Off-Piste 4×4 Driver Ruins Football Pitch With Range Rover

4x4 driver ruins childrens football pitch

Football matches could be postponed after a “mindless” Range Rover driver ripped up a village pitch in his 4x4 vehicle. The incident was witnessed by Pendle Forest Sports Club chairman Darren Helliwell at around 8-45pm on Monday.The chairman said:I was in the clubhouse emptying dehumidifiers from an earlier flood we’d

Range Rover Driver Stranded On South Walney Nature Reserve

Cumbria Wildlife Trust are highlighting what damage off piste drivers can actually do, this comes after a Range Rover driver got stuck in the sands off the Trust’s South Walney Nature Reserve on Sunday 25th February after venturing onto the protected beach illegally.The Range Rover was driven across the nature

New 2018 MOT Rules & How They Will Affect You

*New 2018 MOT Rules & how they will affect you...*New stricter assessment of diesels fitted with particulate filters from May*If any visible smoke is emitted from the exhaust the car will fail the MOT *New defect categories also being introduced - 'Minor', 'Major' and 'Dangerous'*The latter two will result in an

Meet The Range Rover Velar The New RR Model

Range Rover Famiy Velar Teaser

Meet The Range Rover Velar the first new RR model in 10 years:Jaguar Land Rover just announced a fourth edition to the Range Rover family. The latest edition called the 'Range Rover Velar' will be at the 87th International Motor Show, Palexpo, 9rd to 19th March 2017.So, why a 4th