How To Protect Your Land Rover Defender Against Theft

How To Protect Your Land Rover Defender

Production of the Land Rover Defender ended in January last year and since then there has been a massive spike in thefts of the iconic vehicle.

The Defender is now one of the top five most stolen cars in the UK, most will end up being broken up for parts and sold on an ever growing second hand parts market.

Owners of both old and new Land Rovers should be taking extra precautions to protect them from being targeted by thieves. Building layers of security will act as a deterrent, think about where you park and always lock your vehicle, even if only popping into the shops.

Here are some effective ways to protect your pride and joy from being stolen:

Pedal Locks:

Pedal Locks offer a great additional layer of security when used in conjunction with alarms and immobilisers. The one we found best value for money is the ‘Safe T Pedal’ by Shire Fabrications.

The lock works by securing the area around the brake pedal & preventing access to any of the pedals, its CAD designed & pressed out of 4mm high grade steel sheet, the average weight of a Safe T Pedal is between 3kg and 6kg.

This device can be fitted in a matter of seconds and also acts as a visual deterrent to anyone looking inside the vehicle.
Safe T Pedals are available in a choice of colours & also come with a window sticker showing your vehicle is protected !

Safe T Pedal Lock Defender Security

Safe T Pedal Lock Defender Security

Company: Shire Fabrications
Price: From £79.99
Purchase: Safe T Pedal Lock
Contact: 01623 740877

Clutch Claw Security Device:

An alternative to a pedal box would be this Clutch Claw which although a similar concept, works a little differently by locking the pedals together and preventing them from being pushed down to the floor.

This device will lock both the clutch and brake pedal together in seconds, a nice easy to fit security layer that is impossible to attack whilst sitting in vehicle.

The bright yellow device also features a flashing LED light as a visual deterrent however it also comes with window stickers to warn off thieves.

Clutch Claw Security Device

Clutch Claw Security Device

Company: NKGroup
Price: £99.99
Purchase: Clutch Claw In-car Security
Contact: 0161 652 7080

Steering Column Lock:

Although this is not a visual deterrent it does stop the lock barrel from being snapped off and the Land Rover being stolen with little more than a screwdriver.

The X-Column Lock is essentially a sleeve for the lock barrel assembly which is machined out of steel and offers protection from the barrel being removed or the end broken off.

This is a completely passive security layer which means it remains fitted as a permanent fixture, nothing to lock or unlock. The column lock will fit all Defenders LHD or RHD, up to 2014, including Puma / Tdci.

It will fit any 90 110 127 or 130 Left or Right Hand Drive.

Note that some Ex Military vehicles do not have a steering lock so this device will serve no purpose if fitted.


X Column Lock Protector

X Column Lock Protector

Company: Foundry4x4
Price: From £75.98
Purchase: X-Column Lock
Contact: 01495 725544

Gear Stick Lock:

The X-Defend Gear stick lock is available in two versions, one to fit earlier LT77 & LT85 gearboxes and the other to fit later R380’s. Although similar in appearance to the ‘crook lock’ type locks for other vehicles, this is different.

This device locks the vehicle into either 3rd or 5th gear, high range and is protected by quality British made Lowe & Fletcher hardened lock barrels which are the anti-pick and anti drill Radial Pin Tumbler (RPT) type.

The device can be fitted in seconds and is supplied with a security nut to prevent the gear stick being unbolted from the gearbox and a lock nut to prevent the transfer lever knob from being pulled off.

Great as an added security layer and visual deterrent.

X Defend Gear Stick Lock

X Defend Gear Stick Lock

Company: Foundry4x4
Price: From £69.98
Purchase: X-Defend Gear
Contact: 01495 725544

Vehicle Identification Tagging:

Datatag 4×4 Security System is a proven deterrent to theft, the Datatag 4×4 Security System uniquely marks the essential components and parts of your vehicle with multiple layers of cutting edge technologies to make your Defender easily and quickly identifiable – even if its in bits!

Datatag offers a selection of Thatcham approved systems which are not only easy to install but also offer lifetime protection with no monthly charges.

Glass Tag Transponders
An easily installed, grain of rice sized transponder that contains a unique code number which is permanently programmed into it’s integrated circuit.

Self-Adhesive Tag
A self-adhesive transponder contains a unique code number which is permanently programmed into its integrated circuit, unaffected by electric shock and magnetic waves.

Window Warning Decal
Specially designed window decals showing potential thieves the vehicle is protected.

Warning Decal
Resin domed decals warn off any potential thieves.

UV Etching
This invisible UV etching won’t visibly mark your paintwork!

A superior microdot identification system developed for ease of use, can be applied to any surface making location and removal virtually impossible.

Datatag DNA
Chemical DNA solution which can be applied as a paint, lacquer, glue, liquid, powder, grease, oil and a spray system.

Datatag 4x4 Security

Datatag 4×4 Security

Company: Datatag
Price: From £119.00
Purchase: Datatag 4×4 Security
Contact: +44 (0)3 450 700 440

Tracking device:

The Skytag tracking device is designed to be installed by the owner. The small, covert device contains a GPS chip that can be pin-pointed to within five metres.  The device has battery backup feature with a three day life span, so if the vehicle battery is disconnected Skytag will still function.

The Skytag monitoring system provides direct Police access to live, real time location data. This unique feature speeds up the recovery process and enables the Police to monitor the vehicle from a distance, reducing the chance of a high-speed chase and damage to your vehicle.

Skytag GPS tracker has a RRP of £249.99 however you could get one for free if you insure your vehicle with Heritage Classic Car Insurance.

Skytag Tracking Device

Skytag Tracking Device

Company: Skytag
Price: £249.99
Contact: 08453 886062

 Steering Lock:

Disklok is a well established anti-theft deterrent with over 20 years of vehicle protection under the belt. With its high visibility and reputation for durability, outlasting the attack times of all other steering wheel locks on the market today. The unique advantage it has over the competitors is its ability to spin on the wheel when attacked, preventing steering and damage to the vehicles own steering wheel lock.

Disklok Steering Defender

Disklok Steering Defender

Company: Disklok
Price: From £109.00
Contact: 01257 795100

Parts Protection:

All too often if thieves can’t remove the vehicle itself or they are stealing to order, so they will simply remove parts such as bonnets, doors, headlights etc wherever the vehicle is parked.

A defender bonnet can be removed in seconds as can a door, this kit will protect your vehicles expensive parts with the use of Allen Torx security bolts which replace the standard bolts and screws.

All the bolts are A2 Stainless steel, PX3 Chemically Coated Black Allen Torx security replacements.
The Kit Contains the Following:-

Bonnet Screws
Wing Top Intakes & Side Vent Intake
Lenses & Reflectors
Front Hinge to Bulkhead Screws
Grille & Headlamp Surround Screws

Front Hinge to Door Screws
Rear Electrics Panel Cover Screws
Rear Door Screws
Crossmember to Tub Screws, Nuts & Washers
Torx Bits

The 110 kits, have the addition of the middle door bolts included.

Defender Security Bolts

Defender Security Bolts

Company: tmdtuning
Price: From £99.00
Contact: 01825 841148

DIY Protection:

There are measures you can take to protect your vehicle yourself such as installing hidden kill switches, a simple hidden isolating switch which cuts power to the fuel pump or ignition. These are great security layers as they are personal and therefore harder to find and bypass.

Where and how you park can also make a massive difference. Park in a garage where possible, if not then look for a well lit area near cameras if possible.

You could also consider fitting the following on or near your drive:

Security post
CCTV cameras
Motion sensor security lighting

Sharing is Caring:
In the event that your beloved Defender does get stolen, post recent pictures of the vehicle online. There are close-knit communities such as LandyWatch that has almost 11,000 members that can help raise awareness and make your vehicle too hot to handle!

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