4 driver flipped their Land Rover Defender onto its roof. Suffolk Police attended the crash which occurred near Hundon early yesterday morning. No other vehicles were involved in the incident.

For tips on driving a 4×4 safely in the snow check out our article.

Land Rover Explore Smartphone Launches April 26th 9

Land Rover Explore Smartphone Launches April 26th

Land Rover Explore will be available from April the 26th, the rugged smartphone aimed at those with a love for the great outdoors.

We all use our smartphones on a daily basis, they have apps for everything these days. Whenever I go out greenlaning I use my Sony Xperia Premium to record the byways and take pictures, the only problem is that its not exactly built for the great outdoors.  Land Rover have built a smartphone that is designed specifically for those with a love for outdoor pursuits.

The device, known as the ‘Land Rover Explore,’  is water-proof up to 1.8 meters, and salt water will not even damage it. The phone has been styled after Land Rovers own Discovery, despite its durability it still looks like a sleek device. It also features a custom skin for quick access to utilitarian information and custom apps for outdoor activities. It can be used even when you’re wearing thick gloves and includes some essential emergency features including a compass and an SOS light.

Unlike a Samsung Galaxy or an iPhone it can also handle being dropped, extreme temperatures, thermal shock, and intense vibrations. The handset features dual-SIM support and comes with a massive 4,000 mAh battery that Land Rover claims will give you two days of usage with the screen constantly on, or one day of activities which involve constant GPS tracking, perfect for a phone designed for the great outdoors.

Exploring is a unique experience – only you can define your own adventure. The award-winning Land Rover Explore: Outdoor Phone has been made to help you explore further, for longer and with added confidence. Find new routes, tracks, trails and paths – step out and embrace the outdoors. The Explore will help you live your adventures to the fullest. It’s waterproof, drop tested and built to withstand temperatures from the mountain to the surf, with a battery that won’t cut your day short. Take control and stay connected with a phone that’s as tough and durable as you are. Its sleek design makes it a piece of outdoor gear that fits the rest of your life too.

Additional battery packs are available, including the Adventure Pack 3,600 mAh and the additional battery 4,370 mAh.

The device is “designed for people who live for adventure and need a phone that can survive whatever it’s put through

Other specs include the deca-core MTK Helio X27 chipset, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, 16-megapixel main camera, 8-megapixel front camera, and Android Nougat with a planned Oreo update sometime in the future. The Adventure Pack also includes a 25 x 25 ceramic patch GPS antenna, protective case, and stainless steel carabiner with canvas strap.

Technical Specs:

  • 4000mAh plus additional add-on Battery Packs
  • IP68 Splash, Water and Dust resistance
  • Drop-proof to 1.8 metres with factory fitted screen protector
  • Premium grade, detailed off-road topographical mapping options from ViewRanger
  • Android™ ‘Nougat’, with scheduled upgrade to ‘Oreo’
  • 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM, expandable via microSD™
  • Deca-core 2.6GHz 64 bit MTK Helio X27 chipset with Dual SIM functionality
  • 16 MP Rear camera, 8MP front camera, 4 x digital zoom
  • Bright 5 inch FHD display, Corning ® Gorilla® Glass 5 protected, optimised for outdoor use
  • LTE Cat 6

The Land Rover Explore is set for release April 26th and will cost £599. The Adventure Pack is apparently included for that price.


Off-Road Motorbike Seized and Crushed in Amble Crackdown 10

Off-Road Motorbike Seized and Crushed in Amble Crackdown

Police have seized and destroyed an off-road motorbike as part of an operation with Northumberland County Council to crackdown on illegal off-road motorbike riding in Amble.

A motorbike has been seized and destroyed by police during an initiative to prevent illegal and anti social off-road bike riding in Northumberland.

According to the Northumbria Police force, illegal bike riding has become a “recent trend” in Amble and needs to be stopped.

In response, one bike has been seized and destroyed by the police force, a further two riders were warned that their bikes could be seized and destroyed if they continue to offend.

Neighbourhood inspector Elizabeth Hall said: “Failure to comply with this warning may result in a sizeable fine, penalty points or disqualification, and the seizure and destruction of the vehicle.

“Local police are now aware of the issue and have taken steps to address this, and officers are carrying out regular patrols in the area in order to target offenders and prevent risk of harm and annoyance to the local community.”

“This work will continue and we would encourage residents to report incidents and provide information of persons involved in confidence.”

Officers have been working with Northumberland County Council and local constabulary to tackle the off-road riding.

Anyone wishing to report an incident or with any information can contact police by calling 101 or reporting online at www.northumbria.police.uk/contact


Muddy Engineering Celebrate One Year Anniversary 11

Muddy Engineering Celebrate One Year Anniversary

Muddy Engineering was founded last January as a contract Machining service, with a niche in the design and manufacture of customers bespoke off road vehicle equipment. Set up and co-owned by Claire Ellis and Barry Holmes, Muddy Engineering quickly took off and the brand soon established itself among the Off-Road community.

Muddy Engineering Celebrate One Year Anniversary 12

The company offer the milling, turning, fitting and fabrication of bespoke off road parts along with custom vehicle builds, upgrades and anodising.

Using Fusion 360 to design and program along with a vast array of experience gained from completing a time served tool room apprenticeship Muddy Engineering have completed projects for several prestigious aerospace company’s and can lay claim to the fact that several components manufactured by the company are currently orbiting the earth on satellites!

Muddy Engineering Celebrate One Year Anniversary 13

With that kind of experience you can rest assured that anything created by Muddy Engineering is not only made from the best materials available, but it is also created to the highest standards. If you have an idea for a creation, the duo will work with you to help make your ideas become reality. Why settle for run of the mill when you can have your own ideas brought to life.

Muddy Engineering Celebrate One Year Anniversary 14

Muddy offer a milling, fabrication & machining service:

We don’t just make 4×4 parts. We are also a contract engineering company, with many years experience manufacturing items ranging from heavy machinery parts to intricate components for the aerospace industry. This quick job – Slots, countersinks and tapped holes.


All our anodising is done here at Muddy Engineering ltd. As not everyone likes to be the same as everyone else we offer a choice of colours for all our billet alloy products; Blue, Purple, Orange, Red, natural or keep it simple with a polished finish!

We can also offer our anodising service to you. if you have a small batch or a one off item then contact us.

Muddy Engineering is based in Helston, Cornwall, but ship worldwide. If you want bespoke parts for your Off Road vehicle, anything from pully wheels in a specific colour, to steering bars, or breathers, whatever it is get hold of Barry or claire and get yourself a quality part for your vehicle.

Happy Anniversary Muddy Engineering from 4MuD!

You can help Muddy Engineering celebrate their first year anniversary by attending an open day coupled with a relaxed social meet for all those into off road driving or riding. Refreshments will be available in the form of tea and coffee with all proceeds going to charity. There will also be a raffle with some amazing prizes along with generous discounts for any orders or sales taken on the day.

Website: http://www.muddyengineering.com/

Phone: 01326 617400

Address: Unit 5c Water-Ma-Trout, Helston TR13 0LW

Facebook: Click here for Facebook link

Cornwall Charity Land Rover Tour 18th-27th August 2018 15

Cornwall Charity Land Rover Tour 18th-27th August 2018

Cornwall Charity Land Rover Tour hosted by Land Rover Charity events and charity Mania 4×4 will take place from the 18th to the 27th of August 2018.

Meet at 10am leave at 11am
Everyone will be given a clue sheet for the route you choose Routes are A all road and B all road and some green lanes C easy green lanes with some roads D medium green lanes with some roads E harder green lanes with some roads, you will need to follow the directions to get the clues; collect words, numbers, symbols; all the while you can enjoy the scenery and explore the local community.

Start Haytor Top Car Park TQ13 9XT. Meet from 10am leave 11am End The Royal carvery Hotel you can purchase food here.

£5 per truck to take part – any Land Rover or 4×4 vehicles can take part as long as road legal. Our charities this year are Children’s Hospice South West; LARF CORNWALL and CORNWALL SEARCH & RESCUE

Itinerary – Cornwall 2018
A route plan will be available on arrival – sites are ‘wild camping’ – toilets and water will be available. A utility tent where you can freshen up will be provided – bring your own travel shower if required.

All arranged outings and meals are optional

Day 1 Saturday 18th August Meet and greet
Arrive at The Countryman Inn, Launceston PL15 8NL (nr North Petherwin) from 10am.
Live Band Saturday Night.

Day 2 Sunday 19th August
Function Room booked for Sunday lunchtime from midday – 2pm if you wish to join in for Carvery or Special Board available – (charge applies)

One of the local landowners will lead us out for a leisurely drive around the area to include a few green lanes – setting off approximately 4pm.

Day 3 Monday 20th August
Depart The Countryman Inn by 11am

Travel to site 2 nr Penzance TR19 6EJ. We will take in some of the coast road to explore the North Cornwall coastline. Alternatively you can drive directly to the site.

Day 4 Tuesday 21st August &
Day 5 Wednesday 22nd August

Days free to explore the area. Ideas for days out will be included in your pack.

Day 6 Thursday 23rd August
Depart by 11 am. Travelling to site 3 Pendoggett PL30 3HQ.

Day 7 Friday 24th August
Day free to explore the area.
Ideas for days out will be included in your pack.

Day 8 Saturday 25th August
Depart by 11 am. Travel to Pentille Castle PL12 6QD via Bodmin Moor.

Day 9 Sunday 26th August.
Day free to explore the area
Ideas for days out will be included in your pack.

Day 10 Monday 27th August.
Time to say farewell to your new friends or spend some time exploring either as groups or individually before heading off.

Tickets are now on sale at £60 for one Land Rover for all the tour or £20 per a day not per person please don’t forget before you purchase your ticket this is for wild camping every Land Rover will receive a plaque

For booking tickets or questions about the event please contact Neil or Claire here.

Gwyn Lewis Hooked Challenge Rear Spring Re-locators Review 16

Gwyn Lewis Hooked Challenge Rear Spring Re-locators Review

Gwyn Lewis Hooked Challenge Rear Spring Re-locators Review, worth it or not?

We had a set of normal dislocation cones fitted to our Defender 90 with a 2″ lift kit and found that a lot of times the springs would not relocate properly whilst traversing the Cornish byways. We would have to jack the vehicle and physically knock the springs back into position again.
You could could get over the issue of the springs not relocating properly by reversing the relocation setup, by setting the cones on the axle instead, but we figured we would give Gwyn Lewis hooked challenge spring re-locators a try.

What Are Gwyn Lewis Hooked Challenge Rear Spring Re-locators?

The rear spring re-locators were designed by Gwyn Lewis for a challenge truck setup with long travel shocks fitted. With that in mind, you can imagine they are heavy duty made from 6mm mild steel and are also galvanized for protection against the mud and water.

The spring re-locators have been designed to catch the last coil of the spring to stop it from coming past the re-locator, this obviously stops the issue of the spring popping out and not relocating properly. The design itself means that relocation is not only guaranteed but it is smooth and with virtually no noise, you do not get that awful banging noise that you get with conventional cones when the springs re-locate.

Another feature of the Gwyn Lewis hooked spring re-locators is that you can place a round bar or a wheel brace through the spring and re-locator to minimise axle movement when using a hi lift jack, this makes jacking up so much easier and safer when using a Hi-lift.

Installation Difficulty Rating:

Fitting the hooks is relatively straight forward and shouldn’t take much longer than an hour with the correct tools.

Here is a guide taken from the Gwyn Lewis website:

Gwyn Lewis Hooked Challenge Rear Spring Re-locators Review 17  A pair of rear spring re-locators, top plates, 4 M10X45 and 4 nylock nuts.

Gwyn Lewis Hooked Challenge Rear Spring Re-locators Review 18 Slide the re-locator top plate into place with the bolts facing down.

Gwyn Lewis Hooked Challenge Rear Spring Re-locators Review 19If fitting to a Discovery or a RRC place the retaining plate from underneath.

Gwyn Lewis Hooked Challenge Rear Spring Re-locators Review 20 Lift the re-locator into place with the hook of there-locator facing inwards.Tighten the bolts until the retaining plate is in contact with the re-locator and ensure that there-locator is square in the spring seat.

Gwyn Lewis Hooked Challenge Rear Spring Re-locators Review 21 When mounting the spring ensure that the re-locator hook catches the last full coil of the spring.


Since we have fitted the hooked re-locators to our Defender 90 we have not had any issues with the springs re-seating. The re-location is smooth and quiet, the flex isn’t restricted at all. We advise that you buy the bottom retainer plates to prevent the springs being pulled off the axle, these are also made and supplied by Gwyn Lewis.
In our opinion these are well worth investing in 100% better than conventional cones.

Manufacturer: Gwyn Lewis 4×4

Fits: Defender 90, Discovery 1, RRc (will not fit 110/130 models)

Weight:- 4KG

Website: https://gwynlewis4x4.co.uk

Purchase Hooked re-locators here.