Chris Mason Land Rover 200/300 TDi Boost Pin Review 1

Chris Mason Land Rover 200/300 TDi Boost Pin Review

We were kindly sent a Chris Mason Boost Pin for Land Rover 200/300 TDi to do a review for Steg’s Supplies. The Boost pin will fit vehicles with a Bosch VE injector pump, takes just minutes to install and with shocking results!

The idea of the Chris Mason Boost Pin is that it allows more travel from the internal workings of the Bosch VE injection pump and thus allowing more boost.

The standard Bosch guide pin is an eccentric Control Cone attached to a diaphragm which senses boost pressure. It is used to restrict fuel delivery until boost pressure is added to the engine to ensure there is sufficient air to burn the fuel. You can adjust the standard pin position which will certainly give power gains ( check our guide here) however the performance increase is nothing compared to installing a Boost pin.

Replacing the standard pin with a modified boost pin in a Bosch VE fuel injection pump allows a larger fuel delivery given sufficient boost pressure which will improve your vehicles performance.

Steg’s Supplies are currently selling these Boost pins for £45 each, yes there are cheaper pins out there but they are not hardened pins and will eventually get scored by the stroke limit pin inside the pump and you risk damaging your injector pump which will cost more to replace in the long run.


So we fitted a Chris Mason Boost pin to our Defender 90 with a standard setup injector pump and it has made a massive difference, it now feels a lot more lively! If I could recommend one mod to do to your 200/300 TDi then it would definitely be to fit one of these Boost pins, its incredible what a difference it makes, not only to the performance but to the fuel economy, it now seems to be better on fuel than it was before fitting the Boost Pin.

Boost Power without having to ring it!

Jake Humphrey Offers To Use 4X4 To Help The Vunerable 2

Jake Humphrey Offers To Use 4X4 To Help The Vunerable

TV presenter Jake Humphrey found himself inundated with messages after posting an very kind offer on social media to help “vulnerable” people using his 4×4.

The broadcaster said he is available to help people in need near Norwich, which received a mixed bag of admiration and ridicule.

One Twitter user replied to Jakes Tweet “This is the Internet. It isn’t real. Jake Humphrey is in Camden, wearing moccasins and drinking Chai Latte, while charging his electric car” This was funny, but Jake’s comeback was even better…

While the majority of responses were praising Jakes kind gesture, others were comparing Jake to fictional character DJ Alan Partridge.

Jake Humphrey Offers To Use 4X4 To Help The Vunerable 3

Jake is a man of his word and a true gentleman, he helped to dig out a stranded motorist on Norfolk’s snowy roads this morning! Fair play Jake that’s the true 4×4 community spirit… We at 4MuD salute you.



£40k Land Rover Discovery Flips In Snow In Slaithwaite 4

£40k Land Rover Discovery Flips In Snow In Slaithwaite

A Land Rover Discovery rolled onto its roof after the driver lost control on a snow covered back road in Huddersfield.

Not the first one of the week and probably wont be the last, drivers of 4×4’s be warned, you are not immune to the perils of driving in snow and ice.

A new shaped Discovery worth around £40,000 was left abandoned on a narrow road after the female driver hit a wall and rolled the vehicle onto its roof and slid down the road.

£40k Land Rover Discovery Flips In Snow In Slaithwaite 5

The incident happened on Holme Lane above Slaithwaite at around 9.30am this morning, the female driver was badly shaken up but not seriously injured. She was helped to another vehicle and taken to the doctor’s for examination.

The vehicle was seen sliding down the road on its roof before eventually coming to a stop.

Earlier this week another 4×4 driver flipped their Land Rover Defender onto its roof. Suffolk Police attended the crash which occurred near Hundon early yesterday morning. No other vehicles were involved in the incident.

For tips on driving a 4×4 safely in the snow check out our article.

Wetton Hill Byway Staffordshire Proposed TRO - Help Fight It! 6

Wetton Hill Byway Staffordshire Proposed TRO – Help Fight It!

Popular byway ‘Wetton Hill’ is under threat of permanent closure to all mechanical vehicles by the Peak District National Park Authority, help fight the full time TRO!

Wetton Hill is a popular 1.4 km route along the Manifold Valley. The route does suffer from waterlogging during the winter months, however it is sustainable during the drier conditions.

GLASS have picked up the gauntlet and are opposing a full time TRO being placed on the route as they believe given the sustainability, a full Traffic Regulation Order, which would be unjustified.

A GLASS representative said “We believe the evidence on this route does not justify a  be disproportionate and illogical. GLASS would – in view of the specific circumstances of this route – be prepared to support a proportionate seasonal TRO during the wettest months of each year.

If you enjoy greenlaning and do not agree with the lanes being closed where it is not warranted, please have your say by responding to the Consultation on a Proposed Traffic Regulation Order by Peak District National Park Authority: (Wetton Hills Prohibition of Mechanically Propelled Vehicles) Traffic Regulation Order 2018.

You can have your say using the online system by going to the comments submission form or you can write to Rights of Way at Aldern House, Baslow Road, Bakewell, Derbyshire DE45 1AE.

Representations must be received by 5pm on Thursday 6 April 2018.

If you are writing to us please ensure you include as part of your representation:-

  1. your full name and address;
  2. whether you are representing your personal views or the views of an organisation;
  3. whether your comments are in favour of the proposal, objecting to the proposal or are general comments. If your comments object to the proposal, please set out the grounds on which your objection is made.

We can not stress enough that you are posting a comment as an individual, and you are OBJECTING to the Authority’s proposals for a full time TRO.

Please encourage your local club members and greenlaners to do the same, lets not loose yet another sustainable lane.

Representations must be received by the Authority by 5pm on Thursday 6 April 2018.

Land Rover Defender Flips On Its Roof In Snow And Ice 7

Land Rover Defender Flips On Its Roof In Snow And Ice

A Land Rover Defender driver escaped without major injuries today when the vehicle overturned onto its roof, the driver struggled to cope with the treacherous conditions caused by the ice and snow that has gripped the nation this morning.

Suffolk Police attended the crash which occurred near Hundon earlier this morning. No other vehicles were involved in the incident.

In a tweet, officers said: “Out to another single vehicle RTC near Hundon. Driver is okay but not even Land Rover can handle some of these conditions.”

The accident took place on the eastbound carriageway near the junction with the A1017, close to Spring Grove Farm. Traffic was affected between Withersfield and Haverhill.

A spokesman for Suffolk Police said: “First job of the day is to relieve nights from a crash on the A1307 near Withersfield.

Driving a 4×4 does not make you invincible in snow or icy conditions and proper care needs to be taken, you can read more about driving a 4×4 in snow and ice safely in our guide.

The UK is set for more snow overnight and into Friday, so take extra care when traveling and remember to only go out if it is absolutely necessary in extreme snow and ice.

Driving A 4×4 In Snow:

Keep in mind that 4WD/AWD will still spin off a road on Ice the same as a regular 2WD vehicle. Once moving (on any slippery stuff) newbie 4WD owners have a tendency to drive faster than they should and possibly not as carefully and slowly due to a false sense of security. All of the above driving tips should be observed at all times, just because you have a 4×4 does not mean you can drive faster than you would in a 2WD car.

All motor vehicles need traction for safe steering – 4WD/AWD does not provide extra traction for steering.
All cars need traction for safe braking – 4WD/AWD does not provide extra traction for braking.

When To Use 4WD: Read more tips on driving in snow and ice in your 4×4

How To Plot A Route For Greenlaning The Easy Way 8

How To Plot A Route For Greenlaning The Easy Way

How to plot a route for greenlaning? It’s the most frequently asked question by newbies when they first discover the joys of traversing BOAT’s (Byways Open To All Traffic).

Greenlaning has grown in popularity over the past few years, more and more people are taking up the activity but it’s getting a bad rep by the press. The reputation of greenlaning is being literally dragged through the mud by those that do not find the legal routes to drive, or mistreat them.
We believe that by educating people how to locate a legal byway and how to use them responsibly is the way forward, hopefully more people can enjoy the hobby without fear of being Off-Piste.

Greenlanes, Byways, Greenroads, whatever you wish to call them are having restrictions placed on them all the time, whether they be voluntary, temporary or permanently, so checking the legality of a lane is essential when plotting a route.

Finding a greenlane isn’t necessarily as easy as whipping out a Land Ranger OS map and looking for Public Byways, as the information on these maps can be out dated. Last week we checked out a byway on an OS map that has now been declassified to a footpath, so always check first. We recommend that you get access to Trailwise.

What Is Trailwise?

TrailWise brings together Rights of Way information in the United Kingdom to aid those carrying out research into old roads and highways. It is especially valuable for finding lost roads and un-recorded lanes. TrailWise also helps people find out where they can drive green lanes.
GLASS (Greenlaning Association) have created  TrailWise Rights of Way Catalogue. You can use for FREE, however if you subscribe to GLASS you get access to more features for an annual fee.
Trailwise enables users to search for greenlanes in any chosen location. Free users get a 3km search radius, whilst subscribed members get access to a much wider search range and additional features. Trailwise features a very handy “maps browser”, which searches a database of green lanes and places an overlay onto a map.

Support TrailWise

If you plan to use TrailWise extensively it’s well worth registering as a member of the Greenlaning Association (GLASS). Membership is open to anyone for an annual fee of £32.00. Your subscription not only gets you full access to Trailwise, the fees help GLASS fund the upkeep of byways, and fighting to keep them open.

As well as getting access to the mapping service you will also benefit from the following:

Membership Benefits

  • Regular digital bulletins
  • 2 magazines per year
  • Members website
  • Legal challenges to lane closures
  • TRAILWISE (National catalogue of rights of way)
  • Access to area reps for route planning and advice
  • Direct contact from area reps
  • Members web forum
  • LARA member – A voice at Government level
  • In depth knowledge

How To Use Trailwise:

Google search Trailwise or visit Trailwise here.

How To Plot A Route For Greenlaning The Easy Way 9

Click on maps (or search)

How To Plot A Route For Greenlaning The Easy Way 10

Note: Having a Full membership gives you access to comments made by other members on a greenlanes, you will also be able to add your own comments for other people. The comments will give an indication of what a lane is like, maybe warn of potential obstacles, condition of the lane, suitability for certain vehicle types etc.

Select an area you wish to plot a route in, wherever you click will show a Grid Reference in the bottom left corner.
Once you’ve made your selection, you need to search for tracks in view and then confirm your search area.
Click the search ‘Search for tracks in view’ button.

How To Plot A Route For Greenlaning The Easy Way 11

As you can see in the image above that search revealed nothing in that area, so I can click the search button again to search 3km around that area.

How To Plot A Route For Greenlaning The Easy Way 12

Widening the search has revealed a lane. Remember this feature is only for registered members.

How To Plot A Route For Greenlaning The Easy Way 13

Click on the lane and it will bring up information on the right hand panel, this shows traffic restrictions, a UID (UID = Unique IDentification number, a method of uniquely naming track sections within the system, calculated from the position of the track) and the name of the lane.

How To Plot A Route For Greenlaning The Easy Way 14

Extending the search in the area has revealed lanes with dead ends, these are highlighted on the map with little dead end symbols.

How To Plot A Route For Greenlaning The Easy Way 15

Above is a lane with comments to help give other users an idea of what the lane is like.

Alternatively you can text search lanes within a specific area and range.

How To Plot A Route For Greenlaning The Easy Way 16

The text search feature enables you to search for lanes in a specific area, find tracks by name and find tracks with restrictions in place.

How To Plot A Route For Greenlaning The Easy Way 17

Using the Trailwsie Exporter, you can plot a route and export it for use on Memory Maps or Anquet. To use this feature you must be have a current membership which grants you full access to all of Trailwise functions.
You can download the exporter by clicking the link below:

DOWNLOAD the latest version of Exporter (1.03) from

It is worth noting at this point that you can also get full access to Trailwise by joining other organisations which we have listed below.

Trail Riders Fellowship (TRF)
Countryside Access for the Less Mobile (CALM)

Range Rover Driver Stranded On South Walney Nature Reserve 18

Range Rover Driver Stranded On South Walney Nature Reserve

Cumbria Wildlife Trust are highlighting what damage off piste drivers can actually do, this comes after a Range Rover driver got stuck in the sands off the Trust’s South Walney Nature Reserve on Sunday 25th February after venturing onto the protected beach illegally.

The Range Rover was driven across the nature reserve, ignoring ‘No Entry’ signs, on to the protected beach and into the sand which is populated with seals. The vehicles occupants even went as far as to remove a log barrier to gain access to the area which is protected under several conservation designations:

  • A Site of Special Scientific Interest
  • Special Area of Conservation
  • Special Protection Area

Sarah Dalrymple the South Walney Warden had this to say:

“It is illegal, dangerous and damaging to take cars onto the sands. There is damage to the vegetated shingle from the vehicle itself, then there will be further damage from the vehicles that are going down to remove it, and if it cannot be removed there is serious risk of pollution from the petrol tank and oil as it rusts away. If the vehicle cannot be recovered it will potentially remain as eyesore for years”. She added, “I am appalled that some people think this is acceptable behaviour. The police are now dealing with the matter.”

The driver has caused damage to the vegetated shingle beaches in Lighthouse Bay which are an unusual wildlife habitat and where an individual community of striking plants has developed over hundreds of years. Plants, yellow horned-poppy, sea campion and biting stonecrop all grow here. In spring birds such as oystercatchers and ringed plover will nest on the shingle beaches and could be affected by the oil and petrol leaking from the vehicle if it cannot be recovered.

There is no access to the beaches at South Walney Nature Reserve for vehicles or visitors all year around, in order to prevent disturbance to the seals and the breeding and wintering birds. Beautiful public beaches can be visited at the north of Walney Island at Biggar Bank and West Shore.

All images are property of Sarah Dalrymple

Wealden police warn about Defender thefts

Land Rovers targeted by thieves in Wealden villages Police warn

Police are warning Land Rover Defender owners to be vigilant around the Wealden villages after two Defenders were stolen and a third attempted theft in Mayfield and Rotherfield during the past weekend. A white Defender was stolen at some point Saturday night from St Leonards Lane, Mayfield, it was later recovered in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, the vehicle was reportedly damaged and the contents of the vehicle were stolen, including a Makita drill.  A red Defender stolen from Town Row, Rotherfield, in the early hours of Sunday was found at Poultwood Golf Course, Higham Lane, Tonbridge, Kent, it had been used in a burglary.

There was also a failed attempt to steal a Defender from Station Road, Mayfield, on Sunday afternoon, thieves caused damage to the vehicle but were unable to steal it. Officers believe that these incidents could very well be linked linked and are warning Land Rover owners to think about how and where they park their vehicles overnight.

Anyone who saw or heard anything suspicious at any of the rural locations in East Sussex or who may have other information is asked to contact police online or phone 101, quoting serial 143 of 25/02. Alternatively, please visit the Crimestoppers website or contact the independent charity anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Happy Valley Voluntary Restraint Being Ignored By 4x4 drivers 19

Happy Valley Voluntary Restraint Being Ignored By 4×4 drivers

Off road vehicles are still being driven on parts of Snowdonia despite there being a voluntary restraint on the byway known locally as Happy Valley.

The voluntary restraint on Happy Valley byway in Wales would run until April according to a tweet by GLASS. Stakeholder members requested the ongoing voluntary restraint on Happy Valley, the restraint includes both motorbikes and 4×4 vehicles.

Snowdonia National Park Authority say that byways in Cwm Maethlon, near Aberdyfi, Gwynedd have been substantially damaged and they do not have the funds to cover the repair. Gwynedd council has arranged for transportation officers to visit the site and assess the situation.

Green Lane Association (Glass) has pledged money and asked drivers that drivers of 4×4 vehicles and off road motorcycles stay away from the ‘Happy Valley’ byway.

Storm Doris caused damage to the Byway last year which has been made worse by some isolated incidents of illegal and inappropriate use by 4x4s.


A group of 4×4 drivers were using the ancient roads last August when one of the vehicles got stuck causing damage to the green lanes. One of the drivers from the group said one of the drivers had got badly stuck and some “regrettable damage” was done to remove the truck, adding drivers would be willing to help pay for the repairs.

I can fully understand that this will upset some people, had we known of the problem beforehand we would have avoided the route altogether,” he said.

This is a very short section on a very long, challenging and beautiful route, the vast majority of which can be driven without doing any harm.

It would be a shame if access was denied to the whole route because of this one section but none of us wish to make the situation worse.

On the flip side the Park authorities feel as though they have been put in very frustrating position.

Consideration is not given to other users, fragile habitats and the environment of the national park are being destroyed as tracks become wider resulting in more damage.

Repairs are too costly for the authority and landowners to implement and traffic regulation orders can result in significant costs.

It said Glass, a group that promotes sensible driving in the countryside, had agreed to contribute towards the costs of repairs to one section of the road.

The authority will also work with the group, landowners, Gwynedd council and North Wales Police to prevent the “damaging and anti-social behaviour”.

Gwynedd council said: “Officers from the council’s transportation service will be visiting the site to assess the condition of the route and to consider the options available to manage the flow of traffic.”

Limited Edition £150k Land Rover Defender V8 Sold Out Already 20

Limited Edition £150k Land Rover Defender V8 Sold Out Already

Land Rover’s most powerful Defender ever built sold out within the first month it was announced.

Land Rover are celebrating the upcoming 70th anniversary of the iconic Defender by releasing 150 Land Rover Defender Works V8. Every one of which has already been sold, within one month of the special edition off-roader being announced. It’s hardly surprising, however, when you consider that this is the fastest and most powerful Land Rover Defender ever built.

Limited Edition £150k Land Rover Defender V8 Sold Out Already 21

Each one of the special edition Defenders are being hand-built by Land Rover Classic, under the bonnet of the re-engineered Defender lurks a 5.0-litre, naturally-aspirated petrol V8 which kicks out 400 hp and 380 lb-ft of torque, making this significantly more powerful than a standard Defender, which produced 120 hp and 265 lb-ft of torque. The 5.0 litre V8 can do 0-60 mph in just 5.6 seconds, with a top speed of 106 mph.  The limited edition Defender also features an eight-speed ZF automatic transmission with sports mode, along with uprated brakes, improved handling kit and exclusive 18-inch alloys with 265/65/18 tires.

Limited Edition £150k Land Rover Defender V8 Sold Out Already 22

Defender Works V8 will be available in 90 and 110 wheelbase versions with a choice of eight colors and a contrasting black roof, wheel arches and grille. The interior has been updated with Windsor Leather trim covering the dashboard, door panels, headlining and Recaro sports seats, along with LR Classic’s own infotainment system. Customers that ordered a Defender Works V8 were charged a cool £150,000 by Land Rover. Now that it’s sold out, this final Defender’s value will no doubt increase over time.


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