How To Secure A Land Rover Defender Against Theft For Little Cost

How To Secure A Land Rover Defender Against Theft For Little Cost 1

The Land Rover Defender is one of the most stolen vehicles since production of the iconic vehicle. The aim of this article is to show you how to secure a Land Rover Defender against theft for little cost.

There are plenty of companies cashing in on Defender theft right now with products that can easily be made at home, or use other materials to prevent the theft of things such as bonnets or doors, or even the whole vehicle.

The following tips could mean the difference between loosing your prized vehicle or its valuable parts or waking up to find that your pride and joy has been stripped or worse stolen altogether.

How To Secure A Land Rover Defender Against Theft For Little Cost:

To prevent your doors from being stolen, simply drill out the heads of the bolts or alternatively fill them with liquid metal.

To prevent your bonnet from being nicked, remove the drivers side wing top blank panel and grind the strengtheners on the back down, fit a strong metal plate on the underside of the wing and pop rivet in place, refit outer blank panel, this prevents the bonnet cable from being accessed.

The next step to protecting your Defenders bonnet is to fit a guard or cover over the bonnet release cable where it exits the OS/F wing to where it enters the latch mechanism. You can achieve this with some tubing, or plate, anything that will prevent the cable from being pulled and allowing the bonnet to be popped.

Fit strong lamp guards which have to be removed by accessing nylok nuts from inside the engine bay, doing so will make access to the standard alarm horn wires difficult and prevent them from being cut from behind the NS/F headlamp.

If you have a BBUS, battery backed up siren, buy an extension loom and place the siren away from where it can be removed and chucked in a bucket of water!

On later Defenders you should armour both underseat locker compartments to slow down access to the ECU and battery etc.

Place the OBD socket inside the locked compartment.

Fit part no LR031883 to prevent the shorting of the indicator lights flashing if alarm is set off.

All of these things can be done for very low cost, and will certainly slow down or even put off a thief altogether. Coupled with pedal locks, steering locks, CCTV and other layers of security it decreases the chances of your Land Rover Defender from being stolen.

Credit: Gary Done @ Landywatch

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