Series 3 Land Rover Tips Over On Cornish Byway – No Mans Land Looe

Almost exactly two years ago we headed East for a days greenlaning with some friends from Tavistock area, one of the first lanes we did proved to be a bit slippery and John Barrasins Series 3 slipped down into a deep rut and tipped onto its side.
We had done this lane before a few times with no issues, but this time we would need winches and some teamwork to get moving again.
It took about 20 minutes to get the series back on all four wheels and it was only a matter of seconds before it had become cross axled and we were all at a stand still again. We managed to get the series 3 (Lamb) on the move again with the use of some waffle boards however this wasn’t the last thing to go wrong on this lane this day!

At the end of this deeply rutted byway is a large step where the edge of the main road has washed out. Chris Higman managed to break his transfer box and bust a front shock whilst trying to exit the green road which ended his day laning.

One of my favorite greenlanes and I cant wait to get out on it again, it is washed out, but the substrate underneath is hard resulting in some permanent deep ruts, it also gets very tight and scratchy during the summer when the Gorse bushes grow out. Steve Penfold has been up and down it in a standard Jeep Cherokee with no problems.

Treworga | UCR | greenlane | Byway | Cornwall

Unclassified country road in Treworga, Cornwall, deep water at one end, wouldn’t advise attempting on your own!

Freewater Byway Off A3078 Between Probus and Tregony Cornwall

Freewater Byway just off the A3078 between Probus and Tregony is a good greenlane with some deep ruts.
The lane has a stream crossing at one end, and some low hanging branches, will be a tight scratchy lane in the summer months.

Green Lane Nr Trewithian Cornwall – St Just In Roseland

Nice green lane near St Just in Roseland, trewithian, Cornwall driven by Nick Osborne in his Defender 90 16/02/2018. This lane has a little bit of everything, few rutted areas, some steps, a stream, nice solid lane and a good drive.

Laddock Byway Cornwall BOAT

Myself and Nick Osborne doing a BOAT (byway open to all traffic) at Laddock. Nice scratchy little lane in the summer months, usually find that there are trees down during the winter months that need chopping up and removing!
This lane could be done on road tires, good solid track for most of the lane.

Green Lane In Camborne Cornwall In Defender 90

Nice steep green lane in Camborne area of Cornwall, loose surface, rocky in places, nice and scratchy! Anyone have the co-ordinates for this one please?

Toyota Surf Cornwall Byway

Standard Toyota Surf On St Columb Byway Cornwall

We have a standard Jeep Cherokee in the group and now it looks like the latest truck to join 4MuD is a very standard Toyota Surf. We just had to take its cherry, so we went for a little wade on a Byway in St Mawgan, followed up by a stream crossing, a drop in and a nice lane in St Columb, Cornwall.
Needless to say the trucks owner (Richard) has got the bug and can’t wait to come out again and put his truck to the test.

Defender deep water

Deep Water Greenlane | St Mawgan | Cornwall | 4X4

There are a few greenlanes around Cornwall that have really deep water, chances are if you have been looking for byways in Kernow that have deep water then you will have come across this lane in St Mawgan.
Be sure to check the depth of water is suitable to your vehicle when attempting this lane and the depth varies dependent on weather. I have been through this lane in a 2″ lifted Defender (one in the video) and the water has come up past the wipers on entry, other times it only just covers the grill.

Deep Water Greenlane | St Mawgan | Cornwall | 4X4 1
Check the legality of this lane against the local definitive map before driving!
Track UID: SW8566-02

Take a look at the video below of the deeper one of two fords on this lane being driven by a Defender 90 and a standard Series 3 petrol!

Youtube Channel For Greenlaners Check us out! 2

Youtube Channel For Greenlaners Check us out!

With the launch of this new website aimed at those with a love ‘4Mud’ we have also launched a brand new Youtube channel.  We add content daily so please give us a like and a sub.
The channel will feature greenlanes around Devon and Cornwall, near misses, greenlaning fails and much more. We will be expanding the channel to feature other regions and we would love to feature your content. If you have a video you would like to share with us, then please contact us…

Greenlane in Bodmin Cornwall Used By Flytippers | Byway | Offroad 3

Greenlane in Bodmin Cornwall Used By Flytippers | Byway | Offroad

Greenlanes are not only attractive to walkers, drivers of off road vehicles and horse riders. When we drove a greenlane in Bodmin last week we found that this lane had been visited by flytippers.
This byway which can be found near Cornish Lime company is a popular lane mainly among 4×4 drivers and off road bike riders mainly for the deep pool of boggy water at one end which during wet months can get pretty deep.

Greenlane in Bodmin Cornwall Used By Flytippers | Byway | Offroad 4

Please check these lanes are open and legal to drive against the local definitive maps..

We were quite suprised to find that someone had dumped what appears to be builders waste down the watery end of the lane, which we have now reported.

Check out the video above which shows us driving the lane from the opposite end to the rubbish. We did this lane last in January 2017 however we reported the rubbish last November but the rubbish is still there.