A temporary closure will be placed on Pye Corner spring, the TRO is being placed so that deeper holes at the eastern end of the trial can be filled. The lane is typically well surfaced and sustainable with just a few shallow ruts, is one of two running east-to-west from the A44 towards Llandrindod Wells, passing close to Bwlch-llwyn Bank – home of a special stage during the heyday of the Welsh Hill Rally.

The local authority’s Countryside Services department feels the holes should be repaired as soon as possible to prevent them from getting worse as 4x4s struggle to make it through. As is also the case on Mountain Road in the Lake District, the unaffected byway surface remains wide enough for walkers, horse-riders and two-wheeled vehicles. But the local authority’s proposal is that 4x4s should be prohibited until the work is done.

Budgetary restrictions mean the repairs are scheduled to start as soon as possible in April, once the 2018-19 financial year has begun. Once they’re complete, the authority says the lane will be reopened without delay, even if there is still some time left on the minimum six-month formal closure period.

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