Happy Valley Voluntary Restraint

Welsh Byway Happy Valley Voluntary Restraint Continues Into April

The voluntary restraint on Happy Valley byway in Wales is to continue according to a tweet by GLASS yesterday. It stated that Stakeholder members requested the ongoing voluntary restraint on Happy Valley during a conference call which took place on March 20th.
The restraint includes both motorbikes and 4×4 vehicles, it will be reviewed again at the end of next month.

“After a conference call today (March 20th 2017) Stakeholder members agreed to politely request a continued voluntary restraint on Happy Valley.

This is for both 2 and 4 wheel vehicles until a site meeting at the end of April and work begins to repair damage.

It was stated if this agreement wasn’t adhered to, the Gwynedd Highways would push for an official TRO. Use it, and you will lose it. Please avoid until further notice. Signs will be going up shortly. Thank you.”

Source: GLASS

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