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Chris Mason Land Rover 200/300 TDi Boost Pin Review 1

Chris Mason Land Rover 200/300 TDi Boost Pin Review

We were kindly sent a Chris Mason Boost Pin for Land Rover 200/300 TDi to do a review for Steg’s Supplies. The Boost pin will fit vehicles with a Bosch VE injector pump, takes just minutes to install and with shocking results!

The idea of the Chris Mason Boost Pin is that it allows more travel from the internal workings of the Bosch VE injection pump and thus allowing more boost.

The standard Bosch guide pin is an eccentric Control Cone attached to a diaphragm which senses boost pressure. It is used to restrict fuel delivery until boost pressure is added to the engine to ensure there is sufficient air to burn the fuel. You can adjust the standard pin position which will certainly give power gains ( check our guide here) however the performance increase is nothing compared to installing a Boost pin.

Replacing the standard pin with a modified boost pin in a Bosch VE fuel injection pump allows a larger fuel delivery given sufficient boost pressure which will improve your vehicles performance.

Steg’s Supplies are currently selling these Boost pins for £45 each, yes there are cheaper pins out there but they are not hardened pins and will eventually get scored by the stroke limit pin inside the pump and you risk damaging your injector pump which will cost more to replace in the long run.


So we fitted a Chris Mason Boost pin to our Defender 90 with a standard setup injector pump and it has made a massive difference, it now feels a lot more lively! If I could recommend one mod to do to your 200/300 TDi then it would definitely be to fit one of these Boost pins, its incredible what a difference it makes, not only to the performance but to the fuel economy, it now seems to be better on fuel than it was before fitting the Boost Pin.

Boost Power without having to ring it!

Buzzweld 2K Armour Rust Protection Paint Review 2

Buzzweld 2K Armour Rust Protection Paint Review

Last year 4MuD were asked to review a product from Buzzweld Automotive Coatings, it has been a full year since we applied the product and we have put it through its paces off road!

What is Buzzweld 2k Armour Rust Protection?

2k Armour is described by Buzzweld as being “an extreme two pack epoxy corrosion stabilising all in one coating.”

2k Armour has many unique attributes from its hardness approaching that of steel at 77% that of mild steel, to stabilising corrosion, and its extreme abrasion resistance, and build. Superb for heavily keyed substrates such as pitted chassis, T-washed rough Galv, and blasted axles, 2K armour will stand up to most levels of abuse and is used in the challenge scene to great effect.

If you are looking for a protective coating that will withstand a good beating whilst off-roading, resilient to most petrol, diesel, brake fluids etc, and other chemicals that leak out of most off road trucks, then this coating is perfect for you as long as you are ready to put in some hardcore preparation work.


Our Land Rover defender has a solid chassis which we stripped back to bare metal using good old elbow grease, a 240v 4″ grinder with flap discs and a wire wheel for the harder to reach places. 2K armour works best with a rough surface to adhere too. After taking the chassis back to bare metal we cleaned it down with panel wipe before applying the coating.


2k Armour can be applied with a wetting out brush for a heavy application, sprayed on or roller painted on using a high quality foam roller, the later is the option we went for. We opted for a long handled radiator style roller and you will need several foam heads. We applied the coating in three coats allowing sufficient curing time between each coat which left a slightly textured finish which looks really good.


We have put the paint through its paces whilst out green laning and its hasn’t shown any signs of fatigue in the past 12 months, no signs of rust, no flaking, in fact it still looks the same as when we first painted it on, given how hard this paint seems to go when its cured it comes as no surprise.
The picture at the top of this review is when we first applied the coating, the picture below is 12 months of abuse later!

Buzzweld 2k armour 1 year later

We didn’t clean the chassis for this picture, what you can see is dirt, there is absolutely no rust and no loss of paint at all. We drive a lot of deep fords, bash the chassis off rocks and the coating has held up to all the punishment.

This summer we plan on steam cleaning the whole underside of our Defender 90 and applying a coat of WAR as a sacrificial coating just to enhance the longevity of the paint.

Buy Buzzweld 2k Armour protective coating here