Diesel Engines Could Be Saved By New Simple Exhaust Technology

ACCT ammonia creation technology

The Diesel engine is under threat due to strict emissions restrictions and the push for cleaner air, however all that could change if researchers at a British University get their way.Not so long ago our Government were advocating the use of diesel powered engines over petrol, claiming that the diesel

Steg’s Supplies New Tuning Product For Land Rover 200 / 300 TDi

Anyone with a Land Rover 200 or 300 TDi will be aware that the engines tend to lack power, however we have been secretly testing a product from Steg's supplies that is set to be a real game changer for anyone with a sluggish agricultural engine!The new tuning product takes

New 2018 MOT Rules & How They Will Affect You

*New 2018 MOT Rules & how they will affect you...*New stricter assessment of diesels fitted with particulate filters from May*If any visible smoke is emitted from the exhaust the car will fail the MOT *New defect categories also being introduced - 'Minor', 'Major' and 'Dangerous'*The latter two will result in an