Jaguar Land Rover: All Routes Open by Spark44

A Good Service Is Running On All Routes: Land Rover – Above & Beyond

Land Rover is running a tactical advertising campaign during the UK’s recent snow storm. The ad illustrates that winter is when their vehicles comes into their own. It is also having a cheeky dig at all the travel services and two wheel drive vehicles that were halted due to adverse weather conditions.

The advert shows a snowy scene with nothing but Land Rover tire tracks going down the middle of a snow covered road, in the distance there are snow covered mountains and dark looking storm clouds. It was shot in the Cuillin Hills on the Isle of Skye in Scotland. The ad was created by Nick Thompson and Joshua Haines at Spark44.

Jaguar Land Rover: All Routes Open by Spark44 2

It is based on the insight that some Land Rover owners actually enjoy driving in the snow, which certainly seems to be the case with hordes of 4×4 drivers turning out to assist emergency services, deliver aid and rescue equipment, check on the elderly and offer lifts to those in need during the recent ‘snowmageddon’.


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