Off-Piste 4×4 Driver Ruins Football Pitch With Range Rover

4x4 driver ruins childrens football pitch

Football matches could be postponed after a “mindless” Range Rover driver ripped up a village pitch in his 4x4 vehicle. The incident was witnessed by Pendle Forest Sports Club chairman Darren Helliwell at around 8-45pm on Monday.The chairman said:I was in the clubhouse emptying dehumidifiers from an earlier flood we’d

How To Plot A Route For Greenlaning The Easy Way

How to plot a route for greenlaning? It's the most frequently asked question by newbies when they first discover the joys of traversing BOAT's (Byways Open To All Traffic). Greenlaning has grown in popularity over the past few years, more and more people are taking up the activity but it's getting

Range Rover Driver Stranded On South Walney Nature Reserve

Cumbria Wildlife Trust are highlighting what damage off piste drivers can actually do, this comes after a Range Rover driver got stuck in the sands off the Trust’s South Walney Nature Reserve on Sunday 25th February after venturing onto the protected beach illegally.The Range Rover was driven across the nature

Happy Valley Voluntary Restraint Being Ignored By 4×4 drivers

Off road vehicles are still being driven on parts of Snowdonia despite there being a voluntary restraint on the byway known locally as Happy Valley.The voluntary restraint on Happy Valley byway in Wales would run until April according to a tweet by GLASS. Stakeholder members requested the ongoing voluntary restraint

Off-Road Motorbike Seized and Crushed in Amble Crackdown

Police have seized and destroyed an off-road motorbike as part of an operation with Northumberland County Council to crackdown on illegal off-road motorbike riding in Amble.A motorbike has been seized and destroyed by police during an initiative to prevent illegal and anti social off-road bike riding in Northumberland.According to the

Off Road Bikes Crushed In Newark Clamp Down On Illegal Off Roading

Two off-road bikes have been crushed by police in Newark and Sherwood as part of a clamp down on illegal off roading in the area.The destruction of the bikes being ridden illegally is being used as a warning by Nottinghamshire Police to other irresponsible owners and riders. The message is

Reckless Drivers Could Cause Flitch Way Byway Closure

Flitch Way byway

Reckless drivers could cause the closure of Flitch Way Byway, residents of Great Dunmow report vehicles driving recklessly and disguising their number plates are causing issues. Yet another byway faces the threat of closure due to misuse by inconsiderate drivers. Local residents of Great Dunmow have reported that a small minority

Off-Piste Drivers Threaten The Future Of Greenlaning Police Seize 4×4

4x4 Seized

Illegal off-road driving threatens the future of Greenlaning, destroys the countryside and gives everyone that legally enjoy the byways a bad reputation. Off-Piste driving happens all over the country, some do it deliberately whilst others are ignorant of the laws, either way it's wrong and the police are clamping down

Salisbury Plain Illegal Off-Roading Crackdown Hailed A Big Success

Salisbury Plain Illegal Offroading Crackdown

Initiative To Crackdown On Illegal Off-Roading On salisbury Plain Hailed A Big Success.Salisbury Plain Training Area staff have recently completed a joint operation to crack down and deter illegal moto-cross and 4x4 off-roading vehicles on the Training Area.Operation Aston, a collaboration between Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO), Range staff, Wiltshire Police

Children Rescued From 4×4 Stranded On Somerset Beach

Nissan Pick Up Stranded On Beach In Burnham On Sea

Two children were rescued from a 4x4 truck yesterday after it had become stuck in mud on the beach on Burnham-On-Sea. You can see the rescue attempt in the video below.The vehicle, was traversing across a section of beach that cars are not permitted when it got bogged down in