Vintage Land Rover Emerges At Cornish Beach Almost 30 Years After Being Taken By The Tides 1

Vintage Land Rover Emerges At Cornish Beach Almost 30 Years After Being Taken By The Tides

These remarkable pictures show a vintage Land Rover emerging at a Cornish beach 30 years after it was taken by the rising tide.

The Land Rover has resurfaced three decades after it was taken by spring tides at Gwithian beach, on the southwest coast.

Shifting sands and big spring tides have revealed part of a Ronnie Hanney’s Land Rover that got stuck there when he and his family had driven down to the shore almost three decades ago and unfortunately got stuck.

Vintage Land Rover Emerges At Cornish Beach Almost 30 Years After Being Taken By The Tides 2

The most prominent part of the vehicle, the rear passenger side wheel still has a fully inflated tyre has briefly appeared before, however last week the chassis could also be seen as more of the Land Rover was uncovered for the first time.

Vintage Land Rover Emerges At Cornish Beach Almost 30 Years After Being Taken By The Tides 3

The Land Rover – with ‘Merry Christmas Cornwall’ painted on the side – was already 22 years old when it became stuck in soft sand.

Vintage Land Rover Emerges At Cornish Beach Almost 30 Years After Being Taken By The Tides 4

Despite trying to save the car with a tractor, the tides moved in and the cheery vehicle, which had been decorated with tinsel and Christmas messages, was doomed to its beachy grave.

Vintage Land Rover Emerges At Cornish Beach Almost 30 Years After Being Taken By The Tides 5

Gina, who was 16 at the time, recalled: ‘It was one of the most embarrassing days of my life.

Wheely stuck: Despite trying to save the car with a tractor, the tides moved in and the cheery vehicle, which had been decorated with tinsel and Christmas messages, was doomed to its beachy grave


‘We had parked up down by the shoreline, but we were in soft sand and when we tried to move the back wheels just kept spinning.

‘The tide had turned and we couldn’t get out in time, so I ran back up to the slip to try to find someone to help while people started to gather on the headland to watch.

‘Once the water reached the Land Rover we couldn’t do any more and we had to leave it.

 ‘The funniest thing was, when my dad went back with a spade the next day to dig it out, all that was sticking out of the sand was the chassis and four wheels.”

In a report at the time the local ‘Cornishman’ newspaper said: ‘The sand flats below Hayle Towans claimed an unusual wreck earlier this week when a 22-year-old Land Rover dropped into a hole and refused to budge.

‘Mr Ron Hanney of Water Lane, Hayle, owner of the disaster stricken vehicle, rushed home to get a tractor and pull it out, but the tide won the race.’

Though he was understandably upset at the time, Gina admits that after a few years her father, who died aged 69 in December 2015, saw the funny side of it.

She added: ‘In a way it’s nice that he has left a legacy that is now part of Hayle, as he loved it here.

Facebook user Alexander Robertson said: ‘Well they are all-terrain amphibeas exploring utility vehicles. I wouldn’t expect anything less from such fine British engineering.’

Land Rover Defender 2019

Jaguar Land Rover Plans A Rebirth Of The Defender In 2019

Jaguar Land Rover plans a rebirth of the Defender in 2019 however it may be built in Slovakia according to reports.

The Great British Land Rover Defender was discontinued in 2016 largely due to stringent EU regulations on vehicle emissions and crash safety requirements, the Land Rover Defender in it’s current form would not pass the EU regulations. Designed originally for farming and agricultural use, the Land Rover was built with simplicity in mind.

“In 1948, the vehicle was just driving over the farm field,” chief exec Ralf Speth said. “But this cannot be the case anymore. At the end of the day you cannot design a vehicle like the original one. We have to make sure we fulfill all the regulatory requirements.”

After almost 70 years in production the Land Rover can be found performing all sorts of tasks in all walks of life, its classless which is why the utility vehicle quickly became one of the most popular off-road vehicles in production, selling over 2 million since 1948, making it the world’s longest continuous production vehicle.

A new generation of the Defender is currently being tested in prototype form at various secret locations around the world. Ralf Speth, Jaguar Land Rover CEO confirmed that the company are testing Defender mules, which were very promising, the styling is almost complete and is said to look “fantastic”.

The new Defender will be based on the aluminium architecture of the Range Rover and Discovery, meaning it can share the all-aluminium body shop and final assembly procedures of these models, this means the end of the ladder chassis setup, instead the first completely new Defender since 1948 will feature two subframes mounted to a light, rigid unibody.

The Defender will no longer be a single vehicle aimed at a limited market, but instead will become a family of vehicles featuring five body styles:

X2 Door short-wheelbase hard top
X2 Door short wheelbase soft top
X4 Door long-wheelbase with a hard top
X2 Door short-wheelbase pickup
X4 Door long-wheelbase pickup

There should also be five engine choices from Jaguar Land Rover’s new Ingenium engine series: two 2.0-liter diesel four-cylinders (150 and 180 hp), two 2.0-liter gas four-cylinders (180 and 240 hp), and, at the top, a 300-hp, 3.0-liter V-6, which will replace the ancient V-8. All engines will be bolted to either a six-speed manual or a nine-speed automatic, and both transmissions can be coupled to an extra-cost, low-range transfer case and two differential locks.

The Defender will share the two wheelbases of the Range Rover — 2922mm and 3120mm in standard and long wheelbase models but with less body overhang, especially at the rear and its ground clearance and arrival, departure and break-over angles will give it greater off-road agility than any other Land Rover.

The overall length of the different models is likely to be around 200 to 300mm less than the Range Rover’s 4999mm and 5199mm lengths, which will make the Defenders smaller and more manoeuvrable than their siblings. There’s no word on a three-door model, but given the likely 4.7-4.8m length of even the shorter version, Land Rover may decide against it.

To keep production costs down it is likely the Defender will be built at Land Rover’s new Slovakian plant, announced at the end of last year, where manufacturing costs will be lower than in the UK. JLR has previously said production in the Slovakian facility, which will be able to make the firm’s aluminium models, will begin before the end of this year at an “initial capacity” of 150,000 vehicles a year.

It is predicted that a starting price of around £35,000 for the Defender should be expected, with most examples selling for £40,000-plus.



Land Rover Discovery Project Hero

‘Project Hero’ Land Rover New 4×4 Discovery Literally A life Saver

Jaguar Land Rover are launching a vehicle with an in-built drone that will change rescue operations forever.

At this year’s Geneva Motor Show, the British car manufacturer revealed their intelligent design, custom rescue vehicle which features a built-in drone. The Discovery 4×4 features tech that will revolutionise relief operations.

'Project Hero' Discovery 4x4

‘Project Hero’ Discovery 4×4

Land Rover designed ‘Project Hero’ specifically for the International Red Cross and Red Crescent, featuring a drone which can launch from the Discovery whilst the vehicle is in motion, giving rescue crews much more accessibility to disaster areas.

The drone is built into a sliding hatch on the roof and can be launched using a touch-screen tablet from inside the vehicle and can easily re-dock with the use of a magnetic homing device, there is no need for crews to land the drone, this is the first of its kind in the world.

Land Rover Discovery 4x4 Built In Drone

Land Rover Discovery 4×4 Built In Drone

Project Hero is a unique version on the Land Rover Discovery, the supremely capable vehicle is enhanced by the team of designers and engineers at special vehicle operations through the integration of enhanced drone technology.

The kind of scenarios where Project Hero is going to be deployed are in instances of floods, earthquakes, avalanches, any situation where the emergency response team can receive live footage transmitted from the drone.

Project Hero Enhanced Communication Technology

Project Hero Enhanced Communication Technology

A fully integrated landing system featuring self-centering and magnetic retention technology is a world-first that enables the drone to dock when the vehicle is in motion,” a spokesperson from Jaguar Land Rover said.

“With the drone airborne, live footage can be transmitted to the Red Cross’s emergency response teams, helping them respond more quickly and effectively to landslides, earthquakes, floods and avalanches.

“Dramatic landscape changes can make maps redundant, which adds to the danger and difficulty of finding and rescuing survivors, so the drone’s bird’s-eye view will allow rescuers to investigate an emergency scene from a safe distance.”

If victims are stranded or out of reach of immediate assistance, rescue teams are able to deploy life saving aid via the drone increasing chances of survival in hot spots and increasing the time teams have to rescue survivors. The drone also has the ability to direct search and sniffer-dog teams to the scene. The Land Rover is packed full of enhanced communications equipment which is fundamental during rescue operations.

Land Rover and the team of engineers and designers at Special Vehicle Operations are proud to support the incredible humanitarian work of the IFRC and its members,” John Edwards, Jaguar Land Rover Special Operations Managing Director said.

The new Discovery is the world’s most capable all-terrain SUV, and Project Hero is the optimum combination of enhanced capability and innovative technology.

We hope to help the Red Cross save more lives in emergency situations.”
Jaguar Land Rover has a 63-year partnership with the Red Cross, the specialist discovery models will begin service in June, at the Austrian Red Cross training centre in Vienna.

Now, who wants this setup for off-roading or laning!?




Wensley Jailed For 5 Years

5 Years For Land Rover £2 Million Parts Thief

Land Rovers being stolen and stripped for parts is nothing new, in fact since production of the Defender stopped last year thefts of the iconic vehicles have risen sharply.
One thief decided to cut out the middleman and steal parts directly from Jaguar Land Rover.  An employee of the company stole parts valued at over £2million from the company’s Gaydon site in Warwick over a period of 3 years.

Simon Wensley, ran an automotive business as a cover which he used to sell the stolen parts until he was caught last year and convicted after a 4 week long trial at Warwick Crown Court. Wensley, of Kingsbury Road, Coundon, was charged with theft and two accounts of fraud, which he denied. The 56 year old is currently serving a five-year jail term for the thefts that occurred between May 2010 and early 2013.

Wensley had worked for Jaguar Land Rover at the site in Gaydon since 2006 through his company called Wenztec LTD as a logistics co-ordinator for the vehicle safety department. It became apparent during an audit that parts were being ordered in but were not in the stock, parts for older engines such as fuel injectors were being ordered in masses, this raised flags and an investigation into the over orders began. In fact over 2,000 injectors had been ordered without consent, this is enough for more than 400 engines.

Audits revealed that 4,500 parts, not just injectors were ordered by Wensley for vehicles which were no longer in production, the parts with a retail value of over £2m could easily be sold on the secondhand market. During a search of Wensley’s home, stolen parts valued at around £23,000 were recovered.

Using the Jaguar Land Rover works van it was easy to steal the parts from the site, loading them up with legitimate parts that were out for delivery. Wensley had also defrauded HMRC by claiming motor expenses for using his own vehicle for work when he was actually using the JLR van. Judge Andrew Lockhart QC had told Wensley before sentencing him for 5 years:

 “This case concerns the systematic, planned, persistent and cynical theft of a quite staggering number of parts from one of the great Midlands institutions, one of the flagship companies in this country.

“It was a staggeringly dishonest breach of trust.

“Your thefts were unrelenting, sometimes 20 to 30 fuel injectors ordered at one time.

“The loss to Jaguar Land Rover was staggering. A business of whatever size has the right to be protected by these courts from thefts of this nature.”