Landywatch Land Rover Theft Locations

This map is available to our users to show where recent Land Rover thefts have occurred. If you have had your pride and joy stolen, please feel free to add it to the map along with a post in the forums, make your vehicle to hot to handle.

Thefts of Land Rover Defenders are on the rise largely due to the fact that production of the iconic vehicle has ceased and parts have become in higher demand worldwide.

Price tags of the popular off-roader are soaring, coupled with very basic security from the factory, this is making the Defender and desirable target for criminals.

Andy Barr, head of police liaison at car-tracking firm Tracker said: “We have seen an increase in Defender thefts recently. We think it’s due to a lack in availability of the vehicle.

“They are often exported fully assembled or as parts – and these sorts of vehicles can be disassembled very quickly.”

He added: “A lot of these thieves are in organised gangs who are stealing Defenders to order.”

West Yorkshire Police is the latest authority to report a rise in stolen Defenders, confirming that 530 had been taken in the area in the last five years. Last year, 120 were taken. Of that 530, just 139 have been recovered.

Defender owners have been warned to avoid sharing information on social media. Talking to the Huddersfield Daily Examiner, a police spokesman said: “Social media is brilliant for finding out information about events, sourcing hints, tips and advice as well as connecting with other enthusiasts.

“However there can be a downside, with many people sharing their whereabouts on a regular basis. Whilst there is nothing wrong with sharing when you’re on holiday, for instance, it does let would-be car thieves know that our vehicles are unattended.”

You can take steps to protect your Land Rover, layering aftermarket security, parking inside a garage etc, however if you have already had your vehicle stolen then please feel free to share here so we can make it too hot to handle!