Skier Towed Around Fields By 4X4 Range Rover In Kent

Most people are making the most of the snow storm dubbed the 'Beast From The East' by building snowmen or having snowball fights... That's to tame for 21 year old Michael Thompson, he is enjoying the freezing conditions on his skis, being towed by a Luxury 4x4 in fields around Kent. Footage has emerged showing Thompson riding on his skis being pulled by a Land Rover. Holding onto a rope attached to the rear of the vehicle, the daredevil stuns onlookers that had gathered to watch this rare spectacle.

It's certainly not everyday you witness a man skiing across a field, on a farm near West Malling in Kent. Michael who runs a company called Drone Co had someone sat in the boot of the 4x4 filming him as he skillfully skis behind the Range Rover. Watch the video, leave a comment.

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