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Grandmother crushed to death while defrosting her Land Rover Defender

Grandmother, Susan Gould aged 55, tragically died whilst attempting to defrost her Land Rover Defender. Mrs Gould opened the driver’s door of the Land Rover and turned the ignition, she did not realise that the vehicle was in gear, it was revealed at an inquest on Monday, April 10.

During a Police investigation it was discovered that the heater was in the on position and air that the vents where set pointing towards the windows. When the Land Rover Defender was mistakenly started in gear it caused the vehicle to travel around 11 metres across the Boat Inn car park where it was parked overnight in Hayton, near Retford, on November 29, last year.

Despite the efforts of ambulance staff and a fire crew, Mrs Gould was trapped under the rear wheel of the vehicle and could not be saved. Injuries to the chest caused Mrs Gould to become unconscious almost immediately according to the Pathologist reports.

CCTV in the pub car park showed Mrs Gould walking over to her Defender, opening the drivers door and leaning in, a short while later the vehicle can be seen moving forward and trapping the Grandmother under the rear wheel.

PC Abbott, attended the scene and at court revealed that on the morning of the incident everything was covered with frost.  The tarmac in the pub car park was frosty and likewise so was the entire vehicle.

The Defender had been in third gear due to the fact it had a faulty handbrake, this coupled with the fact that the engine will work harder on a cold morning means the vehicle was able to propel itself forwards.

It was revealed that Mrs Gould was making the school run for her pregnant daughter, who gave birth the day after the tragedy.

The coroner, Mairin Casey stated that Mrs Gould who lived in Sutton-cum-Lound, near Retford died as a result of a tragic accident.

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