Steg's Supplies New Tuning Product For Land Rover 200 / 300 TDi 1

Steg’s Supplies New Tuning Product For Land Rover 200 / 300 TDi

Anyone with a Land Rover 200 or 300 TDi will be aware that the engines tend to lack power, however we have been secretly testing a product from Steg’s supplies that is set to be a real game changer for anyone with a sluggish agricultural engine!

The new tuning product takes less than two minutes to fit, even the least mechanically minded person could fit it. Whilst we have been sworn to secrecy about the latest innovation from Steg’s supplies, we can reveal that we gained a lot of power after fitting it.

Keep your eyes on Steg’s 4×4 because this is going to fly off the shelves and trust me when I say, you do not want to miss out on this!

If you can’t wait to get more gains from your Land Rover, then you can always try a Chris Mason Boost Pin or a Dynamic Advanced Timing Spacer from Nick Steggel. With both bits of kit fitted there has been a power increase of over 30bhp reported, this is backed up by a dyno test which a customer actually made a video of.

I wonder if they can hook me up with some wheelie bars!!

Hero 4x4 Driver Calls For Decrease In Road Tax 2

Hero 4×4 Driver Calls For Decrease In Road Tax

During the recent snow storms that brought the country to its knees last week, an army of 4×4 drivers took to the roads to help those in need. All over the internet videos were popping up of 4×4’s towing lorries to safety, pulling cars out of ditches, ferrying people to and from Hospitals, railway stations and aiding the Emergency services.

All over the Facebook ‘Off roading’ community groups brave 4×4 drivers have been telling how they have generously spent their free time and fuel helping those in need:

Richie J Tatman: “Since half 2 Thursday I’ve been out till midnight and up at half 6 doing runs for the NHS getting staff to and from the hospital between that was helping care workers get round to see the elderly and make sure they had everything they needed. Been rescuing cars and lorries and vans out the way to keep traffic all around Exeter and surrounding areas. Been helping friends get to and from as well”

Marcus Blakeley: “300tdi disco been towing people up hills in Willand and Cullomoton also a lorry getting though Willand and a few recovery dragging people out of snow drifts let’s say I’ve had hardly any sleep and I’m feeling it today lol”

Hero 4x4 Driver Calls For Decrease In Road Tax 3

Bradley Turner: “200tdi Land Rover 90. Taking elderly people shopping. Giving people lifts to and from work helping people get there cars out. Taking people to there animal(horses)”

Hero 4x4 Driver Calls For Decrease In Road Tax 4

Adam Pagett:Drove a doctor around Tiverton area calling on urgent patients, delivered prescriptions and took a hospice career to a remote property.”

Trevor Burridge: “Since it’s started snowing Thursday helped family members get home from work which then turned to friends of family, friends of friends and By Friday/Saturday it was just anyone & everyone who needed transport including Hospital staff to and from work. Towing people out the snow as and when I came across them.”

Hero 4x4 Driver Calls For Decrease In Road Tax 5

Ollie Woods: “Since 1pm till gone 1/2 in the morning both nights started at 8am yesterday constantly picking up NHS staff to and from work rescued many of motorists stranded at their cars on passing taken someone from Chudleigh to Newton to care for heavily cancer ridden family member rescued a few cars that blocked roads running out of talent. And taken people with their children to seek refuge with family that have electric/gas/water non stop covering between Newton abbot to Exeter and everywhere in between.”

Levi Hamilton: “Been towing people out, giving lifts, picking people up who have been stranded and dropping them to there homes met many nice people and nice to see so many 4x4s out and about helping Hero 4x4 Driver Calls For Decrease In Road Tax 6???? well done everyone Hero 4x4 Driver Calls For Decrease In Road Tax 7????Hero 4x4 Driver Calls For Decrease In Road Tax 7

Hero 4x4 Driver Calls For Decrease In Road Tax 9

These are just an example of some of the brave 4×4 drivers that risked their own safety to help others, social media is full of examples just like those above, a community of 4×4 drivers pulling together to help those in need, a community that is usually frowned upon, a community that is penalised for driving the very vehicles that aided emergency services and rescued those in need last week.

One driver has actually started a petition for a decrease in road tax and some recognition for all the hard work many of us 4×4 owners put into helping out those in need.

“To the Minister for Transport

Dear Sir
Now that the worst of the winter weather for 2018 is over I ask you to consider this. Over the last week, most of the UK has been battered by winter storms which have left thousands of people stranded, and thousands of essential workers unable to do their jobs. Ordinary people. Care workers, School teachers, NHS staff, shop workers, delivery drivers….Thousands of people. Into this mess have stepped hundreds if not thousands of 4×4 drivers who have freely given their time to venture out in the worst of the weather to rescue those stranded. To ferry midwives out to pregnant women. To tow stranded 44 ton articulated lorries with their 2 ton Land Rovers. To recover cars which have become bogged in snow drifts, or stuck on hills. Mums and kids trying to get home. Plumbers trying to get to old people with no heating. Teachers trying to get to school.

This army of 4×4 drivers has kept so much of this country moving in the last week, do you think it out of place for a very public “Thank You” from the government? We have given our time, fuel, cheerfulness all without any thought of reward, other than a most heartfelt “Thank You” from those rescued, and that means the most to us.

But you and the government seen hell bent on driving us off the road with Punitive tax increases! Most of those out there this week have not been new £100,000 Range Rover drivers who can afford £2000 a year for their new cars, but ordinary people who use their 4×4’s every day for work. Farmers, construction workers, and hundreds of enthusiasts who keep these vehicles because they love them. People who need 4×4’s. And it feels like the government want these vehicles off the road with extortionate tax rises.

So please, think on this volunteer army who have done so much to help keep this country moving this week, don’t kick us too hard, or in future when you need us most, we may just not be there…….

An Old Land Rover driver…..”

The petition is almost at 15,000 signatures, if you haven’t done already, please show your support and sign the petition.

Jaguar Land Rover: All Routes Open by Spark44 10

Jaguar Land Rover: All Routes Open by Spark44

A Good Service Is Running On All Routes: Land Rover – Above & Beyond

Land Rover is running a tactical advertising campaign during the UK’s recent snow storm. The ad illustrates that winter is when their vehicles comes into their own. It is also having a cheeky dig at all the travel services and two wheel drive vehicles that were halted due to adverse weather conditions.

The advert shows a snowy scene with nothing but Land Rover tire tracks going down the middle of a snow covered road, in the distance there are snow covered mountains and dark looking storm clouds. It was shot in the Cuillin Hills on the Isle of Skye in Scotland. The ad was created by Nick Thompson and Joshua Haines at Spark44.

Jaguar Land Rover: All Routes Open by Spark44 11

It is based on the insight that some Land Rover owners actually enjoy driving in the snow, which certainly seems to be the case with hordes of 4×4 drivers turning out to assist emergency services, deliver aid and rescue equipment, check on the elderly and offer lifts to those in need during the recent ‘snowmageddon’.


Chief Creative Officer, Spark44

Brian Fraser

Creative Directors, Spark44

Matt Statham, Chris McDonald

Creative Team, Spark44

Nick Thompson, Joshua Haines

Account Team, Spark44

Sophie Ford-Masters, Richard Oakes, Holly Abbotson


4x4 Community Pull Together During Worst Weather In 50 years 12

4×4 Community Pull Together During Worst Weather In 50 years

Unsung hero’s from Devon and Cornwall have spent almost 48 hours straight driving NHS staff and patients all over Cornwall and Devon free of charge during the red weather warning.

Neil Bradford and Claire Bryant are well known for their charity work among the Land Rover community, they run Facebook groups ‘Charity Mania 4×4‘ and Land Rover Charity Events along with Polly Bryant using Land Rover based events to raise money for charity, so it was only natural that they would respond to the NHS appeal for 4×4 owners to help staff get to and from work.

As ever we are extremely grateful to all our staff for their ongoing incredible work during the severe weather and we sincerely thank anyone who is able to donate some extra time and skill to keep our patients safe and well this weekend.

Finally I’d like to add that we are hugely grateful to all those 4×4 drivers who have helped us so far. If any other 4×4 drivers can help this weekend please contact the Exeter Transport Hub on 01392 403913 as soon as possible.

Claire BryantGroupIf anyone is able to help please do. I know it’s started thawing but still need 4×4 to access most areas”

Thursday 1st March:

As soon as the bad weather started pushing in, the Land Rover Charity team got to work helping out where needed. Thursday as the snow began to settle Neil Bradford started helping those in need.

Using his Land Rover 110 to aid South West Water Workers in Kingsteignton, Neil collected their manager before going to the Totnes to collect safety equipment and supplies for workers who were stranded at work on Dartmoor nr Holne.
After dropping off safety equipment in Holne he then drove the manager back to Kingsteignton and workers home to Dawlish.

The day was by no means over, after leaving Dawlish Neil rescued two elderly women along who had become stranded whilst looking after their granddaughter. The elderly women had got stuck in a dangerous position, after the stranded vehicle was pushed to the side of road he then dropped the ladies home in Langston Cliff.

Not only was there chaos on the roads, but trains had also stopped running leaving people stranded and in need of a lift home in the snow. Some people had began to walk the 3.5 miles from Dawlish to Teignmouth in the treacherous conditions. Neil began ferrying stranded rail passengers up until 10.30pm.

4x4 Community Pull Together During Worst Weather In 50 years 13

Friday 2nd March:

4x4 Community Pull Together During Worst Weather In 50 years 14

Land Rover owner, Malcolm Pelmear was busy ferrying nurses during storm Emma and asked Neil to help out the next day. The pair were up at 6 am Friday morning and spent the day taking nurses to and from Newton Abbot hospital and picking up other walkers along the way.

One of the walkers that was picked up was a young dad who had to get essential food to his kids.

Saturday 3rd March:

Today the volunteers were up at 5.30 am to do it all again. The 4×4 community has really pulled together during some of the worst weather conditions in almost 50 years. Neil Bradford, Claire Bryant, Malcolm Pelmear, Ben Walker, Dave Horswell, Mathew Taylor, Rowan Lawson Sutton…. These are just a few of the local heroes that risked going out in the blizzards and treacherous driving conditions to help out others in need.

Blizzards driven by strong winds, causing drifting snow and bitter cold have caused death and disruption as the weather system nicknamed the “Beast from the East” clashes with Storm Emma to create some of the worst weather in almost 50 years.

The Met Office issued a red warning on Thursday across Devon and Cornwall and declared a ‘Major Incident’ as temperatures plummeted and snow fell up to 50cm in some areas.

Schools closed, hospital appointments were cancelled people were left stranded. Drivers, that ignored warnings not to go out, or had no choice but to travel in the snow and ice, were left stranded on roads right across the UK in freezing temperatures.

Emergency services struggled to clear heavy snow and abandoned vehicles that had broken down or crashed. Many rail and air travelers also endured found themselves stranded.

There were 4×4’s out in force, not only in Devon and Cornwall, but all over the country helping people out, recovering vehicles, delivering supplies, offering lifts, helping the emergency services. It is fantastic to see how the 4×4 community pull together in a time of crisis and put themselves and their vehicles at risk for the good of others. Of course we would love to name you all, but obviously that’s impossible. Everyone that has helped has been truly amazing and need a huge thank you.

If you have a video or a story to share then please share it in the comments.


Land Rover Defender Flips On Its Roof In Snow And Ice 15

Land Rover Defender Flips On Its Roof In Snow And Ice

A Land Rover Defender driver escaped without major injuries today when the vehicle overturned onto its roof, the driver struggled to cope with the treacherous conditions caused by the ice and snow that has gripped the nation this morning.

Suffolk Police attended the crash which occurred near Hundon earlier this morning. No other vehicles were involved in the incident.

In a tweet, officers said: “Out to another single vehicle RTC near Hundon. Driver is okay but not even Land Rover can handle some of these conditions.”

The accident took place on the eastbound carriageway near the junction with the A1017, close to Spring Grove Farm. Traffic was affected between Withersfield and Haverhill.

A spokesman for Suffolk Police said: “First job of the day is to relieve nights from a crash on the A1307 near Withersfield.

Driving a 4×4 does not make you invincible in snow or icy conditions and proper care needs to be taken, you can read more about driving a 4×4 in snow and ice safely in our guide.

The UK is set for more snow overnight and into Friday, so take extra care when traveling and remember to only go out if it is absolutely necessary in extreme snow and ice.

Driving A 4×4 In Snow:

Keep in mind that 4WD/AWD will still spin off a road on Ice the same as a regular 2WD vehicle. Once moving (on any slippery stuff) newbie 4WD owners have a tendency to drive faster than they should and possibly not as carefully and slowly due to a false sense of security. All of the above driving tips should be observed at all times, just because you have a 4×4 does not mean you can drive faster than you would in a 2WD car.

All motor vehicles need traction for safe steering – 4WD/AWD does not provide extra traction for steering.
All cars need traction for safe braking – 4WD/AWD does not provide extra traction for braking.

When To Use 4WD: Read more tips on driving in snow and ice in your 4×4

Wealden police warn about Defender thefts

Land Rovers targeted by thieves in Wealden villages Police warn

Police are warning Land Rover Defender owners to be vigilant around the Wealden villages after two Defenders were stolen and a third attempted theft in Mayfield and Rotherfield during the past weekend. A white Defender was stolen at some point Saturday night from St Leonards Lane, Mayfield, it was later recovered in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, the vehicle was reportedly damaged and the contents of the vehicle were stolen, including a Makita drill.  A red Defender stolen from Town Row, Rotherfield, in the early hours of Sunday was found at Poultwood Golf Course, Higham Lane, Tonbridge, Kent, it had been used in a burglary.

There was also a failed attempt to steal a Defender from Station Road, Mayfield, on Sunday afternoon, thieves caused damage to the vehicle but were unable to steal it. Officers believe that these incidents could very well be linked linked and are warning Land Rover owners to think about how and where they park their vehicles overnight.

Anyone who saw or heard anything suspicious at any of the rural locations in East Sussex or who may have other information is asked to contact police online or phone 101, quoting serial 143 of 25/02. Alternatively, please visit the Crimestoppers website or contact the independent charity anonymously on 0800 555 111.

'Defender Your Defender' Campaign Launched By Police After Land Rover Thefts Rise 16

‘Defender Your Defender’ Campaign Launched By Police After Land Rover Thefts Rise

A campaign to help Defender owners protect their Land Rovers has been launched by Police forces all around the country after a spate of thefts of the iconic vehicles.

The sudden rise in thefts of Land Rover Defenders has been attributed to the popularity of the vehicle, the sudden price hike since production ceased and the ease of breaking the vehicles for the parts which has led to the ‘Defend Your Defender’ initiative being launched by the police.

Police state that many of the vehicles are shipped abroad either complete or stripped and sold for spare parts.

Officers said motorists could reduce the risk of their pride and joy being stolen by taking a few simple steps.

How to ‘Defender your Defender’


Park your Defender out of sight, for example in a garage is ideal, however if you have to park on the drive, it is suggested they are covered by security lighting and CCTV.

Use a forensic security marking kit for vehicle parts.

Fit a tracker system.

Install a hidden battery isolation or cut-off switch.

Use high visibility signs to deter thieves.

Photograph any unusual features, modifications, damage or repairs which could aid identification if the vehicle is ever stolen.

Layer security, the more layers of security that you install the more deterred a thief may be.

Anyone with any information on any Land Rover Defender thefts should call police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Billing Off Road Show Hosting Land Rover 70th Anniversary World Record Attempt 17

Billing Off Road Show Hosting Land Rover 70th Anniversary World Record Attempt

This year is Land Rover’s 70th Birthday and to celebrate than Billing Off Road Show and Land Rover Monthly are attempting a new world record!

The Billing Off Road Show, along with Land Rover Monthly, will attempt to set a new World record for the Largest parade of Land Rovers/ Range Rovers. The event is set to take place on Saturday 30th June 2018, from 4pm (exact timings to be confirmed).

The record to beat is 516 vehicles, set by LandMania Clube de Portugal in Gouveia, Portugal on 7th September 2014.

– each vehicle must drive at least 2 miles in the parade
– each vehicle must be no more than 2 vehicle lengths away from the next one

to enter:
– you must have a Show ground or Campsite wristband
– you must have a ticket for the world record attempt (available at:
– you must have a full driving licence
– your vehicle must be road legal

Each vehicle will receive a World Record attempt plaque after the event. We would love for all you Off Road enthusiasts to get involved, so please invite any friends with a Landy and lets smash that record!!

Cornwall Charity Land Rover Tour 18th-27th August 2018 18

Cornwall Charity Land Rover Tour 18th-27th August 2018

Cornwall Charity Land Rover Tour hosted by Land Rover Charity events and charity Mania 4×4 will take place from the 18th to the 27th of August 2018.

Meet at 10am leave at 11am
Everyone will be given a clue sheet for the route you choose Routes are A all road and B all road and some green lanes C easy green lanes with some roads D medium green lanes with some roads E harder green lanes with some roads, you will need to follow the directions to get the clues; collect words, numbers, symbols; all the while you can enjoy the scenery and explore the local community.

Start Haytor Top Car Park TQ13 9XT. Meet from 10am leave 11am End The Royal carvery Hotel you can purchase food here.

£5 per truck to take part – any Land Rover or 4×4 vehicles can take part as long as road legal. Our charities this year are Children’s Hospice South West; LARF CORNWALL and CORNWALL SEARCH & RESCUE

Itinerary – Cornwall 2018
A route plan will be available on arrival – sites are ‘wild camping’ – toilets and water will be available. A utility tent where you can freshen up will be provided – bring your own travel shower if required.

All arranged outings and meals are optional

Day 1 Saturday 18th August Meet and greet
Arrive at The Countryman Inn, Launceston PL15 8NL (nr North Petherwin) from 10am.
Live Band Saturday Night.

Day 2 Sunday 19th August
Function Room booked for Sunday lunchtime from midday – 2pm if you wish to join in for Carvery or Special Board available – (charge applies)

One of the local landowners will lead us out for a leisurely drive around the area to include a few green lanes – setting off approximately 4pm.

Day 3 Monday 20th August
Depart The Countryman Inn by 11am

Travel to site 2 nr Penzance TR19 6EJ. We will take in some of the coast road to explore the North Cornwall coastline. Alternatively you can drive directly to the site.

Day 4 Tuesday 21st August &
Day 5 Wednesday 22nd August

Days free to explore the area. Ideas for days out will be included in your pack.

Day 6 Thursday 23rd August
Depart by 11 am. Travelling to site 3 Pendoggett PL30 3HQ.

Day 7 Friday 24th August
Day free to explore the area.
Ideas for days out will be included in your pack.

Day 8 Saturday 25th August
Depart by 11 am. Travel to Pentille Castle PL12 6QD via Bodmin Moor.

Day 9 Sunday 26th August.
Day free to explore the area
Ideas for days out will be included in your pack.

Day 10 Monday 27th August.
Time to say farewell to your new friends or spend some time exploring either as groups or individually before heading off.

Tickets are now on sale at £60 for one Land Rover for all the tour or £20 per a day not per person please don’t forget before you purchase your ticket this is for wild camping every Land Rover will receive a plaque

For booking tickets or questions about the event please contact Neil or Claire here.

How To Install A Dynamic Advanced Timing Spacer For More Boost On 200 TDi / 300 TDi 19

How To Install A Dynamic Advanced Timing Spacer For More Boost On 200 TDi / 300 TDi

I have just received my Dynamic Advanced Timing Spacer which is designed to give any engine using a Bosch VE injector pump extra boost. I am fitting my spacer kit to a 200 TDi Land Rover engine and figured I would do a walk through guide.

I got the kit from Steg’s Supplies, it consists of the following:

x2 Genuine Bosch O rings
x1 Timing spacer
x1 pre-load washer
x2 longer bolts

I also got a Boost pin in the kit which is a fully hardened Boost pin and not a cheap imitation from fleabay!

How To Install A Dynamic Advanced Timing Spacer For More Boost On Bosch Injector Pump

Bosch VE timing cover plate

Step 1: Remove the plate shown in the image above from the side of the Bosch injector pump by undoing the x2 torx bolts.
Step 2: Remove the spring
Step 3: Remove the old O ring
Step 4: Place a new O ring where the old one was.
Step 5: Place the other O ring into the spacer from the kit.
Step 6: Replace the spring
Step 7: Place the spacer with the o ring facing against the plate
Step 8: Insert shim washer into plate and bolt up with the new longer bolts.

Purchase Dynamic Timing Advance Spacer For More Boost

How to Install A Boost Pin:

Installing a boost pin is easier than a dynamic advance timing spacer, only because there is more space.

Step 1: Remove the four screws from the top of the diaphragm housing, leaving the boost pipe intact.
Step 2: Remove the diaphragm and pin
Step 3: Use x2 10mm spanners to undo the original pin from the diaphragm.
Step 4: Replace old pin with your new boost pin. Note the small dot on the diaphragm, the notched out part of the pin needs to line up with that dot.
Step 5: Remove the spring and take out the nylon washer
Step 6: Replace spring
Step 7: Grease the new pin in the notched out section
Step 8: Replace the pin with the small dot facing the front of the engine.
Step 9: replace housing top.
Step 9: Enjoy!

Purchase Boost PIN… NOT boost RING here


Treworga | UCR | greenlane | Byway | Cornwall

Unclassified country road in Treworga, Cornwall, deep water at one end, wouldn’t advise attempting on your own!

Green Lane Nr Trewithian Cornwall – St Just In Roseland

Nice green lane near St Just in Roseland, trewithian, Cornwall driven by Nick Osborne in his Defender 90 16/02/2018. This lane has a little bit of everything, few rutted areas, some steps, a stream, nice solid lane and a good drive.

Laddock Byway Cornwall BOAT

Myself and Nick Osborne doing a BOAT (byway open to all traffic) at Laddock. Nice scratchy little lane in the summer months, usually find that there are trees down during the winter months that need chopping up and removing!
This lane could be done on road tires, good solid track for most of the lane.