Jaguar Land Rover: All Routes Open by Spark44

A Good Service Is Running On All Routes: Land Rover - Above & Beyond Land Rover is running a tactical advertising campaign during the UK's recent snow storm. The ad illustrates that winter is when their vehicles comes into their own. It is also having a cheeky dig at all the

4×4 Community Pull Together During Worst Weather In 50 years

Unsung hero's from Devon and Cornwall have spent almost 48 hours straight driving NHS staff and patients all over Cornwall and Devon free of charge during the red weather warning. Neil Bradford and Claire Bryant are well known for their charity work among the Land Rover community, they run Facebook groups

Woman ‘disgusted’ as 4X4 drivers leave others stuck in snow

A woman that appealed for 4x4 owners to take drivers stuck in the snow a cup of warm tea, blankets and food, stated she was disappointed that some people in 4X4s ignored others stranded in the snow. Karen Cuppleditch appealed on Boston Emergency Community Facebook page for locals in the Bennington

Jake Humphrey Offers To Use 4X4 To Help The Vunerable

TV presenter Jake Humphrey found himself inundated with messages after posting an very kind offer on social media to help "vulnerable" people using his 4x4. The broadcaster said he is available to help people in need near Norwich, which received a mixed bag of admiration and ridicule. One Twitter user replied to

Skier Towed Around Fields By 4X4 Range Rover In Kent

Most people are making the most of the snow storm dubbed the 'Beast From The East' by building snowmen or having snowball fights... That's to tame for 21 year old Michael Thompson, he is enjoying the freezing conditions on his skis, being towed by a Luxury 4x4 in fields around Kent. Footage

Land Rover Defender Flips On Its Roof In Snow And Ice

A Land Rover Defender driver escaped without major injuries today when the vehicle overturned onto its roof, the driver struggled to cope with the treacherous conditions caused by the ice and snow that has gripped the nation this morning. Suffolk Police attended the crash which occurred near Hundon earlier this morning.

Police Ask Drivers To Avoid Dartmoor During Snowy Weather

Snow On Dartmoor

Snow is falling on the high ground Devon and Cornwall and the local constabulary have taken to social media to ask drivers to avoid Dartmoor this evening due to the heavy snow that is currently falling there and the amount of vehicles getting stuck in the Princetown area reportedly. Dartmoor becomes