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We received a Safe T Pedal security device made by Shire Fabrication for our Land Rover Defender 200 TDI, here is what we think about the product:

Since the end of Land Rover Defender production last year there has been a sharp increase in the thefts of the iconic vehicles. The Defender design means that it can be stripped down in a matter of hours and most stolen vehicles end up being sold on the secondhand parts market which is now big business.

Organised gangs are targeting Defenders all around the country stealing vehicles to order, the thieves have ways of bypassing factory fitted alarms and immobilisers, the days of simply relying on factory security measures are long gone, the only way to really deter thieves is to layer security.

There are several after market security options available to secure your vehicle, today we are looking at the Safe T Pedal Lock kindly supplied by Shire Fabrication.

Our Thoughts On The Safe T Pedal Lock:

The Pedal lock arrived today and the first thing you notice is just how robust this things is. Made of pressed 4mm steel and featuring an anti-burst design this really does look like a seriously strong piece of kit.

The pedal lock came with a sticker that goes in the window to alert thieves that you have extra security before they even attempt to break into your vehicle, which lets be honest doesn’t take long on any Defender.

Should a thief ignore the sticker and gain access to my Land Rover they will now be greeted with a bright yellow wall of steel that fits snugly in the footwell and around the pedals.

Safe T Pedal Fitted In Seconds
Safe T Pedal Fitted In Seconds

This device features a welded, Fort Knox locking mechanism which locks around the brake pedal and secures the device in place, it’s also worth noting at this point that the Safe T Pedal also comes with four keys.

We fitted the pedal lock in literally a couple of seconds, its a no nonsense device that looks very serious when locked in place and instantly gives you a sense of security knowing no thieves will want to tackle the extra layer of security.

When we took the device off I looked for ways to store it and it slides perfectly in behind the seats in our truck cab Defender.

The Safe T Pedal is an inexpensive way of preventing your vehicle from being stolen, we certainly recommend them as an extra layer of security. The Safe T Pedal is model specific, you can buy one made to fit your model or vehicle direct from the Shire Fabrication website.

Company: Shire Fabrication
Contact: 01623 740877
Product: Safe T Pedal
Price: From £79.99
Verdict: Excellent inexpensive extra layer of security and visual deterrent.





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