Land Rover Fight To ‘Defender’ Trademark Against Infringement

Land Rover Defender Trademark

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) have been in court just recently to protect the Defender nameplate from being used on an Off Road recreational vehicle known also as the ‘Defender.’ The manufacturer, Bombardier Recreational Products or BRP for short took to using the name of Land Rovers landmark vehicle when production ceased last year.

Defender Can Am
Defender Can Am, fun recreational off roader.

The image above shows the ‘Can-Am Defender’, an all-terrain vehicle that’s a “fun, recreational off-roader” according to its manufacturer marketing.
Manufacture of the Land Rover which started with the Series 1 and finished with the Defender came to an end last year after almost 70 years of production, however with plans to re-boot the Defender possibly as soon as next year Land Rover fought to protect the trademark infringement.

JLR took the Canadian company to High Court, and a Consent Order has been issued regarding BRP’s trademark infringement, this prohibits the Canadian company from using the ‘Defender’ name on any of its products within the EU, any references to the name on any products also have to be removed. BRP have complied with the High Court ruling and assure that there will be no further Defender references registered, all current EU trademark applications will also be removed.

The Canadian company isn’t the only one jumping on the bandwagon, chemical company Ineos also announced that they planned to manufacture a ‘Defender -ish’ vehicle that would be very similar to the Defender we all know and love. JLR have already jumped to the defense of their iconic vehicle and made it clear that action would be taken if the vehicle were to be produced.

Land Rover were pleased with the result of the high court ruling, as well as removing all references to JLR’s Defender branding there was also a fine and the company were to cover legal costs, although amounts were not revealed.

Keith Benjamin, Jaguar Land Rover’s legal director said: “We welcome this ruling, recognising the enforceability of our intellectual property rights and preventing use by third parties.

The Land Rover Defender is an iconic vehicle that is part of Jaguar Land Rover’s past, present and future.

The success of our business is based on unique design and engineering attributes, and we intend to protect the brand robustly around the world.


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