waymo team up with Jaguar Land Rover

Jaguar Land Rover lands deal to supply self-driving cars to Waymo

Early this morning at Chelsea Piers in New York City, the CEO of Waymo, John Krafcik announced a new model of car powered by their own self-driving technology. Waymo has partnered with Jaguar Land Rover to bring the Waymo-outfitted Jaguar I-PACE to the public, it is already being dubbed the worlds first premium fully self driving car.

Waymo revealed plans to outfit 20,000 units to be used for a public self-driving service over the next few years, a service which will offer in excess of 1 million rides per day.

Waymo’s lineup features six models, including a small car, an SUV, a firefly prototype, a minivan and a semi-truck for operations.

At the reveal John Krafcik said “We want to build a self-driving car for every passenger and every trip.”

Krafcik also stated that the Jaguar Land Rover model has a bigger battery which would allow the car to drive all day. Moreover, this partnership signals a move across the Atlantic for Waymo, expressing interest in bringing self-driving cars over to Europe.

Waymo has already announced that Waymo would bring self-driving service to the public in 2018.

As part of the deal with Jaguar, Waymo plans to have 20,000 units on the streets, starting in Phoenix with about 100 square mile area, roughly one-sixth of the Phoenix metropolitan area.

Krafcik was extremely vague at the event when asked how many cities he’d like to see Waymo in in the next two years. “More,” he said simply.

This comes at a time when self-driving tech is having a bit of a publicity crisis. One of Uber’s self-driving cars was recently involved in a fatal collision with a pedestrian, which may slow public adoption of the technology.

In turn, Uber’s self-driving testing has been suspended in the state of Arizona, where many AV companies test their fleet.

When asked about the accident at today’s press event, Krafcik fell back on Waymo’s comments from this weekend.

“We made some comments over the weekend over the situation in Arizona, and those comments suffice for now,” said Krafcik. “Today, we’re talking about moving forward into the future with technology we’re very confident in, with the I-PACE, and integration of our driver with I-PACE is a safe benchmark for the world.”

Earlier this year, Waymo placed an order for even more Chrysler Pacifica minivans from FCA to outfit its self-driving fleet. This is on top of the original 500 vehicles already supplied to Waymo, as the company begins to ramp up to its 2018 public launch.

Moreover, these companies seem to be racing to launch public fleets first. GM’s Cruise fleet is supposed to launch in 2019, with Uber working to get their fleet out by mid-2019.

This also comes on the heels of a long and gritty legal battle between Uber and Waymo over self-driving IP, which was settled in February.


Steg's Supplies New Tuning Product For Land Rover 200 / 300 TDi 1

Steg’s Supplies New Tuning Product For Land Rover 200 / 300 TDi

Anyone with a Land Rover 200 or 300 TDi will be aware that the engines tend to lack power, however we have been secretly testing a product from Steg’s supplies that is set to be a real game changer for anyone with a sluggish agricultural engine!

The new tuning product takes less than two minutes to fit, even the least mechanically minded person could fit it. Whilst we have been sworn to secrecy about the latest innovation from Steg’s supplies, we can reveal that we gained a lot of power after fitting it.

Keep your eyes on Steg’s 4×4 because this is going to fly off the shelves and trust me when I say, you do not want to miss out on this!

If you can’t wait to get more gains from your Land Rover, then you can always try a Chris Mason Boost Pin or a Dynamic Advanced Timing Spacer from Nick Steggel. With both bits of kit fitted there has been a power increase of over 30bhp reported, this is backed up by a dyno test which a customer actually made a video of.

I wonder if they can hook me up with some wheelie bars!!

Peter Rabbit Series II Land Rover

Land Rover That Featured In Peter Rabbit Film Up For Auction

One of two 88″ versions used in Sony Pictures latest movie ‘Peter Rabbit’ is set to go under the hammer with H&H Classics auctions.

A Land Rover that featured in the new Peter Rabbit film is up for auction later this month, it could be yours for £10,000!

The 1969 Series II model was one of two models that appeared in the film, which is released in UK cinemas on March 16. The car is finished in iconic Pastel Green with refurbished tan seats.

two of the short wheeled base land rovers were used during filming.

two of the short wheeled base land rovers were used during filming.

The Series II features the 2.25-litre petrol engine and is one of the later production Series IIA models with the headlights moved to the wings and shallower sill panels.

This iconic vehicle which was owned by Action 99 Cars was used for filming location shots in the Lake District. During its time on set it had false number plates. It is described as being in “excellent condition” with a fresh MOT and is estimated to fetch between £10,000 and £15,000. Bidding will start at £5,000.

The fully refurbished Landy has new tan interior but needs new door rubbers!

The fully refurbished Landy has new tan interior but needs new door rubbers!

The vehicle is being auctioned off by H&H Classics on March 21 at an auction at the Imperial War Museum, Duxford, Cambridgeshire.

You can catch a glimpse of this Land Rover if you go and see Peter Rabbit in cinemas from this Friday!

Kahn's 250k 6x6 Defender Really Is A Chelsea Tractor 2

Kahn’s 250k 6×6 Defender Really Is A Chelsea Tractor

Check out the new Kahn Design named the ‘Flying Huntsman’, it is a 6×6 Civillian Carrier, designed to carry nine people over the roughest terrains imaginable.

The enormous six wheeled drive off-roader started out as a Land Rover Defender 110 before Khan turned it into a 5.1 metre, 6×6 ultimate civilian carrier.

Kahn's 250k 6x6 Defender Really Is A Chelsea Tractor 3

You can get a Flying Huntsman fitted with a 2.2 litre diesel engine for £249,995 and take 8 of your family or friends out for a spin!

This is the first prototype made under the Chelsea Truck Company banner, which Kahn Design has committed to making those in the market for a six wheeled people carrier.

Kahn's 250k 6x6 Defender Really Is A Chelsea Tractor 4

At the Geneva Motor Show on Tuesday, Kahn stated: “The vehicle would not look out of place with London, Chelsea or New York-centric drivers, rock climbers and off-roaders at the helm, nor would it look weary in battle as troops speed into combat“.

The 6×6 Defender measures a whopping 5.1 metres long and is powered by a 170 horse-power 2.2-litre diesel engine with a max speed of 130mph, a more expensive version will be available that will have a 430 horse-power 6.2-litre V8 diesel under the bonnet. All six wheels are powered via a hi-lo ration drive system and locking differentials.

Kahn's 250k 6x6 Defender Really Is A Chelsea Tractor 5

The interior features a two, three, two, two seat layout, still leaving plenty of leg room and room for luggage. A version with full panoramic roof above the rear seating that starts from the B pillars and ends at the rear of the vehicle.The interior features high quality fabrics and materials from front to back creating a modern luxurious feel.

Kahn's 250k 6x6 Defender Really Is A Chelsea Tractor 6

Afzal Kahn, chief executive of Kahn Design, claims that the coach-built vehicle is ideal for big families and will be snapped up by collectors:

‘We are a fully independent British car company and it is an exciting time,’ he said.

‘The Civilian Carrier is a stunning six-wheel drive car, ideal for big families who enjoy spending time together in the great outdoors.

‘With extensive safety features and plenty of clever technology to make driving effortless, the Civilian Carrier could be the best choice for carrying family, friends and their luggage.’

Kahn's 250k 6x6 Defender Really Is A Chelsea Tractor 7

‘The Land Rover Defender is one of my top five favourite cars,’ he added.

‘There is something about it that makes you smile – it demands respect.’

Check out the prototype being built under the Chelsea Truck Company banner, which Kahn Design is aiming to sell to big families and collectors, let us know your thoughts…. Beauty or a Beast?

Hero 4x4 Driver Calls For Decrease In Road Tax 19

Hero 4×4 Driver Calls For Decrease In Road Tax

During the recent snow storms that brought the country to its knees last week, an army of 4×4 drivers took to the roads to help those in need. All over the internet videos were popping up of 4×4’s towing lorries to safety, pulling cars out of ditches, ferrying people to and from Hospitals, railway stations and aiding the Emergency services.

All over the Facebook ‘Off roading’ community groups brave 4×4 drivers have been telling how they have generously spent their free time and fuel helping those in need:

Richie J Tatman: “Since half 2 Thursday I’ve been out till midnight and up at half 6 doing runs for the NHS getting staff to and from the hospital between that was helping care workers get round to see the elderly and make sure they had everything they needed. Been rescuing cars and lorries and vans out the way to keep traffic all around Exeter and surrounding areas. Been helping friends get to and from as well”

Marcus Blakeley: “300tdi disco been towing people up hills in Willand and Cullomoton also a lorry getting though Willand and a few recovery dragging people out of snow drifts let’s say I’ve had hardly any sleep and I’m feeling it today lol”

Hero 4x4 Driver Calls For Decrease In Road Tax 20

Bradley Turner: “200tdi Land Rover 90. Taking elderly people shopping. Giving people lifts to and from work helping people get there cars out. Taking people to there animal(horses)”

Hero 4x4 Driver Calls For Decrease In Road Tax 21

Adam Pagett:Drove a doctor around Tiverton area calling on urgent patients, delivered prescriptions and took a hospice career to a remote property.”

Trevor Burridge: “Since it’s started snowing Thursday helped family members get home from work which then turned to friends of family, friends of friends and By Friday/Saturday it was just anyone & everyone who needed transport including Hospital staff to and from work. Towing people out the snow as and when I came across them.”

Hero 4x4 Driver Calls For Decrease In Road Tax 22

Ollie Woods: “Since 1pm till gone 1/2 in the morning both nights started at 8am yesterday constantly picking up NHS staff to and from work rescued many of motorists stranded at their cars on passing taken someone from Chudleigh to Newton to care for heavily cancer ridden family member rescued a few cars that blocked roads running out of talent. And taken people with their children to seek refuge with family that have electric/gas/water non stop covering between Newton abbot to Exeter and everywhere in between.”

Levi Hamilton: “Been towing people out, giving lifts, picking people up who have been stranded and dropping them to there homes met many nice people and nice to see so many 4x4s out and about helping Hero 4x4 Driver Calls For Decrease In Road Tax 23???? well done everyone Hero 4x4 Driver Calls For Decrease In Road Tax 24????Hero 4x4 Driver Calls For Decrease In Road Tax 24

Hero 4x4 Driver Calls For Decrease In Road Tax 26

These are just an example of some of the brave 4×4 drivers that risked their own safety to help others, social media is full of examples just like those above, a community of 4×4 drivers pulling together to help those in need, a community that is usually frowned upon, a community that is penalised for driving the very vehicles that aided emergency services and rescued those in need last week.

One driver has actually started a petition for a decrease in road tax and some recognition for all the hard work many of us 4×4 owners put into helping out those in need.

“To the Minister for Transport

Dear Sir
Now that the worst of the winter weather for 2018 is over I ask you to consider this. Over the last week, most of the UK has been battered by winter storms which have left thousands of people stranded, and thousands of essential workers unable to do their jobs. Ordinary people. Care workers, School teachers, NHS staff, shop workers, delivery drivers….Thousands of people. Into this mess have stepped hundreds if not thousands of 4×4 drivers who have freely given their time to venture out in the worst of the weather to rescue those stranded. To ferry midwives out to pregnant women. To tow stranded 44 ton articulated lorries with their 2 ton Land Rovers. To recover cars which have become bogged in snow drifts, or stuck on hills. Mums and kids trying to get home. Plumbers trying to get to old people with no heating. Teachers trying to get to school.

This army of 4×4 drivers has kept so much of this country moving in the last week, do you think it out of place for a very public “Thank You” from the government? We have given our time, fuel, cheerfulness all without any thought of reward, other than a most heartfelt “Thank You” from those rescued, and that means the most to us.

But you and the government seen hell bent on driving us off the road with Punitive tax increases! Most of those out there this week have not been new £100,000 Range Rover drivers who can afford £2000 a year for their new cars, but ordinary people who use their 4×4’s every day for work. Farmers, construction workers, and hundreds of enthusiasts who keep these vehicles because they love them. People who need 4×4’s. And it feels like the government want these vehicles off the road with extortionate tax rises.

So please, think on this volunteer army who have done so much to help keep this country moving this week, don’t kick us too hard, or in future when you need us most, we may just not be there…….

An Old Land Rover driver…..”

The petition is almost at 15,000 signatures, if you haven’t done already, please show your support and sign the petition.

Jaguar Land Rover: All Routes Open by Spark44 27

Jaguar Land Rover: All Routes Open by Spark44

A Good Service Is Running On All Routes: Land Rover – Above & Beyond

Land Rover is running a tactical advertising campaign during the UK’s recent snow storm. The ad illustrates that winter is when their vehicles comes into their own. It is also having a cheeky dig at all the travel services and two wheel drive vehicles that were halted due to adverse weather conditions.

The advert shows a snowy scene with nothing but Land Rover tire tracks going down the middle of a snow covered road, in the distance there are snow covered mountains and dark looking storm clouds. It was shot in the Cuillin Hills on the Isle of Skye in Scotland. The ad was created by Nick Thompson and Joshua Haines at Spark44.

Jaguar Land Rover: All Routes Open by Spark44 28

It is based on the insight that some Land Rover owners actually enjoy driving in the snow, which certainly seems to be the case with hordes of 4×4 drivers turning out to assist emergency services, deliver aid and rescue equipment, check on the elderly and offer lifts to those in need during the recent ‘snowmageddon’.


Chief Creative Officer, Spark44

Brian Fraser

Creative Directors, Spark44

Matt Statham, Chris McDonald

Creative Team, Spark44

Nick Thompson, Joshua Haines

Account Team, Spark44

Sophie Ford-Masters, Richard Oakes, Holly Abbotson


4x4 Community Pull Together During Worst Weather In 50 years 29

4×4 Community Pull Together During Worst Weather In 50 years

Unsung hero’s from Devon and Cornwall have spent almost 48 hours straight driving NHS staff and patients all over Cornwall and Devon free of charge during the red weather warning.

Neil Bradford and Claire Bryant are well known for their charity work among the Land Rover community, they run Facebook groups ‘Charity Mania 4×4‘ and Land Rover Charity Events along with Polly Bryant using Land Rover based events to raise money for charity, so it was only natural that they would respond to the NHS appeal for 4×4 owners to help staff get to and from work.

As ever we are extremely grateful to all our staff for their ongoing incredible work during the severe weather and we sincerely thank anyone who is able to donate some extra time and skill to keep our patients safe and well this weekend.

Finally I’d like to add that we are hugely grateful to all those 4×4 drivers who have helped us so far. If any other 4×4 drivers can help this weekend please contact the Exeter Transport Hub on 01392 403913 as soon as possible.

Claire BryantGroupIf anyone is able to help please do. I know it’s started thawing but still need 4×4 to access most areas”

Thursday 1st March:

As soon as the bad weather started pushing in, the Land Rover Charity team got to work helping out where needed. Thursday as the snow began to settle Neil Bradford started helping those in need.

Using his Land Rover 110 to aid South West Water Workers in Kingsteignton, Neil collected their manager before going to the Totnes to collect safety equipment and supplies for workers who were stranded at work on Dartmoor nr Holne.
After dropping off safety equipment in Holne he then drove the manager back to Kingsteignton and workers home to Dawlish.

The day was by no means over, after leaving Dawlish Neil rescued two elderly women along who had become stranded whilst looking after their granddaughter. The elderly women had got stuck in a dangerous position, after the stranded vehicle was pushed to the side of road he then dropped the ladies home in Langston Cliff.

Not only was there chaos on the roads, but trains had also stopped running leaving people stranded and in need of a lift home in the snow. Some people had began to walk the 3.5 miles from Dawlish to Teignmouth in the treacherous conditions. Neil began ferrying stranded rail passengers up until 10.30pm.

4x4 Community Pull Together During Worst Weather In 50 years 30

Friday 2nd March:

4x4 Community Pull Together During Worst Weather In 50 years 31

Land Rover owner, Malcolm Pelmear was busy ferrying nurses during storm Emma and asked Neil to help out the next day. The pair were up at 6 am Friday morning and spent the day taking nurses to and from Newton Abbot hospital and picking up other walkers along the way.

One of the walkers that was picked up was a young dad who had to get essential food to his kids.

Saturday 3rd March:

Today the volunteers were up at 5.30 am to do it all again. The 4×4 community has really pulled together during some of the worst weather conditions in almost 50 years. Neil Bradford, Claire Bryant, Malcolm Pelmear, Ben Walker, Dave Horswell, Mathew Taylor, Rowan Lawson Sutton…. These are just a few of the local heroes that risked going out in the blizzards and treacherous driving conditions to help out others in need.

Blizzards driven by strong winds, causing drifting snow and bitter cold have caused death and disruption as the weather system nicknamed the “Beast from the East” clashes with Storm Emma to create some of the worst weather in almost 50 years.

The Met Office issued a red warning on Thursday across Devon and Cornwall and declared a ‘Major Incident’ as temperatures plummeted and snow fell up to 50cm in some areas.

Schools closed, hospital appointments were cancelled people were left stranded. Drivers, that ignored warnings not to go out, or had no choice but to travel in the snow and ice, were left stranded on roads right across the UK in freezing temperatures.

Emergency services struggled to clear heavy snow and abandoned vehicles that had broken down or crashed. Many rail and air travelers also endured found themselves stranded.

There were 4×4’s out in force, not only in Devon and Cornwall, but all over the country helping people out, recovering vehicles, delivering supplies, offering lifts, helping the emergency services. It is fantastic to see how the 4×4 community pull together in a time of crisis and put themselves and their vehicles at risk for the good of others. Of course we would love to name you all, but obviously that’s impossible. Everyone that has helped has been truly amazing and need a huge thank you.

If you have a video or a story to share then please share it in the comments.


Chris Mason Land Rover 200/300 TDi Boost Pin Review 32

Chris Mason Land Rover 200/300 TDi Boost Pin Review

We were kindly sent a Chris Mason Boost Pin for Land Rover 200/300 TDi to do a review for Steg’s Supplies. The Boost pin will fit vehicles with a Bosch VE injector pump, takes just minutes to install and with shocking results!

The idea of the Chris Mason Boost Pin is that it allows more travel from the internal workings of the Bosch VE injection pump and thus allowing more boost.

The standard Bosch guide pin is an eccentric Control Cone attached to a diaphragm which senses boost pressure. It is used to restrict fuel delivery until boost pressure is added to the engine to ensure there is sufficient air to burn the fuel. You can adjust the standard pin position which will certainly give power gains ( check our guide here) however the performance increase is nothing compared to installing a Boost pin.

Replacing the standard pin with a modified boost pin in a Bosch VE fuel injection pump allows a larger fuel delivery given sufficient boost pressure which will improve your vehicles performance.

Steg’s Supplies are currently selling these Boost pins for £45 each, yes there are cheaper pins out there but they are not hardened pins and will eventually get scored by the stroke limit pin inside the pump and you risk damaging your injector pump which will cost more to replace in the long run.


So we fitted a Chris Mason Boost pin to our Defender 90 with a standard setup injector pump and it has made a massive difference, it now feels a lot more lively! If I could recommend one mod to do to your 200/300 TDi then it would definitely be to fit one of these Boost pins, its incredible what a difference it makes, not only to the performance but to the fuel economy, it now seems to be better on fuel than it was before fitting the Boost Pin.

Boost Power without having to ring it!

£40k Land Rover Discovery Flips In Snow In Slaithwaite 33

£40k Land Rover Discovery Flips In Snow In Slaithwaite

A Land Rover Discovery rolled onto its roof after the driver lost control on a snow covered back road in Huddersfield.

Not the first one of the week and probably wont be the last, drivers of 4×4’s be warned, you are not immune to the perils of driving in snow and ice.

A new shaped Discovery worth around £40,000 was left abandoned on a narrow road after the female driver hit a wall and rolled the vehicle onto its roof and slid down the road.

£40k Land Rover Discovery Flips In Snow In Slaithwaite 34

The incident happened on Holme Lane above Slaithwaite at around 9.30am this morning, the female driver was badly shaken up but not seriously injured. She was helped to another vehicle and taken to the doctor’s for examination.

The vehicle was seen sliding down the road on its roof before eventually coming to a stop.

Earlier this week another 4×4 driver flipped their Land Rover Defender onto its roof. Suffolk Police attended the crash which occurred near Hundon early yesterday morning. No other vehicles were involved in the incident.

For tips on driving a 4×4 safely in the snow check out our article.

Land Rover Defender Flips On Its Roof In Snow And Ice 35

Land Rover Defender Flips On Its Roof In Snow And Ice

A Land Rover Defender driver escaped without major injuries today when the vehicle overturned onto its roof, the driver struggled to cope with the treacherous conditions caused by the ice and snow that has gripped the nation this morning.

Suffolk Police attended the crash which occurred near Hundon earlier this morning. No other vehicles were involved in the incident.

In a tweet, officers said: “Out to another single vehicle RTC near Hundon. Driver is okay but not even Land Rover can handle some of these conditions.”

The accident took place on the eastbound carriageway near the junction with the A1017, close to Spring Grove Farm. Traffic was affected between Withersfield and Haverhill.

A spokesman for Suffolk Police said: “First job of the day is to relieve nights from a crash on the A1307 near Withersfield.

Driving a 4×4 does not make you invincible in snow or icy conditions and proper care needs to be taken, you can read more about driving a 4×4 in snow and ice safely in our guide.

The UK is set for more snow overnight and into Friday, so take extra care when traveling and remember to only go out if it is absolutely necessary in extreme snow and ice.

Driving A 4×4 In Snow:

Keep in mind that 4WD/AWD will still spin off a road on Ice the same as a regular 2WD vehicle. Once moving (on any slippery stuff) newbie 4WD owners have a tendency to drive faster than they should and possibly not as carefully and slowly due to a false sense of security. All of the above driving tips should be observed at all times, just because you have a 4×4 does not mean you can drive faster than you would in a 2WD car.

All motor vehicles need traction for safe steering – 4WD/AWD does not provide extra traction for steering.
All cars need traction for safe braking – 4WD/AWD does not provide extra traction for braking.

When To Use 4WD: Read more tips on driving in snow and ice in your 4×4


Highways Traffic Land Rover Discovery Catches Fire… and Ice On M62

A spokesperson said: “A traffic officer vehicle caught fire on the eastbound carriageway between junctions 21 and 22, nearer to 22.

It was part of a road block to allow a crew to grit the area.

Skier Towed Around Fields By 4X4 Range Rover In Kent

Most people are making the most of the snow storm dubbed the ‘Beast From The East’ by building snowmen or having snowball fights…
That’s to tame for 21 year old Michael Thompson, he is enjoying the freezing conditions on his skis, being towed by a Luxury 4×4 in fields around Kent.
Footage has emerged showing Thompson riding on his skis being pulled by a Land Rover. Holding onto a rope attached to the rear of the vehicle, the daredevil stuns onlookers that had gathered to watch this rare spectacle.

It’s certainly not everyday you witness a man skiing across a field, on a farm near West Malling in Kent.

Michael who runs a company called Drone Co had someone sat in the boot of the 4×4 filming him as he skillfully skis behind the Range Rover.

Watch the video, leave a comment.

Land Rover Explore Smartphone Reveal Trailer

Exploring is a unique experience – only you can define your own adventure. The award-winning Land Rover Explore: Outdoor Phone has been made to help you explore further, for longer and with added confidence. Find new routes, tracks, trails and paths – step out and embrace the outdoors. The Explore will help you live your adventures to the fullest. It’s waterproof, drop tested and built to withstand temperatures from the mountain to the surf, with a battery that won’t cut your day short. Take control and stay connected with a phone that’s as tough and durable as you are. Its sleek design makes it a piece of outdoor gear that fits the rest of your life too.

Series 3 Land Rover Tips Over On Cornish Byway – No Mans Land Looe

Almost exactly two years ago we headed East for a days greenlaning with some friends from Tavistock area, one of the first lanes we did proved to be a bit slippery and John Barrasins Series 3 slipped down into a deep rut and tipped onto its side.
We had done this lane before a few times with no issues, but this time we would need winches and some teamwork to get moving again.
It took about 20 minutes to get the series back on all four wheels and it was only a matter of seconds before it had become cross axled and we were all at a stand still again. We managed to get the series 3 (Lamb) on the move again with the use of some waffle boards however this wasn’t the last thing to go wrong on this lane this day!

At the end of this deeply rutted byway is a large step where the edge of the main road has washed out. Chris Higman managed to break his transfer box and bust a front shock whilst trying to exit the green road which ended his day laning.

One of my favorite greenlanes and I cant wait to get out on it again, it is washed out, but the substrate underneath is hard resulting in some permanent deep ruts, it also gets very tight and scratchy during the summer when the Gorse bushes grow out. Steve Penfold has been up and down it in a standard Jeep Cherokee with no problems.

Laddock Byway Cornwall BOAT

Myself and Nick Osborne doing a BOAT (byway open to all traffic) at Laddock. Nice scratchy little lane in the summer months, usually find that there are trees down during the winter months that need chopping up and removing!
This lane could be done on road tires, good solid track for most of the lane.