Illegal off-road driving threatens the future of Greenlaning, destroys the countryside and gives everyone that legally enjoy the byways a bad reputation. Off-Piste driving happens all over the country, some do it deliberately whilst others are ignorant of the laws, either way it’s wrong and the police are clamping down on ‘Off-Piste’ drivers.

The Warickshire police force recently seized a Land Rover Discovery in Rush Lane, Dosthill, the vehicle was abandoned after suffering significant under-body damage and a destroyed wheel on Saturday, March 11.

Residents of Kingsbury, Dosthill and Wood End reported an increasing number of heavily modified 4×4 vehicles using off road land to illegally race and trial, Warickshire police launched a crackdown to identify and prosecute anti social drivers.

Officer PC Ramsell, said: “We are responding to local complaints about the anti-social use of 4x4s, off-road vehicles and scramblers. We’re making it our priority to identify and prosecute offenders. The police will seize and crush any vehicles causing anti-social issues in the North Warwickshire area.”

The recently seized vehicle was taken to a police compound under section 34 of the road traffic act 1988 pending further investigation.

The Land Rover was also subjected to a Section 59 warning – an order that targets any vehicle used in a manner which causes alarm, distress or annoyance – which if given again will be seized by the police.

Officers have the power to issue a Section 59 Warning to any vehicle and driver of any vehicle.

Just recently an initiative to crackdown on illegal off-roading on Salisbury Plain was hailed a big success. Over the course of the operation up to 50 illegal moto-cross bikes were reported, of which 26 were issued written warnings, two moto-cross bikes were seized for not being road legal (the owners will face £150 fine and 3 points on their licence), and seven 4×4 vehicles were issued written warnings – including an organisation who were receiving commercial gains on MoD land by charging for safari trips on Salisbury Plain Training Area – which is illegal.

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