Jake Humphrey Offers To Use 4X4 To Help The Vunerable

TV presenter Jake Humphrey found himself inundated with messages after posting an very kind offer on social media to help “vulnerable” people using his 4×4.


The broadcaster said he is available to help people in need near Norwich, which received a mixed bag of admiration and ridicule.

One Twitter user replied to Jakes Tweet “This is the Internet. It isn’t real. Jake Humphrey is in Camden, wearing moccasins and drinking Chai Latte, while charging his electric car” This was funny, but Jake’s comeback was even better…


While the majority of responses were praising Jakes kind gesture, others were comparing Jake to fictional character DJ Alan Partridge.

Jake Humphrey Offers To Use 4X4 To Help The Vunerable 2

Jake is a man of his word and a true gentleman, he helped to dig out a stranded motorist on Norfolk’s snowy roads this morning! Fair play Jake that’s the true 4×4 community spirit… We at 4MuD salute you.



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