Save Our Motorsport Fight The Vnuk Judgement

Save Our UK Motorsport Fight Vnuk

If you are not aware of the Vnuk Judgement is an EU ruling that will require ALL vehicles to be be insured when in use.
Almost three years ago a European Court of Justice ruled that the EU’s 2009 Motor Insurance Directive required insurance policies to cover all possible third-party accidents in all places and at all times.
The United Kingdom and Ireland, government bodies misinterpreted the laws meaning, it was thought that the law only applied to vehicles driven on public roads, when in actual fact the judgment means that national laws must be changed to ensure that all mechanically propelled vehicles are insured for third-party losses regardless of type of use, in all places, at any time.

So what vehicles will this affect? This law applies to everything ALL vehicles, anything from F1 racing cars, to mobility scooters, to antique trams and everything in-between. Industry experts have already claimed that the risks associated with providing insurance cover to all motorised vehicles mean that they would be prohibitively expensive to insure, thus effectively outlawing all motorsport activities across the United Kingdom.

The following vehicles will be affected:

Electrically assisted pedal cycles
Construction vehicles
Agricultural vehicles
Ride -on lawnmowers
Motorsports vehicles
Mobility scooters
Golf buggies
Motorised ride-on children’s toys
Fairground rides
Fork lift trucks
Dumper  trucks
Engineering plant and quad bikes
Off-road construction vehicles

This will mean that any vehicle be it parked up, from farms, motor (racing) tracks, on private land (no public access), or having a vehicle on a private dwelling will require insurance.

The ACU, AMCA, and MSA and LARA, together with MCIA, are calling on the government to exempt motor and motorcycle sport from any changes to insurance law which arise from the ECJ judgment. You can read the .GOV official document here which explains in full detail the implications of this directive.

Sign The Petition, Save UK Motorsport:

Please sign the petition on here, the petition will go directly to the Secretary of State for Transport, The Rt. Hon. Chris Grayling, M.P., asking that HM Government under no circumstances implements the ‘Vnuk’ judgement in a way that encompasses vehicles involved in motor and motorcycle sport activities.

Source: LARA



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