Nail traps wiltshire byway

Nail traps placed on Greenlanes to stop 4×4’s using them or at least put them off is becoming the latest tool in an absurd war against laners.
The TRF (Trail Riders Fellowship) recently reported on a crude ‘spike trap’ that was found on a Byway in Wiltshire. The group said they were ‘appalled’ by the massive meter long trap which was hidden in the bottom of a puddle and that it ‘beggared belief’.

Many people legally use the popular byway near the village of Tilshead on Salisbury Plain where the crude trap was found, not only 4×4 drivers but also dog walkers, horse riders and bike riders etc, there was great potential for injury from someones stupid actions.

Nail traps wiltshire byway Nail Traps Placed On Greenlanes To Stop 4x4's Madness! 1

The intended damage to vehicle tires is minor by comparison to the damage that could occur to a walker, horse or other animal, the British Horse Society said the presence of such a trap in any location was “extremely concerning” .

Spokesman Mark Weston said as well as doing untold damage to any human, it could have caused serious injury and unimaginable pain to a horse.

The discovery of the trap is not an isolated incident or by any means a new thing, this has been going on for years by disgruntled land owners or people that take offense to 4×4 drivers legally driving the byways.

Traps similar to the one found most recently in Wiltshire have been found all over the country for years, so it pays to be vigilant.

Here are some examples of different traps laid down to sabotage 4x4s and bike riders:

Nail trap greenlane
This trap was found on the west of the Isle of Man in 2013

Nail Traps Placed On Greenlanes To Stop 4x4's Madness! 2
A piece of wood with nails in it was left on the Cooil Roi lane at Barroose in Baldrine in 2015

The above are just a couple of examples of traps in other locations over the years, there have been many more including wire stretched across lanes in an attempt to garrote bike riders,  metal spikes placed in the ground, barbed wire strewn across lanes and more. These are of course criminal offenses, but more than that they are putting so many people at risk of serious injury or worse.

We have come across blocked lanes, and fly-tipping but no traps yet. How about you, have any of you ever come across any traps whilst out enjoying your hobby?

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