The Grand Tour Puts MGB Sports Car Body On V8 1997 Discovery

Jeremy Clarkson gets his hands on an R reg Discovery 3.9 V8 in the latest episode of Grand Tour ( season 1, Episode 9)  and builds his very own sports utility vehicle, in true Clarkson style though, this is no ordinary SUV!
With a (40 minute) quick tear-down the body is off the rolling chassis and Clarkson can be seen driving the bare chassis down the road to meet it’s donor body, a bright yellow  MGB sports car with a number plate of MG 8713!

Body fitted its now time to put Clarksons SUV to the test in a drag race against a modern equivalent vehicle … a 1.5 diesel DACIA Duster! Needless to say Clarkson won that race, not being able to stop at the end due to lack of brakes, just a Land Rover thing.

Shortly after Jeremy’s triumph he ventures off road and takes his hybrid SUV greenlaning where it not only brakes down in true Land Rover fashion, but the body also falls off, this spurs another more bizarre creation named ‘The Excellent’.

The Grand Tour Season 1 Episode 9 Trailer a must see:

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