How To Install A Dynamic Advanced Timing Spacer For More Boost On 200 TDi / 300 TDi

I have just received my Dynamic Advanced Timing Spacer which is designed to give any engine using a Bosch VE injector pump extra boost. I am fitting my spacer kit to a 200 TDi Land Rover engine and figured I would do a walk through guide.

I got the kit from Steg’s Supplies, it consists of the following:

x2 Genuine Bosch O rings
x1 Timing spacer
x1 pre-load washer
x2 longer bolts

I also got a Boost pin in the kit which is a fully hardened Boost pin and not a cheap imitation from fleabay!

How To Install A Dynamic Advanced Timing Spacer For More Boost On Bosch Injector Pump

Bosch VE timing cover plate

Step 1: Remove the plate shown in the image above from the side of the Bosch injector pump by undoing the x2 torx bolts.
Step 2: Remove the spring
Step 3: Remove the old O ring
Step 4: Place a new O ring where the old one was.
Step 5: Place the other O ring into the spacer from the kit.
Step 6: Replace the spring
Step 7: Place the spacer with the o ring facing against the plate
Step 8: Insert shim washer into plate and bolt up with the new longer bolts.

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How to Install A Boost Pin:

Installing a boost pin is easier than a dynamic advance timing spacer, only because there is more space.

Step 1: Remove the four screws from the top of the diaphragm housing, leaving the boost pipe intact.
Step 2: Remove the diaphragm and pin
Step 3: Use x2 10mm spanners to undo the original pin from the diaphragm.
Step 4: Replace old pin with your new boost pin. Note the small dot on the diaphragm, the notched out part of the pin needs to line up with that dot.
Step 5: Remove the spring and take out the nylon washer
Step 6: Replace spring
Step 7: Grease the new pin in the notched out section
Step 8: Replace the pin with the small dot facing the front of the engine.
Step 9: replace housing top.
Step 9: Enjoy!

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