Blind Lane Saved By TRF After £30,000 Repair Bill Threatened Closure

Blind Lane Greenlane 1

Blind Lane has a poor history and had an even bleaker future, that is until Devon Trail Rider Federation (TRF) stepped up to the plate. With ruts as deep as four feet, collapsing hedges, TTRO’s, and an estimated £30,000 repair bill and limited funds that wouldn’t stretch that far, without the Devon TRF’s intervention and … Read more

Land Rover Defender ‘Project Pedigree’ Off Road Adventurer

Project Pedigree Off Road Defender

There are many companies turning out custom Defenders some leagues above others and Florida-based East Coast Defender are some of the best in the business when it comes to custom builds, they proved this with the release of their “Project Pedigree.” East Coast Defenders have numerous exceptional custom builds under their belt and this latest … Read more

Nail Traps Placed On Greenlanes To Stop 4×4’s Madness!

Nail traps wiltshire byway

Nail traps placed on Greenlanes to stop 4×4’s using them or at least put them off is becoming the latest tool in an absurd war against laners. The TRF (Trail Riders Fellowship) recently reported on a crude ‘spike trap’ that was found on a Byway in Wiltshire. The group said they were ‘appalled’ by the … Read more

Green Lane Code Of Conduct | Off Road | 4X4

Green lane code of conduct

There are written ‘guidelines’ pertaining to Greenlane etiquette which were written up by the Greenlane Association  in around 2004, most of which still remains true today, although it has to be said the majority of the guide is pretty much common sense. Unfortunately like everything fun in life, green laning is frowned on by certain people … Read more

Youtube Channel For Greenlaners Check us out!

Youtube Channel For Greenlaners Check us out! 6

With the launch of this new website aimed at those with a love ‘4Mud’ we have also launched a brand new Youtube channel.  We add content daily so please give us a like and a sub. The channel will feature greenlanes around Devon and Cornwall, near misses, greenlaning fails and much more. We will be … Read more

Greenlanes In Cornwall Can Be Challenging | Offroad | 4×4

Greenlanes In Cornwall Can Be Challenging | Offroad | 4x4 7

We all have different views on what makes the perfect Greenlane, some like them open and scenic whilst others prefer deep rutted technical lanes. One thing is for sure id that Cornwall and Devon have a plethora of Lane types that suit everyone’s tastes.
Last week Greenlaners Southwest (G.L.S.W) visited a byway in Looe, no mans land and this lane is very badly rutted out due to water washing off the road, its a tight scratchy lane, even this time of year.  This lane is possible in non lifted vehicles…

Watch the Video below to see the lane done in a lifter Land Rover Defender with 5″ travel shocks.

There are 3 lanes all within close proximity of each other, all lanes are open at the time of writing this, however it is advised that you check the legality of all routes featured on this website against the local definitive maps.

Greenlanes In Cornwall Can Be Challenging | Offroad | 4x4 8

If you have videos of Greenlanes in Cornwall and would like them to feature on the website, please contact us.