Image Of Latest Obstruction Courtesty Of GLASS.

Senghenydd Byway Eglwys To Penyrheol Blocked By Farmer … Again

The Senghenydd Byway ( 51.601759 3.29004 ) Eglwys To Penyrheol is currently blocked by the land owner in that area. This greenlane is constantly being obstructed by the local farmer despite the lane being legally open.

Five feet high by twelve feet long piles of rubble have been dumped along the Byway near Senghenydd in South Wales which is not subject to any TROs or PTROs according to both RCT and Caerphilly council RoW offices.

Senghenydd Byway Eglwys To Penyrheol Blocked By Farmer ... Again 1

The Byway suffering constant obstruction from the local farmer.

This is one of many times this farmer has illegally obstructed the highway, we reported on the last obstructions in the middle of January.  Bonkas 4×4 voluntarily cleared the piles of dung that had been dumped along various sections of the byway and gateways.

Senghenydd Byway Eglwys To Penyrheol Blocked By Farmer ... Again 2

Farmer caught in the act, obstructing a byway.

Over the years the farmer in question has been blocking gateways which are on the byway preventing any access to the lanes. The farmer will not listen to reason and according to Bonkas4x4 the farmer attacked one of the club members vehicles with a baseball bat.

Senghenydd Byway Eglwys To Penyrheol Blocked By Farmer ... Again 3

Bonkas 4×4 cleared previous obstructions over the new year.

We advise anyone looking to use this byway to use extreme caution as the farmer has been confrontational at times.

GLASS issued the following advise to anyone considering traveling along the byway:  “Please make sure you are not alone and at the least have a journey camera and phone to record any incidents – This footage could be very important to the police and authorities. Registrations numbers and faces are important to secure prosecutions.”

These are some of the responses to the article we did in January about this farmer obstructing the Senghenydd Byway:

Gareth Smallman:

The lane above energlyn has had similiar issues with big holes being duck to prevent access i reported that to the council and they said they would investigate who had done it.”

Jay Kynch:

“If this is the same person, he is joint owner of the common – it was sold over a year ago. The owner should uphold the public rights to walk and ride on the common, and access to footpaths and byways, and the rights should be enforced preferably by the councils – Caerphilly or RCT. It is not legal to be digging up the common or doing any works without permission under the Commons Act. That should be enforced. Thanks to 4×4 drivers for getting the byways clear. I’m RCT Open Spaces Society rep and we want to see the common properly managed for commoners and public – it’s poisonous up there.”

Senghenydd Byway Eglwys To Penyrheol Blocked By Farmer ... Again 4

Farmer digging up old roman road with a swing shovel.

As well as causing criminal damage to the byways the farmer has taken a a metal tracked swing shovel (from the photos looks to be about 20 ton) down an old Roman road above penyrheol and started digging it up. When confronted about his actions he stated that he was widening the lane for access to his farm, he remained adamant that he was within his rights.



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